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Conrad's Ex: He Cared More About CASH Than MJ

2/4/2011 4:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray's ex-GF -- the one who claims she was on the phone with Murray while MJ was dying -- believes Conrad only agreed to become Michael's doctor so he could pay off the women in his life.

Sade Anding sat down for another on-camera interview this week -- and explained, "He took a big part in being Michael's doctor ... but I feel he didn't just take it as being his friend, he also took it as in after finding out all these different girls, and his lifestyle, he took it as in the money to help him out as well."

She added, "[Murray] was more thinking of how the money can help him and how it can change him and give him the life that he wants ... instead of really worrying about the main person and why you're having the job ... which is Michael."

As we previously reported, Murray has been linked to multiple women around the time of MJ's death -- and has had ongoing legal issues for failing to pay child support.


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how does Conrad get such a knock out? must be him flashing his billfold

Posted at 12:02 PM on Feb 4, 2011 by kp
I think she stated in another interview that he gave her hundred dollar tips, bought her a spa, and gave her other gifts, in total several thousand dollars' worth. No man gives a woman ANYTHING unless he expects sex in return -- if not sooner, then at least later. And any slut who accepts these gifts knows this. She is essentially agreeing to a business deal and agreeing to perform as expected under this "service contract." They both knew what it was all about; there are no innocent parties here.

1354 days ago


Posted at 3:32 PM on Feb 4, 2011 by Phantom of the Opera


As always, another great video. Thanks. lol.

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1354 days ago


shoul we be surprised that this man trying to play doctor cared more about money than caring for michaels lookalike???? no!!! PRAY FOR MICHAEL !

1354 days ago


I'm a healthcare provider. I get paid for it. I use the money to pay my bills. That does not prevent me from caring about patients.
Is this woman being paid for all of these interviews? Why is she taking money after saying she cared about MJ?

Posted at 12:18 PM on Feb 4, 2011 by mat

Well, I hope you don´t irresponsibly shoot your patients up with Propofol, leave them to themselves to die, wait for hours to have someone else call 911 because y9u need to hide evidence.
This is not what I would call a legitimate way of making a living.
Drug dealer with a licence is more like it.

1354 days ago


"you" - sorry

1354 days ago


Ms. Chase worked for Michael Jackson. That's why the Estate settled with her after Micheal died.

Conrad Murray worked for AEG. That's why he did not file a claim against the estate. AEG screwed murray by not having michael sign the agreement knowing all along they would forfeit paying murray without michael's signature in the event of his "timely" passing.
IMO: michael did not sign the agreement because he did not have to. Murray was employed by AEG not michael. I don't doubt that michael requested Murray as his doctor. IMO: murray was just one of the perks of the arrangement for michael to agree to the concert series. michael jackson did not hire conrad murray.

1354 days ago


hi cherwood
I know what you mean. all of the media outlets recapped the anniversay the same way from the AP which does not identify the source describing what happened during the last 24 hours of michael's life. It's unbelievable that in a surveillance/cam corder/webcam/video phone era the case is heavily reliant upon ordinary phone records alone. not to mention the testimony of a proven liar like murray.

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1354 days ago


i dont think she should feel any responsibility rearding mj death.
i think she should be irate that murray was used her as an alabi for his bs timeline.
for heavens sake a person doesnt get lividity in a matter of minutes.

and i really dislike that she is doing these interviews before the trial.
that speaks volumes about her character as well..
tsig is right , she knew what he was looking for when he started writing her checks etc.

1354 days ago


phamtom...those photos are just them , thanks
have a good day all!!

1354 days ago

Phantom of the Opera    

What DID happen on June 25th? part 37 by LunaJo67;

1354 days ago


@#77 Agreed. Love You Forever Michael,RIP.

1354 days ago


Why would AEG give the green light and thumbs up on a contract that Michael Jackson never signed. Lloyds of London should deny AEG's claim on that alone. No signed contract with michael jackson, no policy to cover his "timely" passing. Not unless Lloyds of London wrote in a clause that provides full coverage even though michael jackson did not have a signed and legally binding agreement with AEG to perform 10-50 shows.

Michael Jackson never signed a contract with AEG and they refuse to pay Murray.
Yet AEG wants Lloyds of London to pay them even though Michael Jackson never signed a contract with AEG....hhhhmmmm

1354 days ago


What DID happen on June 25th? part 37 by LunaJo67;

Posted at 10:48 AM on Feb 5, 2011 by Phantom of the Opera

Something in there about an Icelandic former ambassador in the USA. An uncle of mine was ambassador in the Americas for a number of years.

1354 days ago
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