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Lindsay Could Skate Because of Jewelry Store Delay

2/3/2011 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The jewelry store at the center of the Lindsay Lohan necklace investigation may have compromised any prosecution by waiting more than a day before calling the cops ... sources tell TMZ.

Lindsay Lohan
The owner of Kamofie & Company claims Lindsay walked out with the $2,500 necklace on January 22, yet she did not inform the LAPD until the 23rd.  Our sources say the jewelry store owner claims she tried contacting Lindsay's people on the 22nd to ask them to return the item, but couldn't reach anyone.  Here's the snag ... the owner simply could have walked down the street and knocked at Lindsay's door.

Lindsay Lohan Stolen Jewelry

Lindsay claims the store loaned her the necklace.  Fact is ... jewelry store owners have thrown themselves at Lindsay, asking her to wear their stuff.  The picture (above)  shows Lindsay on January 7, posing with another jewelry owner who gifted her an expensive necklace.

In order to charge Lindsay, the D.A. must prove she had a specific intention to permanently take the item as she walked out the door.


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Based on this theory, the drug addict down the street could come to my home and rob me blind and if I don't go to his home first and ask for the items back, the police won't prosecute? That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.

1302 days ago



Ok, so you're saying she is a thief then. Good, glad to see we agree. Since they returned the necklace, obviously it wasn't a gift, as was the other necklace the other jeweler gave her. So, it was either on loan or she stole it. If it was on loan, she will have the paperwork to prove it. If she stole it, she won't. Unless of course, the paperwork went the way of her disappearing passport...

1302 days ago


Why would she steal somethign intentionally when she has enough money to buy the entire store if she wanted to?

1302 days ago


lol she is RICH and has good lawyers she will get off

1302 days ago


This whole thing is HORSE-****.SO Let me get this straight. This bitch walk out of a store without paying for this necklace and they have to proove that she "had a specific intention to permanently take the item as she walked out the door" Anyone else would be arrested. HORSE-****. PUT THIS BITCH IN JAIL

1302 days ago

Ronald RayGun    

"In order to charge Lindsay, the D.A. must prove she had a specific intention to permanently take the item as she walked out the door."

So, if I stole property from someone and then sold it at a pawn shop, I would be off the hook and not held legally responsible for stealing because I didn't intend to keep it permanently? Maybe Harvey got his law degree from a crackerjack box?

1302 days ago


I almost forgot. Great move for TMZ can I buy in?

1302 days ago

james gill    

wow you crapy people leave thies super stars alone get a real life thats not following a teen age boy around and teenage girls wtf you creepy stockers you get money off of making thies super stars feal stupid how would you like people taking pics of you fat lazy people getting thousands for selling pics of the peoples you should feal bad for what you are doing to thies people dang get off there back! i hope one day a super star catches you then beats the crap out of you!!! man if i was a super star i would beat you and take a pic then put up on a gossip web site desprate paparazzi gets the **** kicked out of him by super star!!!! you people are anoying and should be put in jail they are people like you and me. oh and go ahead and put this on tv i dont care the word needs to be out and you can put my name if you want oh and send me a something on my mail so i can watch the show and see what people might say

1302 days ago


Wow, so as a store owner it's their responsibility to shut down your shop to retrieve your stolen merchandise from the thief's home? Really? If they were friends that would make sense but to go to a customers house and it not to be considered harassment? Attempting to call them was enough. Next article will say she should have stalked her and ripped the necklace off of her neck.

1302 days ago


Sounds like free advertisement for the jewerly store. Should have called police rightaway. They know how it works. BS

1302 days ago


Why on earth should a shopowner have to go door to door to retrieve stolen items?????

1302 days ago


I knew it. One employee or the store probably let her "informally" borrow it and now they are screaming. Nothing will come of this. The controversy will disappear like a fart in the wind. Linday: next time, just don't put yourself in that position. That may save you a headache.

1302 days ago


This is beyond incredible... Let me get this straight so when I visit California and steal/borrow a car I need to have my ducks in a row.

THE VICTIM [in this case] is at fault because:
- They waited A DAY before reporting

- THEY (the victim) were responsible for ASKING A THIEF to return the stolen [I'm sorry, borrowed] good (that's where I'm getting confused, is TMZ suggesting that the VICTIM didn't try hard enough-if the person/thief won't answer their phone then you go to their house [if is near, or does it matter?]

- and since, in the past, the store owners had thrown themselves at Lindsay, asking her to wear their stuff that had no standing or right to report her because after all - THEY threw themselves at her, she did didn't go to them [that makes sense-but does the word "sociopath" sound applicable for not only her but whoever is coming up with this deranged defense] in short [when in California] and I'm falsely [of course] accused to shoplifting, I'm to say, "I wasn't stealing it, I was just borrowing this car while in California, I had every intention of returning it before I returned home, YOU[victim] have to prove that I was going to permanently keep it-it's the California law.

Now my last question is, does it matter what gender, color or financial means you have to hire, let's say, Shawn Holly Chapman-celebrity criminal enabler/attorney? I need to know.

1302 days ago

crazy christmas pie    

Folks please realize that TMZ is biased: they are compromised and have agreements with certain celebs/sources--favorable coverage in return for breaking stories, i.e. Mel Gibson, Lohan, Halle Berry, and what's with this American Idol promotional BS--Radar ONline has more balanced reporting on the above mentioned individuals--though far less content. . . .

1302 days ago


It's time to see what's going on in humandodgeball!!! It's time for the US to lay some shizzel on this dictatorship!!!

Posted at 10:43 AM on Feb 3, 2011 by therock

Yes, go run and hide, it's time for you to do your "charity" work...turn on your T.V in your momma's basement and log off your computer..time to watch your programs and wait for Harvey's call!

1302 days ago
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