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Conrad's Ex: He Cared More About CASH Than MJ

2/4/2011 4:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray's ex-GF -- the one who claims she was on the phone with Murray while MJ was dying -- believes Conrad only agreed to become Michael's doctor so he could pay off the women in his life.

Sade Anding sat down for another on-camera interview this week -- and explained, "He took a big part in being Michael's doctor ... but I feel he didn't just take it as being his friend, he also took it as in after finding out all these different girls, and his lifestyle, he took it as in the money to help him out as well."

She added, "[Murray] was more thinking of how the money can help him and how it can change him and give him the life that he wants ... instead of really worrying about the main person and why you're having the job ... which is Michael."

As we previously reported, Murray has been linked to multiple women around the time of MJ's death -- and has had ongoing legal issues for failing to pay child support.


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Dang, how many more tabloids is she going to sell her story to? Ohwell, it keeps putting it out there what a lying,dirty, rotten scoundrel murray was. And all he cared about was the $$$$$$$$$$$. Definitely not his patient.

rip mj

1327 days ago


If the person for the sake of money can step through medical ethics, having broken a precept - "don't do much harm", this person can really kill. In this case it is the same.

1327 days ago

Room Service    

Sour Grapes Table Of One...

1327 days ago


What an ignorant statement. Yea, because DOCTOR'S don't make enough money any other way...
God this woman is stupid.

1327 days ago


how much is this moron being paid for her opinions?

1327 days ago


It's blatantly evident that this little lady has pocketed some cash.

God Bless Conrad Murray
The Truth is Your Best Defense

1327 days ago


This chick needs to just give it a rest. A phone call to her from Murray did not kill michael jackson. murray has no defense so he's USING a woman again. she's too silly to see it. perhaps the dollars paid to her from AEG or the defense has contributed to her sudden lack of vision. were she and murray even on the phone 60 seconds? murray is guilty and her steakhouse assessment does not justify any of murray's actions or lack thereof. Why is this chick trippin as if she's done something wrong?? She did not call murray and disturb him. Murray killed michael, called her and used her to cover is lying conniving tracks!!!!!!!!! Murray stopped care for michael and took the time to call this woman to manipulate the time of death. There's no way to prove that michael was coughing during that call w/o surveillance.......pleazzzzz!!!!

btw: I have nothing against waitressing or steak! LOL!

1327 days ago


1327 days ago


I think everyone is missing a big point. That is why would Dr. Murray kill MJ since Michael was his livelihood? Duh?

I think it was probably a mistake rather than murder. Why kill the "golden goose"?

1327 days ago


And we all know that Xs are the most reliable people in the world when it comes to being honest about and talking about their Xs... How are they even letting these people testify or make statements???

1327 days ago


Murray did not work for Michael Jackson. Murray worked for AEG. After Michael's passing, murray did not file a claim with the Estate for payment of services like Ms. Chase did. Murray wanted payment from AEG. Branca and Mcclain settled with Ms. Chase.

1327 days ago


Latest pic of mymjj5?
Posted at 5:17 PM on Feb 4, 2011 by Tellit
If you sliced off two or three of those extra toes you have, you'd be a better Reptilian but I doubt it! LOL x sillion!

btw: get back in your coffin tellit!!!!

....and i did NOT open the link. I'm confident that it says more about you than me because you don't know me!!!

1327 days ago


she's actually got a point...seems to me that Murray's ONLY concern was pursuing women and collecting money from Michael to pay for his lifestyle.

it was Murray's neglect and incompetence that killed Michael..and sure, everyone works for money to live their life the way they want..but Murray wasn't working for that paycheck..he was waiting to be paid thinking Michael wouldn't have known the difference while under anesthetic. This lady is proof to what was on Murray's mind while Michael was knocked out. How obvious that his wild lifestyle was all he thought of.

1327 days ago
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