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The Scene of Lindsay Lohan's Alleged Crime

2/2/2011 4:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kamofie & Company is the Venice, CA jewelry store from which Lindsay Lohan allegedly shoplifted ... TMZ has learned.

Kamofie & Company, Venice, CA
As TMZ reported, the store's owner gave cops surveillance tape of Lindsay wearing the necklace in question.  The owner also gave cops a photo of Lindsay wearing the one-of-a-kind, $2,500 necklace a week later.

Sources say Lindsay has frequented the store since moving to Venice.

And, as we first reported, the L.A. County District Attorney will get the case today for its review, and one source closely connected with the case says charges are "likely."


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GOOD LUCK VENICE BEACH...SHE'S YOUR PROBLEM Now!!!ahaahhaaa...If I were a shop owner? I wouldn't let her in the building...start enforcing the "Right to Refuse Service" and maybe she'll MOVE!

1267 days ago


Next stop for the necklace: eBay. The auction will reach $12,000, then eBay will pull the auction. This is how it always goes.

1267 days ago


Two words of advice, Lindsay: Winona Ryder.

1267 days ago


You know, peeps who keep saying maybe she really did "borrow" it...Hypothetically, say she did borrow it. Do you know what it's called when you borrow something and then don't give it back? It's called stealing.

And as everybody else already pointed out, if she had borrowed it the store would have paperwork.

1267 days ago


If it's true, and that's a big if, and triply-hard to prove...

...IF Lindsey really SWIPED this?

It speaks to severe psychological damage that isn't going to be short-circuited by a 30/60... day stint at Betty Ford.

I used to steal..

..and what that was about = far more than I ever realized.

When I was doing it.

Beating up on Lindsey just complicates the entire matter.

Other than all that, she looks hot.

1267 days ago


This silly girl and her idiot 'mother' will do ANYTHING to make headlines. Pathetic!

1267 days ago


Lesbians steal. Case closed.

1267 days ago


wow wow WOW-well, she can't wiggle her way out of this one. What a stupid ass-to wear something you've stolen and get photographed?

This woman has a jail wish. Let's help her out this time. One this is very certain at this point. LL's career is over.

I get a kick out of Dina and others in the clan logging into TMS and "calling BS." It's quintessential WHY Lindsay is the way she is. Lie/deny to the end.

1267 days ago


Lohan knows exactly what she pulls. I hope the store does press charges. This store doesn't need any publicity and I doubt very much they would lock the doors so Lohan can shop.

Lohan can't claim she was drunk or stoned and didn't know what she was doing. Blameing an "associate" now her "stylist" for not returning the necklace. Not working.

1267 days ago


I also noticed the lies started right from the getco from Lindsay,claiming it's not her fault.

I recommend all of you to read the first story on this case here at TMZ.

Typical Lindsay behavior right from the start of this investigation.Her story is changing every 10 minutes.

She'll get at least 90 days for the probation violation,and she may have to serve out her DUI/Possesion sentence now,and that don't include this new charge.

I'd say 90-120 days in jail,and that's jail time,not 2,or 3 days back on the street.

The probabtion violation they can stick her in jail,make a court date for the new charge.I'm sure she'll claim she's innocent.

No..they don't give bail for probation violations.That's said,and done with soon as they get you for that.

They'll figure out what to do with her at the trial,and sentencing while she sits in jail for the probation violation.

But she is going to jail for some time now.Hope it was worth stealing that necklace Lindsay.

It's hard to say what the defense will be.Nobody is certainly gona be the fall guy for her,and the case is pretty much cut & dried.

Her best bet would be to plead guilty,but this girl always likes taking the high road.

I also think past accusations of theft will also come back to haunt her.After this,there will be good reason that she has stolen in the past,or has been very neglegent on returning things.It almost takes police involvement to get her to return something.

Dina & Michael have also has stolen,so this behavior comes from the parents.Lie,cheat, whatever it takes.

Her career is most certainly over now.It has been for some time,but now anyone can clearly say boldy..Her career is over.

1267 days ago


Lindsay is just so easy for anyone to get cheap exposure from is hard to understand just how she makes it through the day with all the vultures picking her bones ..

1267 days ago


Next time I want to buy a butt plug or a petrified turd (depending on which necklace is THE one) on a gold filled chain, I'll visit this store.

1267 days ago


Game over Lindsay, Game over. Drugs, stealing, drinking, just a regular day in the Lohan family. Dina should be making a statement soon.

1267 days ago

Mark Proctor    

There are 2 sides to every story. I will interested to hear her explanation. Nobody is that stupid unless you are still active in your disease.

1267 days ago


I guess she was tired of misdemeanors and jumped up for a felony

1267 days ago
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