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Big Ben -- Sing Us A Song You're a Quarterback

2/4/2011 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's not the most controversial drinking night in Ben Roethlisberger's life -- but his boozy pre-Super Bowl outing this week sure did brew up a good argument ... and some serious karaoke.

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The song that accompanied the video is rude, considering Ben has not been found guilty of rape. You can't think it's unusual for a 28 year old man to go out for a few beers with his friends, on the night the coach gave them off, several days before the actual game. Regardless of what people think he did, which will never be known to anyone other than Ben and the young lady, he should not live his life as a paranoid prisoner. This story really is not a story, and should not have been reported. Those responsible need to get a life. I'm sure they have all kinds of skeletons in there closets, and are probably extremely unhappy people.

1359 days ago


Ben Rappistberger....Bet another chick will come forward in a few weeks on him...Will he get any jail time this time?? BEt not....freakin loser....WHY is it that he gets NO jail time for rape but you fight a few daogs you time ??? I do not get that...bull**** is what it is....get that fat toad behind bars and pay the price for it damn it !!!! raping women isn't RIGHT buit apparently it is for him ?!?!?! WTF...??

1359 days ago


this funny cause it really dumb to care that he once a week takes his oline out for dinner and drinks wow he was in bed by team curfew and did nothing wrong he does this all season every Tuesday grow up

1359 days ago


this funny cause it really dumb to care that he once a week takes his oline out for dinner and drinks wow he was in bed by team curfew and did nothing wrong he does this all season every Tuesday grow up

1359 days ago

this is not reporting    

Crap TMZ pure Crap

1359 days ago


Barbie - if this was such a clear cut case of rape - how come no charges

1359 days ago


I agree with Steelersnut! STOP talking crap about Big Ben. He rocks. How great of him to treat his guys to dinner and drinks. If you wanna report anything, report how AWESEOME he is. What a CLASS ACT.

1359 days ago


I think he is a great player and a good person we have no idea if he did it or not but since he was not charged I am going go with they they were gold digers. and I think it is good to go out a few days before a big game and cut loose

1359 days ago


WOW!! Go TMZ! You are as classless as ever!! Yes, I am a rabid Steeler fan and you guys will do ANYTHING to get recognized.

GO STEELERS!! BTW TMZ you're a (Pittsburgh) joke.

Russell, who did he rape???

Barbie,it's called SPELLCHECK.Athelets? A alcoholic?

1359 days ago


I tell you, TMZ, as usual, posts a story without reporting the whole truth. Ben was out with his Offensive Line, in a traditional outing he has with them every time they're in the Super Bowl. Second, HE WAS IN BY CURFEW! If ANYONE at TMZ ever played sports, they would realize things like that bring teammates together. As for all these posts hating on Ben and calling him a rapist, you all need to get your facts straight too. Ben wasn't charged with anything because HE DIDN'T DO ANYTHING! If he's guilty of anything, it's hanging around with a bunch of dumb drunk chicks who think they can get a quick buck crying rape while in the company of a Super Bowl Champion player. Every girl in that bar not only knew WHO he was, but also knew HOW MUCH HE WAS WORTH. P.S. If you are a woman that has posted hateful comments about Ben, YOU'RE PROBABLY ONE OF THE DUMB DRUNK CHICKS I'M TALKING ABOUT. Shame on you.

1359 days ago


How can ESPN and TMZ have totally different accounts of this story. Hmmm...I wonder who has more credibility when it comes to sports. TMZ might want to check their facts and the reporters they are sending to bars to sneak around and make up stories. What a joke. And like most people have already said, WHO F'ING CARES if he's having a drink, singing songs and buying the whole bar drinks. I think he's a nice guy for doing the latter. Oh, and I didn't see him near a woman...should count for something that he's trying to stay out of trouble.

1359 days ago



1358 days ago


This story was only created to try and create controversy before the Superbowl, probably by a Packer ***. And now because of it I have to listen to Keyshawn Johnson on ESPN saying how dumb this was of Ben to do. Then he goes on to compare this to Michael Vick owning a dog and how people would question it. There's one BIG difference here Keyyawn. It's plain you think black athletes are treated so unfair in sports by your comments, but Vick did a prison sentence for actually "Killing" dogs, whereas Ben was accused by some gold digger seeking to make a name for herself. I wonder how you spent your time and money when you were in your 20's you butthurt neverwas.

1357 days ago

Jack Gauthier    

The Difference between Aaron Rodgers and Ben ...yeah that other quarterback...Aaron Rodgers stays in and studies...that Ben guy goes out on the town AGAIN!!...should learn your lesson Ben...maybe this time u should keep your hands to urself

1356 days ago


TMZ is a joke! I am from Pittsburgh and a Steeler fan for life. I feel horrible for Ben. He did nothing wrong at this piano bar. I believe in being innocent until proven guilty. Anyone can be accused and then have their rep tarnished for life! I have looked at the facts and they don't add up. Why did the 1st girl wait a freakin year to say anything? I'm sorry, I am female and i don't care who you are, if was raped i am going straight to the hospital to have all the DNA collected. I have alot more to say but don't have enough room so i will just say...I believe in you #7!!

1355 days ago
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