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Howard Stern

CRUSHES Jay Leno ...

on Letterman

2/4/2011 9:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Howard Stern has decided he's finally "ready" to weigh in on the late night wars -- and last night, The King of All Media went on "Letterman" to SHRED Jay Leno ... saying he's "horrible" and has "no talent."


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Who really cares what Howard Stern thinks? He says Leno has no talent?? HELLO!! Pot calling the kettle black!

1323 days ago


Who really cares what Howard Stern thinks? He says Leno has no talent?? HELLO!! Pot calling the kettle black!

1323 days ago


He did this on Letterman?! Letterman the guy who cheated on his wife with interns?! The guy who has turned from being a great comic to a bitter man? I don't care for Leno but at least he is consistent and age hasn't made him into an angry person.

1323 days ago


It is quite obvious that the Stern-bashers have never listened to an actual Stern show at any time in any way. While it is true that he occasionally has on porn stars and speaks crudely, the vast, vast majority of his show is original, entertaining and very informative. His interviews are legendary, his most recent one being of Jerry Springer. He has a way of allowing his subjects to reveal sides of themselves that no other interviewer can, and his talent in this area is far too unappreciated (except obviously by the increasing number of Sirius/XM subscribers who 'get him').

I laugh OUT LOUD 9 times out of 10 during his shows and he continues to amaze. Just so you don't think I am some depraved sicko with no life, I want to say that I am a mother of 4, a professional with a degree, a 25-year marriage to the same man, and I say to those commenters who post out of ignorance: try him, really take an open-minded listen for more than 5 minutes, you too will think the satellite subscription fee is the best money you'll ever spend. The man is a genius.)

As for his performance on Letterman, if you would have heard him during his Thursday morning show, expressing his worry, his anxiety, his concern for how it would all go, it just makes it more endearing. I actually set the alarm to watch it as I am asleep by 11:35 PM, but I wanted to enjoy it first-hand.

Relevant? Who else can and does speak such frank honesty about otherwise overly-touted celebrities such as Oprah and Larry King? You don't always agree with him, but he nails it the vast majority of the time. And that's more than most entertainers/hosts/interviewers can say.

1323 days ago


Stern is an *******. Nothing more to say.

(and by the way, how did David get such a "pass" on the sexual harrassment situation??????)

1323 days ago

Jay Leno Fan    

Mr Stern: I have NEVER listed to your radio show nor will I listen in the future. But I say up every night to catch Mr Leno. He is funnier then you will ever be.

1323 days ago

Leigh Ann    

Yet another reason I HATE TALENTLESS, CLASSLESS & NASTY Howard Stern. David Letterman's humor isn't impressive. He's a mean bastard. The only likeable thing about Howard Stern is is wife and she would NEVER have given him the time of day if he wasn't so bloody rich. I would love Howard Stern & David Letterman to disappear.

1323 days ago

♥TMZ but ...    

Howard is just a big overweight kid stuffed inside a grown man's body
grow up Howard get over yourself

1323 days ago


Who is Howard Stern anyway ??

1323 days ago


Wow, Stern called someone else horrible & not talented. He has the least amount of talent this side of Snookie. Your ego is great. You go on Letterman's show & the man can't get a word in for 5 min. because your ego of wanting to be in the spotlight takes over. I wish your 15 min. of fame was over 14.min. ago, jerk.

1323 days ago



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1323 days ago


Howard is acting like a little boy who got dumped by his girlfriend only howrds still crying about it years later. GET OVER IT

1323 days ago


Remember Fartman? Stern is a pud he just got finished saying he read some book about the late nite "wars" and then dissed Paul by telling him he was to busy to read his book ??If he was so intrigued by the late night talk shows he would get some really good insight from the creator of the blues brothers and a 40 year veteran music director.Leno does suck..

1323 days ago


I agree with those who say Howard Stern is horrible & has no talent. Obvious why David Letterman dislikes Leno, but why is Howard so jealous of Leno? #15 Ellery is right that "hard to believe that David Letterman stooped to this, so sad. Jay rules!"

1323 days ago


As soon as they ****e-can Paul Schafer, I'll go back to watching Letterman. Stern absolutely called it. "Complacent" was the kind way of saying, "You're outdated."

1323 days ago
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