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Ben Roethlisberger -- BOOZING at Texas Piano Bar

2/3/2011 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ben Roethlisberger is paying extra special attention to his diet this week -- because when he was pounding drinks at a Texas bar Tuesday night ... he wanted his rum mixed with DIET COKE.

Ben Roethlisberger Piano Bar
TMZ has obtained FOOTAGE of the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback hanging out at Pete's Dueling Piano Bar in Fort Worth Texas ... where he sang his face off from 11:00 PM until 1:15 AM the next morning.

Sources inside the bar tell us Big Ben arrived with two massive teammates -- and bought several rounds of drinks for himself AND the entire bar.

We're told Ben racked up an $800 tab -- and tipped an additional $200.  People inside the bar tell us Ben was "nice, fun and took care of everyone."

In the clip, Ben can be seen singing along to the Billy Joel classic "Piano Man" while his teammates joined in on the fun.

So, we gotta ask ...

UPDATE: This morning, Ben told reporters about his big night out ... saying, "It was a superstition and tradition on Tuesday night. I take the linemen out to dinner. We went out for barbecue and then we wanted to hear some live music. We just had an enjoyable night."

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@109, how would you know about a curfew?

1337 days ago


I agree for you steeler haters **** you...we're going to the super bowl and that's what you all hate...and as far as Ben raping those girls none of you were there nor I he's worth a lot of money and girls/woman/men know that and will lie just to get a few thousands whenever your in a bar men/women drinking and getting **** faced then **** happens if he really did it then he deserves to be punished but if it was me he did it too i wouldn't had them buy me off i would've pushed the rape issue and got justice not money but guess what they took the money so wtf...The fact that Ben went out with some of his boys to get some drinks last night there's nothing wrong with that they have every reason to want to party they made it to the super bowl and the super bowl isn't till Sunday they have plenty of time to relax and recoop...for you that don't drink it doesn't take a week to get over a night of partying it just takes a day and for the bible comment (how often do you read your bible, because in the bible it says not to judge and that's what all of you haters are doing judging Ben) have you ever done any wrong if you say no your lien and that's wrong none of us are perfect far from it and people do change so shut the **** up about Ben and worry about your lifes we all pay for our sins at the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Let's go steelers All the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ben I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! remember for all you haters and bashers and the perfect world you live doing no wrong none of us was there and noone knows the real truth...Im disappointed in Ben but not judging him cause i wasn't there.
Your fan for life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love you Ben!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1337 days ago


This guy tries to look like a middle school gangsta, and has about the same savoir faire with women. He can throw the ball, but what a walking disaster as a man. Rogers is twice the man.

1337 days ago


Just to clarify- Pete's Dueling Piano Bar isn't in Fort Worth Texas. Its in Addison Texas. Which is in the Dallas Metro area.

1337 days ago


So what? let him relax, he did it in the regular season, made it to the superbowl and can do it now. You guys just love controversy this is what ya get paid for, stirr things up more than what it is. Get on his shoes and deal what he or any other player on this stage has to deal with, I bet not many of you would be talking smack after that. He payed for the WHOLE BAR of course is going to be $800 dollar tab. And that's stupid? Really? Whoever says it is, it's just plain ridiculous.

1337 days ago


I really don't think that this any of your business.Find something else to report about.What a pathetic busybody.

1337 days ago


Agree with 117

1337 days ago


he was with his team mates! the game is sunday... damn!

1337 days ago


When in USMC ran some my best times at PT half drunk. Eases the pain. Seems news media is short on news so follow a celeb around till you get aomething a few idiots may take offense with. Party on Ben. Not much of a game anyway with Green Bay "SLACKERS".

1337 days ago


he can't find someone to rape unless he goes to the bar people, come on!

1337 days ago


A grand...that's all?? Seems pretty tame to me, no hooker, strippers or porn stars, or police reports...Charlie makes everyone elses partying seem so lame. Now we know Big Ben can run with Charlie, he's savin himself for after the game but Ben doesn't like to pay for services rendered, so girls of DFW area beware....

1337 days ago


It's only Wednesday night and the game isn't till Sunday so I'm say what's the big deal with 2 drinks?!! IF it is Big Ben in the photos it's no big deal! The Steelers are going to be taking care of business the rest of the week and not out partying. Coach Tomlin will make sure of it! Go Big Ben. Go Steelers!! Here We Come!! Stairway to Seven!!! P.S. what was Levin doing last night? Probably out with 4 young guys partying himself!

1337 days ago

Ex-Collegiate Athlete    

I played college football for 4 years and I didn't take part in ANY homecoming activities accept the homecoming game until I graduated and was an alum! NFL players, of all people should know that super bowl week is like homecoming week. Forget all of the small events taking place...YOU are the MAIN event!!!! If you want to join in all the little raindeer games that take place during super bowl week, become a detroit lion! I pretty sure they would LOVE to trade places...(off season clubbing for championship preparation) smh

1337 days ago


The strippers were the other night.. either way.. nothing smart happens at 1 AM or later. .in a bar or elsewhere.. rest your freaking body.. go to bed like normal non alcoholic hard working people do...Im sure every one saying its ok to drink probably has a drinking problem yourselves..as a professional athlete getting ready to play the most important game in a football player's carreer, he has NO BUSINESS being out in a bar of any kind at 1AM..

1337 days ago


It still cracks me up that the man is convicted in the eyes of most people when he was never convicted OR went to trial for his accusations. It seems like everyone has forgiven Vick & Stallworth (murdering animals, murdering a human)I don't know what happened that night & neither does anyone on this site but if my daughter made such accusations, we take this as far as we could go....this last girl just dropped it...as far as him partying with his boys at a bar, who cares? He didn't have a drinking problem....it's also puzzling that he served the same length suspension as Vick...

1337 days ago
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