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Lindsay Internet Picture Triggered Search Warrant

2/2/2011 3:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A photo on the Internet triggered the search warrant that targeted  Lindsay Lohan ... TMZ has learned.


Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the owner of the jewelry store who filed the complaint against Lindsay saw an Internet photo of Lindsay wearing what the owner claims is a "one-of-a-kind necklace."   We have confirmed the photo (above) shows Lindsay wearing the necklace in question.

The store owner went to cops with the photo and the surveillance video -- shot January 22 --  which we've learned shows Lindsay wearing the necklace in the store. 

The store owner told cops Lindsay frequented her store.


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Leave her alone, at least she can act!

1304 days ago


The ugly truth is that jewelry stores and merchandisers give expensive crap to celebs all the time for free advertising. It is possible that someone in the store let her walk out with it!

1304 days ago


Again, you jealous bitches are at it again, trying to defammate her character. Know the facts before you bitches open your **** mouths. She's got money enough to support all you bitches for life. Plus that very jewelry shop KNEW her and actually borrowed it to her. JUST LIKE THE BITCH AT BETTY FORD GOT FIRED FOR FALSE ACCUSATIONS ON LINDSAY AND REVEALING INFO AND FOR LYING. NOW THE ACCUSER IS WANTING FRIENDSHIP WITH LINDSAY!! EVERYBODY COMING IN CONTACT WITH LINDSAY WANTS 15 MINUTES OF FAME, AND ALL WANT TO EXTORT MONEY FROM BEAUTIFUL LINDSAY LOHAN. LOVE YOU LINDSAY AND YOUR FAMILY...HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON IN MANY MOVIES, SINCERELY LIONEL RODRIGUEZ,SAN DIEGO.

1304 days ago

Neil Hibben    

What bull****.....Through her ass in jail. If it happened to anyone else but a so called celeb. they'd go down. How sad that the United States has fallen this far to let the legal system be run by slimmy crooked low life attorneys, and politicians. Wake up Unted States...what's it gonna take The Chinese to come in here and kick our Obama Momma's asses.?

1304 days ago


Just lock her up and throw away the key she is just plain trash. She will never change

1303 days ago


Lindsay is unbelievable! She is a public nuisance to society...And I feel like her high profile lawyer will just pull more strings and lie to get her off the hook-for the UMPTEENTH time!! It's ridiculous! It kinda makes you wonder if Lindsay is just morphing into a full-fledged criminal...It's pathetic how she's on probation--and yet still won't shape up her act! Does she even CARE about her acting career? I mean...who is going to hire her with her track record/perpetual egregious behavior?

I guess when you keep getting bailed out of hot water like she think you'll never be kept accountable for your wrong-doings. What a waste of a life..

1301 days ago

George Vreeland Hill    

Hey judge ...
Send Lindsay to jail for a year or longer.
She is out of control and her antics are affecting others.
Lindsay's life is getting worse and she does not get it.
Get her out of society for her own good and for the good of others.

George Vreeland Hill

1299 days ago


I dont know what the bigger crime is....Lindsay stealing that necklace or the jewelery store charging $2500 bucks for that ugly thing

1298 days ago


#1 you guys are all HATERS
#2 did any one ever think of how stupid the store owner is letting her walk out it with it she was the only person in the store its not like she couldnt see her walk out
#3 and how would she forget she had it on
#4 EVERYONE makes MISTAKES lindsays had alot of one but shes stilll friggen HUMAN like nonee of you have done anything dumb and ill give you that yes she does make alot of dumb mistakes and dumber than most but still shes been in holly wood since parent trap holly wood ****s up peoples heads ecspecially a young girl she needs help and none of your comments or the media is helping her mentally you people wonder why shes soo ****ed up

1246 days ago


and hey george hill who is she affecting come on now ?? she didnt friggen effect you like the poor girl is screwed up because of what the media and all the people who write **** like that she needs rehab she needs help but you ALL ACT LIKE SHES THE ONLY ONE WHOSE STOLEN SOMETHING OR THE ONLY ONE WHOSE DONE DRUGS ****do you guys realize HOWW MANY PEOPLE WHO HAVE DONE SO MUCH WORST THINGS LEAVE HER ALONEE!!
keep yur head up lindsay ....youll get there some day !

1246 days ago
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