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Lindsay Lohan Case Goes to the D.A.

2/2/2011 7:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Lindsay Lohan necklace case has officially been turned over to the L.A. County D.A.'s Office -- which will now decide whether or not to file charges against the actress for allegedly stealing a $2,500 piece from a jewelry store.


As we told you before -- sources familiar with the LAPD investigation say the case against Lindsay is "strong."  One source says criminal charges are "likely."

Lindsay is adamant she did NOTHING wrong.



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This girl gets away with everything. If it were the adverage working person they would go to jail.I hope finally someone in the court system says enough already and lock her up.

1296 days ago


She was wearing someone else's neck.

1296 days ago


"I didn't steal that Damn Neckace! I just borrowed it to trade for some Rock Cocaine!"

1296 days ago


Lindsay is still on probation and subject to search at any time. So why the need for a warrant?

1296 days ago


this situation is a prime example what this country is all about and that's is ........ the have's and the have not's this country created peoples like ms. lohan so let them deal with her.

1296 days ago


Why don't you just throw this stupid dyke in jail already? If I remember correctly stealing is a crime, and commiting a crime while on probation in a violation. So why isn't she in jail. If anybody else stole $2500 worth of stuff they would be in jail, end of story. Has her addiction gotten so bad that she has to go out and steal to support her habit? Why don't she try suckin ****. oh I forgot she's a lesbo

1296 days ago


Too many important things going on in the world to care about a rich superstar. Why do we even care about this story? And on and on it goes....idiots we are, even me for taking the time to write this comment!

1296 days ago


Remember when she stole a woman's coat at a club? Obviously, she is not only an addict, but a cleptomaniac. She says she's not guilty, but the LAPD says the case is strong. It's time for this whiney spoiled brat to receive a lengthy jail sentence.

1296 days ago


Some celebrities feel they can do whatever they want, they won't be held accountable for their actions. Some like Miss Lilo are delusional, look at Wynnona Ryder who stole an armful of clothes by cutting off the tags. They get so much free crap, they think anything they want is free. Then when they get caught, they have this deer in the headlight look. They can't seperate right from wrong, what is wrong is right and right is wrong.

1296 days ago


This is her third known jewelry drama ... there was the watch, there was another necklace in Europe, and now this. She learned nothing at Betty Ford ...

Lindsay ... when you do your ninth step, you make amends to people you have harmed, you don't steal things and send one of your minnions to return them when you are caught!

I am sure she was toasted at Betty Ford when she and Dawn had their encounter.

You don't get better until you are honest with yourself ... your life is one HUGE, chaotic mess!!

1296 days ago


This girl just can't seem to get the drama out of her life and learn to make good decisions.

1296 days ago


she will find a way out of this and make our justice system here look like a joke.

1296 days ago


she had the $ to pay for it but bought coke instead!

1296 days ago


She was wearing someone else's neck.

Posted at 3:27 PM on Feb 2, 2011 by Stan


1296 days ago


Lindsay only had 20 days left on her probation. Why would she do this to herself. I dont think this will send her to prison but it sure is going to violate her probation if she is arrested. . She did the right thing to turn it in but I dont think its going to help her case. Maybe a lower sentence if convicted . Sad Deal she was so close to being free.

1296 days ago
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