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Slash's Wife

Named in Alleged Attack at Ozzy Concert

2/3/2011 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Slash's wife has been accused of kicking another woman in the stomach at an Ozzy Osbourne concert in L.A. this week ... this according to law enforcement sources.


According to the police report, it all went down backstage -- where Slash and Mrs. Slash were hanging out after Slash performed.

Sources connected to the victim tell us Mrs. Slash -- aka Perla Hudson -- saw her rock star hubby talking to the other woman and flipped out. We're told Perla approached the two and kicked the other woman in the stomach.

The alleged victim refused medical attention -- but she did contact police and filed a report naming Perla as her attacker.

Law enforcement sources tell us the matter is currently being investigated. So far, no charges have been filed.


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Trash..... gold digger ho, that sums her up.

1357 days ago

Jeff Becker    

Nice T-shirt Slash!

1357 days ago


Heinz Ketchup is delicious.

1357 days ago


There are some seriously TRASHY women out there. I'm married to a musician and wish I'd done this a time or two. This isn't about being jealous or not trusting my husband. He flat out says he's married and these women come back with..."So?" They have ZERO respect for marriage and simply want to hook up with a musician with no regard for their family at home.

Perla, You're my hero!!!

1357 days ago


you're husband makes a career %$%#%#$ other women ... now he's talking to one and you kick her ??? time for a rubber room honey

1357 days ago


She acts that way because she was a groupie who stole him from his wife and she's afraid that someone will do that to know how karma is. Why he went back to her is beyond me...

1357 days ago


Slash should be charged for wearing that stupid looking hat for the past twenty years. Dude, you're moving in on fifty years old. The look is getting as old as you are. Yeah, you can still rock the Hell out of guitar. But that top hat, sunglasses at night, cigarette hanging out of the mouth thing is getting just a bit out-dated.

1357 days ago


Oh know you did'nn....snap!

1357 days ago

go home!    

What an insecure ****. Calm the F down "Perla", your husbands a freakin' rock star, fans want to talk to him. Deal with it! I hope this woman sues her.

1357 days ago


shiiit u go girl i woulda done the same damn thing cuz bitches r sneakin ass' and some do what they can to get at a musician even if they're married just word of advice...scare that bitchhh dont leave marks cuz then that makes u look like ur crazy in love lol...

1357 days ago


I saw everything, Slash’s transvestite looking wife kicked that woman in the stomach and Slash's bodyguard pulled the wife away. Also the whole entire night Slash's wife's little ugly red haired side kick kept harassing people, they are all ****ing off their rocker. NEWS flash PERLA your husband is not all that and you certainly are nothing, but didn't you break up his first marriage. The worst thing is that you had your children with you at the concert, great example for them you have just won mother of the year award, you dumb bitch.

1357 days ago


WOOOO!!! wow it made it to TMZ!!!! To all people this is so true!!! it wasn't backstage it was right in front of my eyes!!! and it was my friend that got kicked... Slash came to us and started talking to my homegirl and Perla got all mad and started kicking and screaming and hit my homegirl right in the gut!! Perla got dragged away by security and we got to stay where we were the rest of the night... It was an amazing concert considering i don't even like rock... but i was there enjoying my time with my girlfriend... which by the way is the girl that got kicked best friend... Awesome!!!

1357 days ago

Robbie Wood    

LMAO...What did Perla expect when she married Slash????Hello rock star lots of women...This isnt the other girls fault that slash cant keep to one woman....She is the victim...The victim should press charges...Im so tired of the special treatment that these rich dumb asses get....

1357 days ago


No matter what the cir***stances between fan and Slash OR fan and Slash's wife, that gives her ZERO rights to assault someone else. Isn't she a mother? Niiiiice. What a lady @@ Seems like she needs to go back to preschool and learn the no hitting and kicking rules. Geezus. That fat crazy bitch married a slut as a husband, so it comes with the territory. I hope the fan that was assaulted presses charges. No excuse for that behavior. None.

1357 days ago

Lady D    

Uh, didn't he meet her through Ron Jeremy? Bottom line is if accusation IS true, why not move through the world with a little more grace and poise?

1357 days ago
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