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'Teen Mom' -- So Long, Beer Bong!

2/3/2011 9:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Teen Mom" Maci Bookout's beer bonging days are sooo behind her -- because the 19-year-old told us she's now older, wiser, and way less boozed up. What a difference...ONE year makes!

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So these girls got prego at 16 struggled now they are famous ?

So many fast girls would be famous from where i am at if this happend to each one of them.

Talk about easy money. -_-

1327 days ago


I like how she always has her hair and nails done. The money for being a knocked up teen must be nice!

1327 days ago


Another unwed, uneducated teen with a kid:( Just what our country needs! NOT!

1327 days ago


It's a sad day when were turning 16yr old unwed, unemployed child mothers into celebrities.

1327 days ago


They are employed by MTV. She is from the 1st season which at the time they didnt know what the show was going to bring. It just so happen to be a hit and yes now they are famous. At least they aren't on welfare. As a parent you do what you have to do to support your kids except illegal activity. Besides ALL the money doesnt go to the teen parents it goes to the babies as well in an account

1327 days ago


Maci is so freakin hot

1327 days ago


She has changed soo much yeah right thats why on new years she was drinking too & there are pictures everywhere of that !! lol & how is she a struggling teen mom having a hard time as the show tries to say? she's in nyc with the jersey shore cast if that is struggling to be a teen mom sign me up !!

1326 days ago


Maci is hot, I love her...We all do and she's the only reason to watch that show.

However, whats the message hey girls between 15 and 16 if you get pregnant now you can audition to be on 16 and Pregnant, maybe teen mom soak up your 15 minutes and make what $6,000 per episode? I forgot the actual figure. Which is not bad pretty teen girls who have no aspirations what so ever could easily became reality tv show starlets for a season or two at the most. Cause I hate to break it to the girls but there's a reason that show appeals and that's because "I love High School Girls, I get older, they stay the same age...awwright" - matthew mcconaughey

So get pregnant, used up get stuck with a kid, what maybe $65,000 in the back for the show and hope to god you can make it last until you get a real job, or another acting job.

I love Farrah from TEEN MOM 1 every episode you picked the most awkward and uneeded time to cry in the worst way. Watch out ladies she's going for top actress at the Razzies. I really hope she was nominated a bad acting job like that deserves it.

However back on subject we love Maci, only reason to watch that show. The other girls major PASS!!!

1319 days ago


Yay!!! hahaha I think this is hilarious!

Maci has been the only mother from S.1 (Minus Caitlyn) to prove that she is a Very Responsible mother! She's the only one I could respect while watching... The rest were Crazy!

S.2 Leah is the same way Maci was... A 17 year old girl, who should be enjoying her friends and life experiences, but is now taking responsibilities for her actions!

*Next big star Teen Mom celeb - Jennelle Evans ladies and gentlemen!

1313 days ago


God. This is a bunch of bull****, she hasn't changed her pictures are nothing but her at parties with her friends. Go on her twitter, she's trying to figure out what to do for the night. MTV makes her look like a saint of a mother, but honestly I don't think she's that great.. everyone is rewarding her for what she should be doing.. but if she's so amazing, why is she constantly at parties, hanging out with the Jersey Shore Crew and crap like that. It's rediculous that these girls are getting rewarded for something millions do each day and don't expect anything but the love of their child. These girls will be on welfare the day these shows stop airing, because obviously they don't know how to save their money.

1290 days ago

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