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D.A. Will Get Lindsay Necklace Case TODAY

2/2/2011 3:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Lindsay Lohan necklace caper will go to the L.A. County District Attorney's Office TODAY ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... and Lindsay's in a heap of trouble.

Lindsay Lohan Necklace Case

We've learned the LAPD will forward the file over to the D.A.'s Office at the Airport Court sometime before the end of the business day.

Sources familiar with the LAPD investigation say the case against Lindsay is "strong."  One source says criminal charges are "likely."

As TMZ reported, a shop owner in Venice, CA filed a police report accusing Lohan of stealing a $2,500 necklace from her store ... and she has surveillance footage of Lindsay wearing the necklace in the store and a photo of her wearing the one-of-a-kind necklace a week later.



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Lindsay: "The picture was photoshopped"

1297 days ago


No surprise really. She has no problem wearing the fur coat she stole a few years back and that's how she was caught then. Seems to me the key here is she's on probation: she screws up, it's straight to jail. Based on all the evidence she's presented us with in the past few years, either she is simply not very bright or really & truly believes laws are not written for her. Either way, hope she gets real justice.

1297 days ago


It's simple. If it was borrowed by her or a stylist one of them will just produce a reciept for it and this will all go away.

1297 days ago

HarlotO'Hara soon as she's finished borrowing, give her a little time.

1297 days ago


HELLO PEOPLE - It's bigger then the charges for stealing... she broke probation and she could be looking at 4 years for it all.

1297 days ago


she is such a waste of space

1297 days ago


Shawn Holley needs to take off the chains & leg irons Lindsay has her in, being Lindsay's slave must be he//.

1297 days ago

two cents    

Lindsay: "Only little people pay for jewelry. I'm a STAR!! I don't understand why everyone is always picking on me. Don't they know who I am? "

Milk-a-what? Throw her in jail, she still doesn't seem to get it. She should just do the whole world a favor, and get off!

1297 days ago


It's always someone elses fault

1297 days ago


She is such a piece of trash. Honestly she is the most irrelevant piece of trash. She must have spent her last 25,000 on that payoff. Maybe she was loaning her "services" to Mouwad, remember they were "together" doing a jewelery line? She looks like a cross between Howard the Duck and a poster for Faces of Meth. And tell me, why is she soo dirty?? If you look at her pics, her nails are always filthy and brown, like she hasn't washed in days. If anyone actually believes that she would get her act together, think again. She's like Pete Dougherty, or whatever that British Rocker that used to date Kate Moss. She will never ever get her life together, she is a waste of of the taxpayers money, she will never ever go to jail. She hasn't had a hit since Mean Girls, and lets face it, she wasn't even the star of that movie. Rachel McAdams and Amanda Seyfried went on to have awesome careers and she stayed with the crackpipe in her mouth and needle in her arm. Who the hell every told her that she was this fashionable thing? I was wearing leggins way before this bitch, enough already. She just disgusts me, her **** stained face straw hair and freckles eww. The only reason you are still famous is because people love a train wreck, and I would call that infamy more than fame. This bitch will be turning tricks on Hollywood blvd soon mark my word. Dana Plato anyone? Actually I shouldnt say that. Dana Plato wasn't a self entitled **** who saw her career as more than it was. Lindsay, you are a nobody, nobody will ever hire you again you suck at everything you do and I and the rest of the world are soo sick of you walking around like you are anything but a piece of trash from Long Island. Someone send her on the next barge home.

1297 days ago


If it's going to the DA today, it must be pretty cut and dried.

Lou Taylor and Shawn Holly Chapman must be both soooo ready to quit.

1297 days ago


Interesting to read the other comments...

The difference here is that this is a probation violation and not simply just the theft... She's basically been granted the luxury of freedom while given the opportunity to get her life in order. In return all that weas expected of her was to be good and not break the law... Linds has a real problem here... I would not e surprisewd if her assult on the BF employee doesn;t come in to play here too!

The fact that it is a Felony only makes matters worse! There are some odd nuances to the situation such as how the store owner knew the item was missing and somehow magically found out Lindsay had it... But the fact remains... even if the item was legitimately loaned to her she had the obligation of returning it. I have seen jewlers that will rent and/or loan jewelery from time to time for customers they know and they have you sign something that says you must return it by a certain date or cover the cost of the item.

I am no lawyer, but failure to return an item after that areed upon period could certainly fall in the catagory of theft... especially if the store owner can prove they made attempts to recover the item from her.

Not ready to say she is going down at this point but there is certainly allot here that is sketchy on the part of Lindsay! She may want to grab a tooth brush and a pillow becsue I think this may be her downfall!

1297 days ago


Come on you guys! I think you're being very hard on her. It's not her fault. She has an illness! It's called...I think I'm a big star and everybody gives me free stuff because I'm so important syndrome

1297 days ago



Hey Nicole..23 more days and she's off probation..:)

Boy you sure do keep backing the wrong horse.

When are you going to give up on Lindsay,and help someone that you can make a difference in their life.

You only look like a fool defending Lindsay.

Is this still a misunderstanding Nicole?

Where you go?..On the phone with Dina,figuring out way to distact us with your anabling story twisting?

1297 days ago


Someone throw this stupid junkie bitch in jail. Time these hollywood flakes that add no value to society have their get out of jail free cards revoked.

1297 days ago
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