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Mike Vick -- SWAT Members to Work Super Bowl Party

2/3/2011 11:17 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick is hosting a Super Bowl party in Texas this week -- and just to make sure nothing goes wrong, the club is calling in the SWAT TEAM!!!!!


As you may have heard, the last time Vick hosted a party -- way back in 2010 -- somebody got SHOT ... though Vick claims he had nothing to do with the shooting and was never charged with a crime.

But this party is gonna be WAY different -- because the guy running Deux Lounge in Dallas tells TMZ the place will be crawling with top notch security when the party pops off Friday night at 9 PM. 

In fact, Jeff Skaggs --  operating owner and GM -- tells us there will be multiple security measures in place Friday night, including:

-- Mike Vick will bring his own private security team
-- The NFL is providing a security detail
-- The club is bringing in extra members of their own security staff
-- Guests will be searched and wanded on the way in

And the best part -- Skaggs says he's hired THREE off-duty SWAT Team members to patrol the vicinity during the party.

With all that protection, Skaggs tells us he's "not worried one bit" about any trouble.

After all, Vick is in the midst of a SERIOUS image makeover, right?

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If has money to host a party then he has money to pay for his ex-dogs, and why isn't this ahole back in jail for the other party and the shooting at it? Just amazing s***.

1328 days ago


Since he was the suspect for shooting at his dogfighting buddy Philips at the last party, all the security and swat team is to keep the nutjob IN the party. The swat is probably from the NFL and their guns have tranquilizers to stop him from getting into more trouble.

1328 days ago


FYI poster #32 Nick is incompetent.

1328 days ago


Dr. Knife, Your an ass too. Poor Vick should be forgiven for killing all those poor animals, he is sorry, well tell that to the poor animals he tortured to death, You are one big jerk

1327 days ago


Dr, Knike, What zone do you live in? Your another ass. Poor Vick for killing and hurting all those innocent dogs. He will never be forgiven, wake up jerk

1327 days ago


Most of you idiots kiss your dog in the mouth after it licks it's ass... So you are just plain sick... to be intimate with an animal... Go kill yourself... Go Vick!!

1327 days ago


why did he have to kill the white dogs too? Vick is a Racist.

1327 days ago


Bug is right....if you need a SWAT team for security..it's a sure sign ya aught not have a party...or even be near that place...

1327 days ago


Vick are you dumb or just stupid? You have your second chance in the NFL and YET you do not seem to grown the f-up. So having a large SuperBowl party where anything can happen is going to be a major step in reparing your image. Be a responsible adult a-hole.

1327 days ago


Mike Vick's in town? Hide yo' kids! Hide yo' wife! Hide yo' husbands! Hide yo' puppies too!

1327 days ago


I hope they did SERIOUS background checks on those swat team members. One of them could be a dog lover and then he might be the one that gets shot!! On second thought, I hope they didn't do ANY background checks

1327 days ago


Dear Mike, why are you still alive?

1327 days ago


Man Vic sucks compared Brady, Ben, Payton, Rodgers, etc.
Low IQ having animal molesting supporters and hiphop bigots like ,nick are just going to have to accept how inferior he is to real elite QBs.

I know he is the great black hope to you, but he never be more than a back-up to Brady, Manning, Ben, etc. He is just not on their level and never will win anything.

Seriously, is any QB in the league, besides Vic, dumb enough to endanger his career by doing what he did?

1327 days ago


Am I the only one that notice how many white people kill animals for fun and hang them as trophies on their wall in living rooms and even in restaurants and nobody says anything? Of course, they actually get license to kill, but wait… its “ok,” because white people get profit from it.. How sad!
I am not saying that what Vick did was ok, but why only focus and critic him so harshly like he is the only one? I wonder how many white athlete engaged in “big game hunting” killing animals for fun, and don’t get penalized for it?

PS. I’m mix with different races.

1327 days ago


Duex used to be good, but in the past 6 months it has got REALLY dark in there...if you know what I mean.

1327 days ago
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