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Lindsay Lohan Jewelry Case -- No Decision This Week

2/3/2011 3:53 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan will have a tense weekend, because a spokesperson for the L.A. County District Attorney's Office tells TMZ ... the D.A. will not make a decision this week on whether to prosecute Lindsay for the alleged jewelry heist.

Lindsay Lohan Jewelry Heist
The D.A. has three options:  Filing a felony grand theft charge, filing a misdemeanor grand theft charge or not filing any charges.

The case was submitted to the D.A. by the LAPD yesterday.



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Jus Another Viewer    

Her TEETH look like dentures in this picture! Whoever did her caps, implants, bridges, dentures whatever they are they are as PHONEY looking as the REST of her!!

1325 days ago


@ haha #61, REALLY, I remember they went to arrest him and a huge white bronco car chase insued. Your example was a sorry choice but you point is still relevant. The thing is, If they don't arrest a celeb immediately than there is question about their guilt. And that goes the same for "normies"

1325 days ago


@nicole and @therock

Question: Is her friend ______ (with her that night it was stolen) willing to lie for her? Even go to court in her defense and commit perjury? Would she or her legal team really ask ___ to do this? I'm just curious what ___ gains out of this? hmmm...

1325 days ago


As usual, you don't know what the HELL you're talking about the rock. Mubarak says he's leaving:

1325 days ago


Hey, "the rock"

I think the people have spoken...and are "on" to you, either you are straight up NUTS or have some serious "issues" I'm becoming concerned with your mental health and will be asking HARVEY on today's questions as to whether or not he and his staff are ALSO concerned with the posts that "some people" (you) leave on EVERY story...

might be interesting huh?

1325 days ago


Look what happens to this story when a few of us with logic post the truth (responding). The people who "react" quickly disappear!!!!
Posted at 12:18 PM on Feb 3, 2011 by therock
WHO are you talking to? yourself? or is it the voices in your head again...was that the phone? is it Harvey? ah too bad...maybe you should go back to your "charity work" watching EGYPT on T.V.

1325 days ago


Buckaroobonzai, no, he was supposed to turn himself in and didn't show up. Instead they ended up chasing him in the Bronco where he was allegedly threatening to kill himself.

1325 days ago


60. You're right, they would arrest you right away. And if she did it, they would arrest her as well. They aren't arresting her because they have no evidence she took it without permission with the intention of keeping it. We don't know the relationship between her and the store owner.

1325 days ago

Nancy "O"    

Oh, Geeez! Dina or Michael is #32, #13, etc. Beware the Lohan celebrity force...

1325 days ago


It means NOTHING that she hasn't been charged. They only got the case file yesterday, not even time for a bare minimum of a review of the evidence.

1325 days ago


@76 Jeff, EXACTLY correct. I live in miami and have grown up around alot of criminals and nothing about this process seems strange.

1325 days ago

Paranormal Investigator    

of course she is going to lie.she has been lying for so long she doesnt know what reality is anymore.would love for the person in the PD or courts office or "gossip site" that tipped her off gets prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.makes yah wonder,whatcha hidin in there liho?she must feel safe having a man err woman like sam right next door.

1325 days ago


54-oh sure flatten the dictatorship as you call it. You and people like Henry Kissinger are one in the same.
Flatten Egypt today, New World Order tommorrow.
Its amazing how people still believe in the illusion of democracy.

1325 days ago


Ok...Let me get this straight?!? She is still not charged in the BF incident, now this one will drag out til after her prob date is passed. How does the DA in LA drag charging her out for soooo long?!? Anybody else would know thier fate within hours?! If you swipe something from, say, Walmart - we pesants would be in the back of a cruiser so fast we couldn't blink. Charged & need to plead a case before the judge right?!? If cleared,
wouldn't have broke probation then would she if innocent. Any "real" prosacuters on this site feel free to explain this...

1325 days ago


no charge/ thanks for another boring news update

1325 days ago
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