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Natalie Portman -- Just Me and My Fetus

2/3/2011 8:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Natalie Portman showed off her bulging maternal instincts as she left a restaurant in L.A. on Thursday.

Natalie Portman Pregnant

The 29-year-old Oscar nominee is due this summer.



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IDK about the 'this summer' thing. She is huge for having a first baby. She looks at least 6 mo along. At least.

1322 days ago


Not due in summer though ... probably early May ?

1322 days ago


she looks like she's having twins.

1322 days ago


Hey Davey Boy a fetus is a developing mammal or other viviparous vertebrate after the embryonic stage and before it IS a FETUS

1322 days ago

Captain Balls    

Wait.. she's pregnant? OMG.. I swear I wore protection.

1322 days ago


I'm suprised more people aren't giving her negative publicity for ruining her baby daddies previous 3 year long realtionship with his live-in gf.

She's your typical hollywood Skank, sees a man she wants and spreads her legs not giving a **** about who else it may affect. This "realationship" she's in with him is gonna end up just like Halle and Gabriel, a totally ****ed up gongshow with no winners.

1322 days ago


Wow, lots of critical a-holes out there.

But I guess it's easy to call a pregnant woman gross when you're a fat, balding, middle-aged nerd living in your mom's basement. I would love to see a picture of you so I could say EWWWW!!

1322 days ago


Come on, guys, she doesn't look THAT big. She looks like she's having ONE baby, maybe due in June. She's so pretty!

1322 days ago


She is way more pregnant then her due date of this "summer"! Her boyfriend was still living with his long time girl friend when Natalie got pregnant and Natalie wants the Oscar so she will say anything to get the votes from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences mostly older voters!

1322 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

To # 24 & all the people you think you speak for:
insert the word "****" instead of "penis"
Yep, that sounds just right!

you try growing a "human being" in YOUR body and see how comfortable you feel!

1322 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

The word edited out starts with a "D" in case there were any doubts..........

1322 days ago


She stayed at the hotel I work at in Santa Fe while filming brothers. Her and her male assistant were horrible to the staff. They treated everyone like 2nd class citizens, most of the staff didn't even know who she was. We were happy when she left.

1322 days ago


This pic doesn't look like her...her hair color is too light.

1322 days ago


My Gosh some of you people are horrible. Saying she is gross, that she has short arms, implying she has no bra on when you can see the strap under her shirt on the left shoulder, picking on her shoes - holy cripes. She looks fine, but she is definitely more than 3 months pregnant even if she has twins growing in there.

1322 days ago


I'm due in 3 months (Early May) and with my SECOND child I'm still smaller than she is. She's way further along than having a late summer baby. There's no doubt about it!

1322 days ago
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