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2/3/2011 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The 67-year-old recently resurfaced for a movie role looking revived.


Gary came out of retirement to star in a movie called "Daniel's Lot."

Burghoff played the drums in a band called the Relatives.


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Radar!!! Loved him and his grape knee-highs on that show

1325 days ago


He looks great! Love him! To this day I still say MASH was the best TV show in history. I love Col. Potter and his horse, Sophie.

1325 days ago


Yes, he was GREAT . he left M.A.S.H. to be a movie star .. looks like he made it! BTW all the dialogue done in the movie over the loud speaker was written by David Arkin, who was one of the leads on "Men at Law" - not sure if he continued it on the series or not, but producers loved it and kept that 'over the loud speaker stuff' in because of David being good friends way back then, unfortunately, David took his own life when he was VERY young:( He was in the Feature of MASH.

Bio Gary he did stay a LONG time on the series, I was at Fox at the time on Spelling shows, but on that set many times with visitors, I do believe he wanted to do movies, rather than TV. Back then, Films did NOT want TV people and TV did not want Film people. Strange business. MUCH different today, daytime actors can be in prime-time shows and no one wanted them either back then.

1325 days ago


Wow! 67? I remember watching MASH with my dad when I was younger. He looks good! I hope his movie does well.

1325 days ago


Doesn't look like he aged well:(

1325 days ago


I wonder if he still plays the drums? He did in one episode of MASH and he was amazing...

1325 days ago


let's call sparky, maybe we can trade radar for a younger version of loretta swit...i'm just sayin'

1325 days ago

Robert Ellis    

the only time we got to have the T.V on during dinner was for M.A.S.H. Later i found out they did a movie and watched it and love it to this day. glad he is looking good and doing well. Hey wait a sec....CHOPPERS!! WE HAVE WOUNDED!!

1325 days ago


That picture makes him look like he could be Joe Pescis brother.

1325 days ago


To # 5 "anon" who said he didn't age well...

Are you crazy or just need glasses? He's 67! he looks great!
God Bless him!

BTW, don't you think YOU will ever age and get a few wrinkles?

1325 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

Greatest show in history, glad to see Gary looking so well. Humor will do a body good.

1325 days ago

crazy christmas pie    

wow, getting old sucks--old people are so ugly, with a few exceptions--how is THIS looking "great" people? Now Katrina Kaif is a great looking 67 y.o., not poor Radar--LOL

1325 days ago

crazy christmas pie    

I meant Amitabh Bachchan -- LOL!

1325 days ago


I was not much of a M.A.S.H fan, although being the youngest kid in a large family my opinion didn't count for much, TV-wise. Even though I was not a huge fan of the show, I did watch it (I was a kid and it was said!) and the Radar character was my the midst of war he imparted an innocence that unfortunately is missing in most of today’s youth.

1325 days ago


Thanks for the great memories of a simpler time & family.

1325 days ago
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