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Slash's Wife

Named in Alleged Attack at Ozzy Concert

2/3/2011 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Slash's wife has been accused of kicking another woman in the stomach at an Ozzy Osbourne concert in L.A. this week ... this according to law enforcement sources.


According to the police report, it all went down backstage -- where Slash and Mrs. Slash were hanging out after Slash performed.

Sources connected to the victim tell us Mrs. Slash -- aka Perla Hudson -- saw her rock star hubby talking to the other woman and flipped out. We're told Perla approached the two and kicked the other woman in the stomach.

The alleged victim refused medical attention -- but she did contact police and filed a report naming Perla as her attacker.

Law enforcement sources tell us the matter is currently being investigated. So far, no charges have been filed.


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First of all, Perla IS classless. Secondly, she does sound very insecure. Slash has been divorcing himself from old behavior the past few years: Drugs, Drink and more recently, Cigarettes. Perla seems incapable of giving up the old, distructive habits which, apparently, include JEALOUSY. After he filed divorce in August she announced on her Twitter page that she was done with drinking. The next thing I read is she's in Vegas and drinking again. She also likes to gamble. This, along with her gutter mouth, makes her just oh so LOW RENT. Hey Slash, classier women of your equal are available. TRADE UP!

1295 days ago


Someone said in an earlier post that Perla broke up Slash's first marriage. I've read more then once that he was already in the process of divorcing Renee' when he got together with Perla. So given that, I don't think that she's responsible for the failure of his first marriage. That being said, Perla might as well divorce Slash now if she expects him not to ever talk to other women. I've heard that Slash is very fan friendly and a lot of his fans are female afterall. The other thing is, fans or no fans, just because Slash is a public figure that doesn't give certain women the right to throw themselves at Slash right in front of his wife. That would piss me off as well. The difference, however, between me and Perla is that I would never do anything as trashy as physically attacking someone. There are other ways to handle those situations.

1295 days ago


Is the woman who Perla kicked the same woman that was harrassing her on Twitter? I believe her twitter name was "knives and tulips" then when Perla blocked her she came up with something new.

1295 days ago


#33, you heard wrong. Slash met Perla backstage at a GNR show in the early 90s. He was having an affair with her his entire marriage to Renee.

1295 days ago


No it is not the same woman. People have no idea what they are talking about. The truth will soon be told. People are going toi **** their pants.

1295 days ago


OMG.....Grow up Loser !!!!!!!

1295 days ago


Sam- you mean not the same woman that has been harrassing Perla on twitter? Well what's the story then?

1295 days ago


Perla is a disgusting attention whore who wants her husbands fame. She was once the other woman herself. Once a whore always a whore.

1295 days ago

And another thing!    

She's had a reputation of being a crazy bitch for a long time. This is nothing shocking.

1295 days ago


It is a really sad thing that I can't even take my wife out to dinner and a concert for her bitrthday with out all of this ****, I feel sorry for the lady that was attacked and Slash's wife who needs mental help.

1295 days ago

karen darvin    

i was involved with t wo musicians myself and yea, the girls girl girls are there there t here all the time. You would not believe the situations I dealt with including a male and female married couple, extreme fans w ho became close to our family, an I later found oth the wife was beig dropped off at a the hotel to spend the night with my husband.I guess everyone was cool w ith it except the forgot to ask one person.Just one s tory folks. So Perla, maybe that's the way to do it.

1295 days ago

karen darvin    

sorry should have checked my spelling I'm really not an idiot, although I hope not too many people I know see that comment.revenge is sweet

1295 days ago


How dare she do **** like this!Perla is the cheating slut! Her gay friends Draden and Tranny cover for her fooling around all the time. Draden and Tranny in return try to impress all of their gay friends by telling all of the cover ups that they do for Perla so Slash would not suspect anything. (myself included in the group of gay friends who know who is really cheating )

Poor guy is always on the road, while Perla is partying and messing around with losers.

1295 days ago


I saw the **** go down.Perla acted like a wild animal on steriods.Security had to pick her ugly ass up and carried her away.She kicked some chick with big T*ts.I shoulda given that chick my #.If she is reading this and needs witneses,my buddies and I will hook you up.

1295 days ago


Yikes! I've always tried to like Perla because she is married to Slash. I love Slash - his talent on the guitar blows me away, and I've watched him mature over the years and he seems genuinely like a good guy. Anyway - back to Perla. People have always picked on this woman for all sorts of reasons - mostly her weight - which is really a sad thing. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes people. I think she is very attractive physically. Not sure what I think of her personality however. If you've read Slash's book, he says their personalities are very different. He's kinda of shy type of guy, and she's very out-going and forthcoming. Her personality is one of the things that was very attractive to him (among other things) when they first met). Basically he said that their personalities compliment each other. It's obvious that Slash was crazy in love with her when they married, but I hope her mouthiness and wanting to pick fights with other women isn't driving him away. They have two beautiful boys to raise together. I can imagine it's difficult at times being married to a rock star - especially someone like Slash. Women are probably always trying to get a piece of him, but if this story is true (I hope it isn't).... YOU JUST CAN'T GO AROUND KICKING WOMEN IN THE STOMACH PERLA! You have to learn some control, sister! You can mouth off all you want, but you are crossing the line when you start beating on people! JUST STOP! Get some control!

1295 days ago
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