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Super Bowl Parking -- Big Money for Big D Locals

2/2/2011 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Move over Green Bay Packers fans ... Dallas area locals are also raking in the cheese -- by charging premium rates to rent their driveways to Super Bowl tailgaters looking for room to party.


With stadium parking jam packed -- and street closures all around town -- fans driving to watch the Pack battle the Pittsburgh Steelers are turning to neighbors of Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

We spoke to multiple residents within walking distance of  the stadium who are renting out their driveways for as much as $500 a space ... and we're told they're getting scooped up!

At least one entrepreneur is even allowing the tailgaters to store beer in her fridge -- an especially sweet deal since the stadium is banning all pregame partying in its lots.

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$500 per parking space? No way. Not unless you get a hooker with that.

People will pay to be close but how rich do you have to be to waste $500 on a spot only to ignore a $10 spot only 200 yards away?

Here's the kicker, you might save on walking but you get to wait for all the cheap parkers to leave before you do. It's gridlock... you are stuck, dummy.

Heck, how much was the seat?

1367 days ago



Send those cheesy hicks back home.

This is NO CONTEST lol.

1367 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Yeah you can't walk into the stadium for the Super Bowl 5 minutes before kickoff. No tailgating either. You got to be in the stadium like 2hours or so before the game starts.


1367 days ago


I guess you haven't been to Wrigley Field! We paid 55 bucks to park in some ones back yard last year! I would have paid 100 bucks. ha. Go Cubs! This our year!

1367 days ago


Most of the people that go to the Super Bowl anymore are rich movie and sports stars and corporate CEOs. Not exactly the tailgater sect. Id charge 1000 bucks if I had a driveway nearby.

1367 days ago


Oh how I love my town! Ugh.

1367 days ago


This really saddens me. Paying $500.00 for just a parking place. Only in America that is the normal. People in our country are homeless and hungry. What will have to happen to our nation for it to get our attention that this is wrong? Athletes are overpaid as are celebrities. This is so wrong. One great big football party and people are without jobs. I find this so sad. It would be wonderful if the league would donate portions of the tickets sales of the game to shelters. Prol'ly not going to happen. We are the country of "greed". While everyone is enjoying themselves with the joy of the game, I hope you will be thinking it could be you without a job, it could be you without food for yourself and your family, it could be you that is sick and needs medical attention. You won't be thinking of these needs. You will be thinking of your needs and how great it is going to be to tell you co-workers you went to the big game, how much you drank and the price you paid for your tickets and how much you paid to park. This is soooo wrong. What do we have to do to get someone's attnetion. Our President will be all stretched out watching the game from the White House and hungry and homeless are on the streets. God, please bless America.

1367 days ago


Typical greedy Americans.

1367 days ago


Please TMZ people, the superbowl is NOT, I repeat is NOT in the "Dallas Area". It is not in even in Dallas County. It is in Tarrant County, in the FORT WORTH AREA. All of us folks who watch and read TMZ would really appreciate it if the right county and right area got credit. We have been busting our butts to make everyone welcome, and Dallas gets all the credit, even though they are over an hour away, not even close. Please be kind to your Fort Worth TMZ fans and report it as FORT WORTH, or ARLINGTON, neither of which is in Dallas County!!!!

1367 days ago

Ricky G    

I work for one of the parking companies outside the stadium and I can tell you for a fact that there is lots of cheap and even free parking within a few blocks of the stadium. If you're paying $500 to park you've got money to burn or you're just plain stupid.

1367 days ago

Honorary Texan    

The Super Bowl is in Arlington, TX which is part of Tarrant County. To get to Arlington to Dallas it's at least 30 minutes. On Super Bowl Sunday I'm sure it will be at least an hour due to all the traffic (if not longer).

1367 days ago


Hey Harvey-
The Cowboys Stadium is in ARLINGTON!!!!!!! It's not Dallas or Fort Worth. Please check your facts and make sure they are correct.

1367 days ago


you guys are nuts i heard parking near the stadium was running for about $900. So $500 turns out to be a deal. Unless you wanna go a couple mile away and pay 200.

1367 days ago


The COWBOY STADIUM is in ARLINGTON not DALLAS. One day you will get it right.

1367 days ago


I live in Arlington, my house is 30 mins aways from Dallas so what hour are you talking about Heather? & Yes Agg Town, that's what we call he were we live is full of Mexicans. It does have very ghetto, drughead area but it also has very nice affluent gated communities. I live in one and you can't even pass through the gates unless you have minimum 2 million to spend on a house. I'm not boasting just trying to inform you people, who give wrong information who don't even live here! The traffic is crazy, and roads have been dreadful for the past 3 days or so. I'm a kid in high school and I since I don't live in my school district I drive usually 20 mins to get to school, this time I got to school in 45 mins due to all the people who are coming. I can't wait till this is over, we all need peace but happy that we're having the Superbowl at the Cowboys stadium. I'd go to the game but they're both teams I don't like so why bother. & HEATHER YOU'RE THE ONE GIVING WRONG INFORMATION ! B-TCH .

1367 days ago
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