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Oksana Grigorieva's Ex Bodyguard Too Sick to Testify

2/3/2011 10:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva's secrets are safe for now -- her former bodyguard is calling in sick and will miss his deposition in her child custody battle with Mel Gibson ... TMZ has learned.


Kristian Herzog was scheduled to testify under oath Friday -- but according to sources with knowledge of the case ... he just called lawyers on both sides to say he's under the weather and will not be there.

As TMZ first reported, Herzog is now siding with Mel ... saying Oksana is grossly exaggerating or downright lying about the alleged domestic violence incident.

We're told the deposition has not been rescheduled ... but considering how much Herzog knows about Oksana -- he was with her constantly for months -- you can bet both sides want a chance to grill him.


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Posted at 4:35 PM on Feb 4, 2011 by IA

IA, I don't mind telling you...I"M TOTALLY DISGUSTED with your antics today.

I'm sorry, but if Sweetheart can't post here, what does that tell you? It's NOT just a few of us that complained, the whole point is, the **** she's posted on TMZ and going after all the posters that are a part of the board, well should't they be allowed here?

What has "YOUR POSTER" proved to the rest of us, are we damaging to both Oxymoron, or Mel. Are we sidding with Oxymoronic, NO NO HERE IS. She gets you all in her grip, and the minute that you say something she doesn't agree with she rips you to shreds

IA, I feel sorry for you, the minute you walk on what Sweetheart has said she'll villify you. She'll rip you apart, but that okay, just keep backing her up. I disappointed in you.

I find it funny, forgive my straightforwardness, I can't believe I'm posting this, after emails. IA, we have NEVER, under any cir***stance agreed on Sweetheat. The fact you POSTED a reply, that she couldn't do in this place, because she's been BANNED, well now, that just tells the rest of us, where you come fom.

1357 days ago


you go girl!!

I don't understand how attacking Davis can be of any benefit to MG.
Let the guy say what he wants to say without having a pack of hens pecking on him!
If not true, we'll find out soon enough.

Posted at 4:41 PM on Feb 4, 2011 by IA


Annie,I adore you, IA, I thought we came to an impasse in our dicussion. Annie, I apprecaite what you say, like Fuddy WHO I LOVE, you both are leaning towards Mr. Clean and his Dr. Nobrains. Just please understand, a lot of us DON"T buy this. I'm still waiting, after two days for TMZ to post the phone call by Dr. Nobrains. I don't want to see a post by richard Davis claiming TMZ can't post anything due to Attorney's come on.'

Hey, it's just in my nature, I take things at face value then I ask questions. NO BIGGIE.

IA, I am NOT going to rip you a new one for posting a post by sweetheart, she ripped out fuddyduddy a new one. I have to state though, in all honesty, Fuddy, my buddy, you DID post on a thread, a email from Sweetheart, copied and pasted it here, so what is it? You thought this person was believable but now you see the light? IAM, you'll be next, trust me!!

1357 days ago


Calling it like you see it does not have to include insulting a person or being generally rude. Express your opinion and your disagreement with theirs, leave the other stuff out. Just be civil.

Posted at 5:05 PM on Feb 4, 2011 by Annie

Okay, in my post, was I not civil?

1357 days ago


IA -- I have been attacked by Sweetheart on the TMZ boards also.

There is nothing contradictory about me agreeing with an IP ban and being sorry that Sweetheart is no longer able to post here. I am sorry that she went 'ape' one too many times to get banned. She said some very hateful and crazy stuff when she lashed out, so it's her own damn fault that TMZ pulled the plug on her. I remember some of the filth she wrote to Frieda and there was really no need for it. It's too bad because she did at times contribute some great comments and she did have a sense of humor.

I think when Mel gets back from vacation in August before school starts and he doesn't give a deposition until November 10, then, yes -- it does appear that he is stalling on his deposition. Is that his doing or his attorney's doing or simple scheduling conflicts? Who the hell knows? But, certainly you would think that in that time he could have made it to an attorney's office for a deposition instead of the court having to come down on his head and say "DO IT BY NOVEMBER 10!"

