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Lindsay Internet Picture Triggered Search Warrant

2/2/2011 3:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A photo on the Internet triggered the search warrant that targeted  Lindsay Lohan ... TMZ has learned.


Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the owner of the jewelry store who filed the complaint against Lindsay saw an Internet photo of Lindsay wearing what the owner claims is a "one-of-a-kind necklace."   We have confirmed the photo (above) shows Lindsay wearing the necklace in question.

The store owner went to cops with the photo and the surveillance video -- shot January 22 --  which we've learned shows Lindsay wearing the necklace in the store. 

The store owner told cops Lindsay frequented her store.


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Doesn't THIS sound all a little bit too familiar (taken from an article from last year regarding the missing fur coat:)

Masha Markova claims her mink jacket was nowhere to be found when she tried to collected it from a bundle of coats at club 1 Oak, where she was celebrating a friend's birthday on January 26.

Two weeks later she spotted Lohan, who was also a guest at the same party, wearing a similar garment in the pages of a magazine in the days after it went missing.

Markova and her lawyer stopped short of accusing Lohan of wrongdoing but wants £5,000 for the three-week period it went missing.

Lohan's spokeswoman did not return calls.

A-for-1-0ak spokeswoman confirmed that the club delivered Markova's fur coat back to her in February.

Lisette Sand-Freedman said: "I am not the coat keeper. I'm not sure where the coat was."

So here we have, yet again, a theft, a period of it being missing, a chance siting of it through the media and then it's quiet return after 3 weeks.

Suuuuuuuure, Lindsay didn't steal the necklace in January. Suuuuuuuuuuuure.

1356 days ago


is there never a straight story with this girl? jeez, the people say shes a frequent customer so instead of contacting her or her stylist regarding the necklace they call the police? that sounds kinda funny doesn't it? or maybe they treat all their regular customers that way? i bet they have tons of stylists lining up at their doors;} NOT!!!! i know they say bad publicity is better than no publicity, that doesn't mean customer service oriented retail stores people, bad is just that BAD

Posted at 10:34 AM on Feb 2, 2011 by hfn

You're so right! She paid cash for it and the BLACK salesgirl pocketed the money!

1356 days ago


What the?!? The necklace that she was wearing just changed. The original one looked like a butt-plug. This one looks like a fossil of a fish.

Oh well, no doubt the first picture will probably have SamRo screaming, "That's my missing butt-plug!!!!"

1356 days ago


First, the robbery would be from the jewelry store. I am a jeweler and that is NOT worth $2500. Secondly, it is quite customary to "loan" pieces out to celebrities and it is their assistants that handle returning the pieces. This will be an ingeresting case, as the jewelry store should have been more aware of what happened. And, with a "loan", there is usually paperwork that was completed stating the specifics of the loan.

1356 days ago


How about the Rolex that went missing in her apartment that she was photographed wearing days later?

1356 days ago


This is a new picture. So the butt plug wasn't the stolen necklace? Lilo stole a necklace with what looks like a genital wart or a petrified turd mounted on a gold-filled setting? It all makes sense now and well worth the risking her freedom for...

1356 days ago


Ooh, two mistakes in my posting above, #81. It SHOULD read:

"So here we have, yet again, a theft, a period of an article being missing, a chance sighting of it through the media and then its quiet return after 3 weeks."

Sorry! I hate poorly written posts, especially when they're MINE!

1356 days ago


thank God that is a one of a kind. I would hate to think someone wasted precious gold on more of that hideous design.

1356 days ago


apparently it looks like TMZ is covering up the original necklace because everyone is saying it looks like a butt plug ... The other thing is that i am starting to question TMZ and there reporting ... I just came from and they have already got Lindsay coming out from a probation meeting ... Where is TMZ ... and I just saw pics of Zsa Zsa entering the hospital ... She looks bad.

1356 days ago


#85, I have to agree with you. The necklace looks like diachroic class on a leather thong strap, retail value of about $20.

But maybe in Venice they call that a $2,500 piece?

Regardless of the value, she took it and I hope the store presses charges.

1356 days ago


You cannot seriously be trying to pass THAT necklace off as the $2,500 one-of-a-kind, can you? Pssssh.

1356 days ago


The picture did change, but I'm guessing, based on the close-up that the necklace in question is the shorter necklace. It looks to have some type of small stones around it. (or it could just be twisted, hard to tell)

1356 days ago


How about the clothing worth thousands that she bought at that boutique and her assistant "accidentally" only paid $100 for it somehow?

How about the designer clothing that went missing after that photo shoot?

Why does everyone keep picking on Lindsay?

1356 days ago


That necklace is $2500 !!!!! I'm in the wrong business

1356 days ago


THAT'S NOT the original necklace .. For some reason TMZ decided to cover up the original ... And what the hell are you showing us with the pic on the right? The original photos are here:

1356 days ago
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