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Lindsay Lohan Jewelry Case -- No Decision This Week

2/3/2011 3:53 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan will have a tense weekend, because a spokesperson for the L.A. County District Attorney's Office tells TMZ ... the D.A. will not make a decision this week on whether to prosecute Lindsay for the alleged jewelry heist.

Lindsay Lohan Jewelry Heist
The D.A. has three options:  Filing a felony grand theft charge, filing a misdemeanor grand theft charge or not filing any charges.

The case was submitted to the D.A. by the LAPD yesterday.



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They"re just waiting for the check to clear........after all she been paying off people a lot lately and they want to make sure they get their money before they do anything.........

I am sure the DA is going call Harvey up and consult with him on this case........

Harvey ran this Lindsey pony(story) so hard yesterday the poor thing almost dropped and now suddenly he's crawfishing backwards like a lobster scooting away from a boiling pot !!!!

and squimming his way out of everything he posted.....What's the matter Harvey did you overstep again ???

Harvey...Harvey....will you ever learn !

1321 days ago

brenda kempf    

I bet Walt Disney is rolling over in his grave because of her.

1321 days ago


WHO cares, Lindsey has proven herself to be a dirtball. Just give the knecklace back and quit wasting everyones time. Is that how she wants to be remembered and a liar, druggy, drunk and theif. Find some self respect for the love of god!!!!

1321 days ago


OK!!! For one, the girl needs all kinds of Jesus! Second, I think she should stay inside until this blows over, then stay there untilshe is off probation. 3rd, then move to somewhere like MS, Alabama, Tenn. etc... these are nice, quiet, beautiful places. but the biggest reason is that she won't have to binge because of depression from failing to keep up with a lifestyle that she doesn't belong in and the fact that she is broke there. Well the cost of living is alot cheaper, what cost a million dollars there is less than a hundred thousand in the southeastern states. Thats what I would do, get myself right and invest what money I had left and live out my life quietly and happy away from all the commotion!!

1321 days ago

Fat hand puppet    

to all those who worry Lindsay will "get away with it"
Lindsay isn't going to skate or get away with it. Lindsay will be going to "Prison" ..not jail. Prison.
just let the legal system play out it won't happen overnight but quick enough.

and to lindsay.. Don't know what to say.

1321 days ago


There is likely some plea barginning or negotiations going on behind the scenes between the DA and Lindsay's lawyer. Look for them to come up with a plan that send her back to rehab.

I don't think the LAPD and the Procecutors Office want it to look like they are caving on a celebrity.

TMZ is just ramping up the drama for hits.

1321 days ago


Everyone's pointing their finger at Lindsey but how unprofessional for a high end jewelry store with such a rare one of a kind necklace to NOT notice that it wasn't properly put back into the display case!!! Isn't that the employee's responsibility to keep track of that stuff.

1321 days ago


I think she should go to prison and agree with the suggestion that we bombard the D.A. who will NOT GET ELECTED if charges are not filed and the book thrown at the criminal Lindsay Lohan.

I think a search warrant should be issued on Michael Lohan and Dina if possible. Lots of this alleged stolen merchandise could be stacked away there and Ali is wearing it. The items being discussed are only the ones known about.

How many things has the witch stolen that are not known about.

She did not report to court when she was supposed to as she claimed she lost her passport in Europe. Then, pictures surfaced of her on a yacht with some cocaine sitting on a tray right beside her.

I hope the p.o. surprises her with a visit or demands she come in for daily testing until the charges are filed.

I was very impressed with that female judge and D.A. and sad the judge was replaced. LL has been given way more chances than the average person. When she goes to jail or prison, she needs to serve out the maximum time. Being crowded is no excuse and if that is the case, then release other people who are there for lesser crimes, probably struggling to make ends meet and have children that need their care at home.

The last straw was when LL was late to court and then painted "FU" on her fingernails. That was directed at the judge and D.A., for sure. She is probably painting the same on her toenails this time and I hope she is strip searched as she probably has lots of rocks and rings stuffed up her stinking hiding places.

1321 days ago


Now that I think of it, I'll bet that business about LL not wanting anything to do with her father and his efforts to "help" her is all an act. They both get tons of publicity and very well could be on good terms meeting up privately somewhere. Then, stolen merchandise and drugs could be exchanged with nobody suspecting Michael who then takes them home to Dina and Ali. Again, the "feuds" are just staged...all part of their act as all the Lohans are Liars, Thieves and Addicts imo.

1321 days ago


@110. Say what you like, but there is a big difference between being unprofessional(if they were) and being criminal!

1321 days ago


Dear District Attorney's office:

Please indict and prosecute lindsay lohan for grand theft. She's a known kleptomaniac (she's stolen clothes, jewelry, a woman's fur coat, over $1 million in diamonds), yet no one ever presses charges. We pay your salary, and want you to enforce the laws that we normal citizens bind ourselves by. She should be forced to live under those same laws; she's not special or above the law.

The People of the State of California

1321 days ago


The D.A has discretion whether they file felony or misdemeanor charges.
Lindsay has THREE (3) misdemeanors on her criminal record and people think they will file felony charges ? LOL

1321 days ago


#8 is EXACTLY right.

LA is the best place to be if you're a criminal.

1321 days ago

mary dell    

a no brainer. file new charges and revoke her probation. simple.

1321 days ago


DA- you had better show respect for the criminal justice system- do what you would do with any other "non-celebrity". Why don't you uphold your promise to uphold the law- as per your oath- the whole reason you chose this profession- don't be bullied- don't let these people make a mockery of you and your office- People of CA- If the DA does not start punishing celebrities like the rest of the general public- especially Lohan, perhaps the people who have been in trouble for far less and treated as "common folk",locked up like criminals for simple acts- should file a class action lawsuit against the DA and the office- discrimination is not nice- they know that if it were anyone else, dare I say "non-celebrity" they would handle things much differently. Just do your job and quit letting these people (Lohans) make you look like idiots.

1321 days ago
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