As I stated, I have no issues with you, but I do take issue when you post inflammatory messages to me on behalf of Sweetheart. You really should not involve yourself in such matters because it makes YOU look bad, and that's a shame because I have enjoyed some of your posts.

Posted at 5:26 PM on Feb 4, 2011 by fuddyduddy

NOW AGAIN. I"M STATING FULL LETTER, CAPITAL LETTERS. I am one of the few, or many, not sure = that had SWEETHEART removed from the board. It wasn't just her posts after the first few, I called for her IP to be banned, and in my email I said why.

DOn't come after me and claim that I had her pulled, got her IP'd banned and this was a breach of the "FIRST AMENDENT" or right to say whatever you want on internet. If you actually go back, have her past posts, you don`t know what TOS here, or internet prodigy that you can look at. Seriously, if you want to believe what she says, copy and paste what she puts up before TMZ erases her. In other words, she insn`t talking about REAL info, she`s misleading.

Guess what, ANYONE that threatens bodily harm to someone is' well what take it as face value and the autorities looks into it. IF you make a THREAT on line, whether you are a stranger or not, the cops will find you. If you haven`t figured it out, KB, myself and therock contacted the proper authorities, none of them, or me is going to say who we went after, what we said or what we sent. I wil say, Sweetheart`s post were sent to Mel`s camp, and I think it`s the reason she can`t post here, trust me, she`s been told enough of what she`s posting by his and her`s lawyers.

1357 days ago


Good link, Sam, she can't say he had treated her with disrespect. What we see is him treating her like a queen. He gave her more than any other men she had ever been with before. He gave her everything: the house, the OPPORTUNITY, the red carpet, the media recognition, the child she is using to get MORE from him and live off for the next 17 years. Yet, all we keep hearing is what a monster, women beater and a drunkard he is. How DARE you, Oksana! Greedy low life cheapskate.

1357 days ago


No problem..i made chocolate chips earlier today : )

Posted at 8:04 PM on Feb 4, 2011 by Annie

Yup, Ì`m asking, is it the SOFT cookies, I want to buy the Frozen, Pillsbuuru douhg boy and get the cookies going LOL

1357 days ago


now again here is Dr. Davis pop up like a jack from a box
WHY DR. Davis did not went with that information to police?
or to journalist?
CNN, CBC, ABC? Why here public forum?
IMHO it is Oksana PR so she would no go to jail for extortion

Posted at 3:36 PM on Feb 4, 2011 by canook

canook, if you read Dr. Davis' post he states that now ox and her team may be facing witness tampering/intimidation charges. I would gather from that statement that the authorities have already been notified.

Posted at 4:21 PM on Feb 4, 2011 by Annie

ANNIE, I`m just saying... I hope you are right, have stated what we are thinking. Whatever Dr. NObrains claims, he has proof to back it up. NOTHING I WOULD LIKD MORE than to find ut he has insider info, namely emails to back u his claim. If not, he needs to STFU, really

1357 days ago


W/e Sam, I can see what is rude and insulting clearly enough. I am very happily married and I have no crush. I singled no one out in the post I made. If you feel it fit your behavior then it may have...

Posted at 7:27 PM on Feb 4, 2011 by Annie

Annie, may I say. I have been happily maried for YEARS. um, specifically 30 years. I DO HAVE CRUSHES, namely right now, Mike Holmes, um, before you think OMG, my husband has crushes also ROFLMAO. Jusst because we have crushes doesn`t mean our marriage is bogus. This is all a part of living the life. He wants to be with someone and I want to be with someone else. Seriously, if we had the chance, neither of us would go for it, that`s the fun of having crushes LOL

1357 days ago


Point taken Majestik, but I never said what I was accused of saying here. I do remember those posts but they were not by me. If I did have a crush, I don't think I would put it out in

1356 days ago
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