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Charlie Sheen's Bender -- CRAZY Dance Footage

2/4/2011 10:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen was dancing his ass off with THREE scantily clad women at the inception of his 36-hour cocaine fueled party binge last week -- and TMZ has the footage of Charlie LETTING LOOSE!!

Charlie Sheen Party Video
The dancing went down after a boozy dinner at the home of Charlie's friend George Santo Pietro -- where the actor was accompanied by several porn stars and even a few non-professionals.

Just as shocking as Charlie's spastic MJ-esque impersonation -- a photo of a smiling Charlie showing off a mouthful of solid gold dental work. Captain Jack Sparrow would be proud!

Kacey Jordan -- a porn star who was at the party -- reportedly says "... he had to get gold teeth. Most of his teeth fallen out, he wouldn't say why."

Charlie Sheen Party Photo
Of course, Charlie's party marathon ended with a trip to the hospital ... followed by rehab.

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No Avatar


OMG! He is a train wreck!!!

1293 days ago


#4 Comment (Rob)

1293 days ago

Brothers 4 Brothers    

I'm not sure who the biggest whore is--the woman who sold the video footage, or TMZ for putting it on the net. I know a 70 year old man who was once a very popular writer for the gossip magazines; he just wrote and is publishing his memoirs. He says his biggest regret is that he spent his life gathering and publishing this sort of insipid drivel. He said he felt like a slimy weasel. Hey, you TMZ weasels--it's not too late to save your dignity and self esteem--you peeping puke buckets!

1293 days ago


I agree...if Charlies teeth looked like that, it would have been noted and talked about way sooner than this. And with his money, he would have already had a complete restoration of his teeth through implants.

Something is wrong with this pic...maybe a photo shop?

It just isn't believable.

1293 days ago


why is everybody all up in charlie sheens biz anyways. if he wants to get his party on then he should be able to get it on without every1 all up in his personall life. i know he a celebrity and all but those people got lifes too, that we dont need to be all up in. if he wants to get it on till he dies then so be it. maybe he will snap out of it and get his sh*t together or maybe he wont if not, then evey1 can talk all the crap they want to about him,which wont matter to him ,cause his ass will be dead and gone.NO DIFFERENT THAN ME AND A MILLION OTHER PEOPLE JUST LIKE HIM WITH THE SAME PROBLEM! lots of us party on because life at times frigging sucks ok, thats the way it is and always will be. and most of us enjoy it and wish others would leave us the hell alone

1293 days ago


I have always enjoyed the work Charlie has done. He needs to get out of California for a while and spend some time in a remote place and find some fun things to do. I like the show but would hate to see it continue at the cost of his health. As for the individual that commented about his family being ashamed of him ... you must be all alone or have a crappy relationship with your family.

Forgive & forget ... not sure if you read the crap they put on this Blog Charlie but if you do I only have one thing to say ... take care of yourself man.

1293 days ago


@Comment #4 (Rob) You are correct! Too much alcohol over a period of years will do this to your teeth. I've seen it firsthand, (didn't happen to me but someone very close to me) and it is true. I can believe this pic is for real. I would believe Charlie has caps to cover them up when in public. But, can't understand why on earth he wouldn't have them on with these girls around (too stoned too care?)And, I agree with the comment #12, these girls aren't "scantily dressed". I've seen girls walking down the street with less on.

1293 days ago


CS you are one of the best actors in recent times. So why are you killing yourself? I have been there done that and bought a t-shirt 23 yrs ago and moved on. GET SOBER! It is such a better life.

1293 days ago


I believe everyone is tired of seeing and hearing about Charlie Sheen. There are a lot more interesting stories out there than him. I would be embarrassed, but evidently he likes the attention.

1293 days ago


Who the heck cares about what that no talent-no class so-called actor does. He is old news so now would he just go away?
Neither he or his Dad have any class and that is why you don't see Emilio Estevez anywhere around those two. Go away Sheen.

1293 days ago

Gene Boy    

This guy Charlie should be in Jail. Anybody else with a suitcase full of cocaine in their house would be in prison.
Maybe if you make tons of money you can get away with it.
How many people do rehab in your home with a suitcase of coke
a full bar, and porn stars.

1293 days ago


Rob, sounds like Hazelden's not all it's cracked up to be. 6 times since 92, sorry about that.

1293 days ago


What's worse then a drug problem? Having the money to buys all the drugs you want. The old saying is "it's a slow slippery slide downhill" but with money it can be a fast ride out of here.

1293 days ago


Q. What is the definition of a organ grinder? A. A gay with a chipped tooth!

1293 days ago


Charlie has been truly blessed by the Devil...Collection day is coming, Charlie...

1293 days ago
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