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Ex-Super Bowl Champ GOES OFF on Valet

2/2/2011 8:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

St. Louis Rams Pro Bowler D'Marco Farr went off on a valet last night -- and it's all because the guy asked Farr to move his car out of a tow-away zone ... and TMZ got it all on tape.

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Demarco Farr the brother in the video is a St. Louis Rams broadcaster and former DE on those Greatest Show On Turf Rams team in the Late 90's and early 2000's team. He's an upstanding citizen and person and well educated. This is for you knuckle-draggers. Here's a video for you right-winged idiots.


1327 days ago


it's too bad that the cameraman didn't get the whole conversation on tape. then you would see the valet guy was a d*ck to d'marco first.

1327 days ago


Demarco is a great guy. Get the whole story. The valet started talkin' s**t on him. And I loved the line, "It's a rental." The three most famous words in driving!

1327 days ago

Carlos Lumpkins    

I just can't believe these racist comments it just proves that there are still a lot of bigots still living. I thought maybe most of them were dead. Hidden racism is alive and well, but the most dangerous of them all. Put a face on them comments anybody can punch a keyboard let me see your face you bigots!!! I guess it is true "Everything is big in Texas" even the bigotry!!!! And for the record White bread chicken @#%$ you are the ones smelling like wet dog and puppies. Dr *$$Hole

1327 days ago


I don't understand all this, you have fame, money, a job and you endorse every product out there, so doesn't one of your paid endorsements have common sence pills. Attention like this will cause you to loose some of those endorsements resulting in lost of money and respect from your fan base

1327 days ago


I was rather surprised at the video. D'Marco has always seemed to be a good guy. I think it is a situation where he lost his cool. I haven't heard of a single story where he has acted like this in the past. I was listening to his explanation on the issue. What TMZ didn't pick up was that the valet got out of line, dropping F'bombs before this video started rolling. Furthermore, when he parked in the spot, he didn't realize that he was parking in a valet spot. Instead of the valet specifying that it was valet parking, the valet just asked him to move his car. Think about it, if some random person asked you to move the car, wouldn't you question why? I think all this was a big misunderstanding and isn't indicative of Farr's personality.

1327 days ago

sit on it    

The damn nikkah knows it, unfortunately he doesn't really care. It's a black thing.

1327 days ago


hahahahahhaha all these comments are great....and yes there is a lot of sarcasm in that laugh. Anyways I think this is a little exaggerated. Its TMZ for a reason. They cut out a lot of stuff so it looks worse than it is but why should I waste my time explaining this. You people are smart you know this. Your comments are clearly made out of boredom and lack of knowledge. I don't hold you responsible for this, it happens to the best of us.
Your always, Sandy

1327 days ago


hahahahahahahahahahahah all these comments are great but I think this is a little exaggerated. Its TMZ for a reason. They cut out a lot of stuff so it looks worse than it is but why should I waste my time explaining that. You people are smart you know this.

1327 days ago

Jack Peter    

demarco is the wuss who came out of the super bowl with a minute to play...saying he was tired....you could hear coach Vermeil ask an assistant who would ever take themselves out of the super bowl?

1326 days ago


it's a BLACK thing thinks he's better than anyone... he's nothing but a black ******* racist....

1315 days ago


Get off D!!! He had to GOoooooo!!! Everyone always has their hand out!!! D...you should have pissed on the valet!!! Now that would have been Bay Area style! For real!!!! How about checking to see who Rapistberger was hitting on before the game TMZ....Keep it moving!

1314 days ago


it was cold so what, there are a ton of people on this show that make themselves look ten times worse. everytime lindsey lohan is on here shes either cracked out or nervous cause shes got stolen property in her pockets. eh its D'Farr let him go.

1295 days ago
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