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Mike Vick -- SWAT Members to Work Super Bowl Party

2/3/2011 11:17 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick is hosting a Super Bowl party in Texas this week -- and just to make sure nothing goes wrong, the club is calling in the SWAT TEAM!!!!!


As you may have heard, the last time Vick hosted a party -- way back in 2010 -- somebody got SHOT ... though Vick claims he had nothing to do with the shooting and was never charged with a crime.

But this party is gonna be WAY different -- because the guy running Deux Lounge in Dallas tells TMZ the place will be crawling with top notch security when the party pops off Friday night at 9 PM. 

In fact, Jeff Skaggs --  operating owner and GM -- tells us there will be multiple security measures in place Friday night, including:

-- Mike Vick will bring his own private security team
-- The NFL is providing a security detail
-- The club is bringing in extra members of their own security staff
-- Guests will be searched and wanded on the way in

And the best part -- Skaggs says he's hired THREE off-duty SWAT Team members to patrol the vicinity during the party.

With all that protection, Skaggs tells us he's "not worried one bit" about any trouble.

After all, Vick is in the midst of a SERIOUS image makeover, right?

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You people that hate mike vick are all so closed minded. People make mistakes and bad decisions. Everyone should have a second chance, and every human in this world has made their own mistakes. All of them might not be of the same degree but I am sure that they have been forgiven. Give the guy a chance, he's doing something he loves and trying to change his life. You haters should try that sometime instead of talking S***

1359 days ago


OMFG i get sooooooooooooo sick and tired of reading degrading comments about VCIK its apparent that u people have nothing else better to do in ur lives but to worry about others!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE DID THE TIME SO MOVE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!! nothing he can say r do will change the hands of time so get over it..........WHAT IF GOD WAS LIKE SOME OF U IGNORANT MINDED ASS PEOPLE?.. MAKE ONE MISTAKE AND TREAT U LIKE ****!!!!!!!!!! IT WOULD BE ALOT OF U SAD MF RUNNING AROUND.......... and yea we all have our opinions but how long will u people be stuck living in the past???? AND WTF DOES RACE HAVE TO DO WITH ANY OF THIS AGAIN??!?!?!??!?!

1359 days ago


I hope Vick read y'all broke a$$ comments all they way to the bank.. Dude balling in football dang white folks and their dogs.. Only race I know let dogs lick them in the mouth. cool for you idiots to go hunting. Raise animals to be shot and that's cool? What he did was wrong but f-ing get over it. The he'll wit a dog... Lol..

1359 days ago


just dogs , what a load of garbage.....these are parts of peoples family considered an important part of said families those who think this is about race...GET A ****IN LIFE...THIS IS ABOUT THE TAKING OF ONE OF GOD'S CREATURES ....OH E3XCUSE ME THE TAKING OF DOZENS OF GOD'S CREATURES ...WHICH HE WAS DIRECTLY INVOLVED IN

1359 days ago


Mike Vick, live your life, you made a life mistake just like all of these hateful racist idiots commenting. Dogs die every day and they always will...get over it dogfighting has been going on since dogs have been on Earth, he did nothing that hasn't been done already and will not stop because of him. Go Vick!

1359 days ago


I so tired of you idiots and these damn dogs. The president can almost off the VP say oops sorry and its forgotten. You can go on safaris where you can kill animals in "the wild" when in fact they where bred on that ranch your at just to die. Oh and Big Ben, ya know the qb for the steelers can escape rape charges twice and thats hush hush. So shut the hell up and get of the bull.

1359 days ago


This is NOT a race issue. It is about an ignorant Negro who happens to be an outstanding baller with NO respect for life, human or otherwise! BTW - 'Omg' you apparently are a moron if that is indeed your personal opinion. Vick is a POS and should have been punished much more harshly than he was due to his inhumane behavior and treatment of those dogs.........................this jerk should be banned for life from the NFL.

1359 days ago


And yet Marv Albert can be a cross-dressing rapist and "mighty whitey" seems to have forgave and forgotten. The word of today is hypocrite.

1358 days ago

Bill Jones    

WOW look at the hate people still have for Mike Vick, there some sick people out here. Vick paid is debt to society lost all his money went to jail but that is not enough for those soulless people. Murderers and rapids don't even get treated like Vick did, they where animals people get over it

1358 days ago



1358 days ago


Look at all the bigoted hypocritical Vic worshipers. I see low IQ having race card players left and right....lol

I see limited intellects trying to compare Vic to a actual great QB Ben. Ben was not charged with anything. I don't see your faux outrage over Kobe Bryant "getting off". Unlike Kobe, it was proven that at least one of his accusers was LYING. But facts don't matter to hypocritical idiots.

I could point out that study after srudy has connected anijjmal cruelty and abuse of women and children(and serial killers, etc) but it would be above your head. That helps explain why child abuse(sexual, physical, and murder) and domestic abuse(black men are far more likely to beat and/or murder their wife's and girl friends) is so much higher among blacks than whites. But since the victims are just black children and women and the victimizeres are black men you don;t care. To busy pretending that you in the world series of poker.

Thier is no connection between eating meat/ hunting and doemstic abuse.
If your going to just repeat a broken argument over and over, please find a new one that at least makes sense. survival=/= fun

Eating meat =/= gambling and torture

But simple math a little to complex with you Hiphop big@ts

I know simple logic and reason is hard for you put your going to have to at least not sound like complete morons.

And a bunch of hypocritical racist, cause the only reason you worship him is simply because of the color of his skin.(and the reason you attack Big Ben and ignore Kobe Bry and LT) and his criminal street cred. If you where not you would be following real greats like Brady, Rodgers, Mannings, etc. Not a thug who parties people get shot at.

Sorry Vic will never be anything more than a shadow to a great QB like Brady. Even in Vics greatest year, he still behind the man. Always and forever.

1358 days ago


To: Bill Jones,
Vick did NOT pay his debt to society! He was incarcerated under FEDERAL Rules of Criminal Procedure, the Commonwealth of Virginia chose not to prosecute this Negro for his heinous crimes against innocent dogs. IMO, this A-Hole should be punished in the same manner that he subjected to those canines. The guy is sick; i.e. VICK IS SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In case you are wondering, I am NOT a member of PETA, however, this Negro needs to go to prison for an extended period of time.
BTW - Vick is now a convicted felon for life, and still, this jerk has been allowed back into the NFL. Mike Vick is nothing more than a stupid Black who blew away a $117M deal with the NFL. He has lost most, if not all, of his sponsors and endorsements already, 60 million dog lovers/owners in this country will not even pay to see him play. F*ck Vick, the guy needs to be locked up.

1358 days ago


**** happens!!! Vick was wrong, Vick got punished people are still unhappy because he was given a second chance and they really wish he could just rot in hell. Sooo......from now until the time he croaks which could maybe be in the next 50 years or so maybe some people should log off, tune out, and chill the **** out. Or do something more useful and join an animal cruelty task force and make an actual difference.

1358 days ago


It is sad that there are so many hypocritical people in this world. We have all made mistakes and fallen short of our divine purpose. We have all fallen down and we have all gotten caught doing s**t we should do.This man has paid his debt to society and doesnt owe anyone anything but hisself and his kids-to be a better person and learn the lesson in it all.Unforgiveness rots the soul which means theres a few stinky losers on here. ..

1358 days ago


Giants fan.. ^ Lol
Keep hating on him.

1358 days ago
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