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Howard Stern

CRUSHES Jay Leno ...

on Letterman

2/4/2011 9:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Howard Stern has decided he's finally "ready" to weigh in on the late night wars -- and last night, The King of All Media went on "Letterman" to SHRED Jay Leno ... saying he's "horrible" and has "no talent."


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I have to laugh at these people who say Howard is irrelevant. I wish I were irrelevant enough to get a HALF A BILLION DOLLAR contract. To say he is untalented, disgusting is one thing - that's your opinion and you are entitled to it. To say he is irrelevant is just ignorant.

1355 days ago

Anna Lebling    

Enough Howard Stern, leave it alone about Jay. I think its time to let go of this.

1355 days ago


Like these late night idiots care. Half of the people that watch this video are jay leno ***s.

1355 days ago


Howard Stern is such a POS.

1355 days ago


I am not a fan of Leno or Conan. I will say that Leno has always had a reputation for being a very kind man and very good to his fans.

Having said that, I think that Letterman and Craig Ferguson are the funniest out of all the late night talk shows.. but I think Letterman is a real sleezebag for what he did to his wife.

Stern has been spewing his hate towards Leno for a long time. This is nothing new. For whatever reason, Stern seems to despise Leno and I think he used his appearance on the show to spew his venom about Leno.

All of it is a moot point. People watch the show they enjoy the most and Stern's opinion--most likely--won't change anyone's choice of what to tune into.

1355 days ago


Gabe Athouse,

If you think Stern is "good comedy" then you need help. You shouldn't be trashing others for not knowing "good comedy" when Stern is nothing more than a juvenile, misogynist pig.

If fart jokes and him salivating over women that are younger than his own children -- is funny, then you're the one who doesn't know what "good comedy" is.

As I stated earlier - I don't find Leno or Conan funny.. but I sure as hell would rather watch them than listen to Stern's garbage.

Stern's audience is mostly unintelligent, low-income, degenerates who most likely listen to his show in thier mama's basement.

1355 days ago


Well....if anyone would know it would be HIM! What a jerkoff.

1355 days ago


If Howard is so great, how is it that he can only get his name in the news is by bashing Leno? He's washed up. 16 million listeners? Try 1-2 million, if that.

1355 days ago


Howard Stern and David Letterman are rich men with NO talent. I dislike both of these "so called" men. It is OBVIOUS they are just jealous of Jay. Howard is famous for having a nasty mouth, and letterman I still have no idea why he is famous. Both men are talentless hacks.

1355 days ago


Pot and kettle, I'd say. Howard Stern has ZERO talent and is an obnoxious prick. What talent does he have? He is trash and nothing more. S*** of the earth with ZERO talents. I'm not a fan of Leno but Stern should never be allowed in front of a mic again. Classic case of projection here.

1355 days ago


It's funny how all your ignorant people are trying to trash Howard Stern by putting him down, calling him names, and telling him he has no Talent, but saying the reason you hate him is because all he does is put people down and talks crap about people!
It's even funnier how you say you hate him, and he's not funny and washed up, but have in depth details about his high school years, and who he has on his show, and what he says and talks about.... But here's the kicker, you obviously listen to his show!! hahahahahahaha... ur in the closet, and that's fine, i'm sure you wives or girlfriends won't let you listen and you look a little manlier in front of them posting on here. Bottom line, he has made Sirius what it is today, and brought MILLIONS of subscribers with him, that is why he commands so much money to secure him as an employee. Do you think Jay Leno, or anyone else for that matter could bring that many people with them to subscribe and pay a monthly subscription just to hear them talk? HELL NO is the correct answer, there is a select few who could maybe do half of what he did. Not even you Oprah worshippers followed her to Sirius/XM. The fact speak for themselves, for those of you who are intelligent and appreciate smart humor, and can recognize Howards first class interviewing skills, you know Exactly what I'm talking about. There isn't another interviewer out there that could get celebrities to open up like Stern can.
And if making MILLIONS of dollars a year to put on a radio show 4 hours a day, for 4 days a week, is "washed up and talentless", I wish i could be that kind of Loser!

1355 days ago


I agree with you abby. Howard is a nasty, grundgy looking idiot, who exploits women. He totally disrespects women and that makes him a loser!!

Howard Stern you're a has been and a LOSER retire already!!!

1355 days ago


102, I'll try to speak in your language...ready? Ok, here goes...AHEM!....


Get it? Cause you're a sheep.

1355 days ago


Mr. Leno has a lot more class than Stern and the group of late nite punks who would love to have the ratings of the TONIGHT show. You do not hear this crap from Mr. Leno.

1355 days ago


Howard is right! Jay Leno is a no talent, rip off artist. He doesn't do anything original and everything he does on his show is taken from everybody else. The "Jay-walking" bit is Howard's "stripper" game that he's been doing since Johnny Carson was on the air. Jay's "Headlines" was Johnny Carson's bit. What has Jay done that's original? Oh, yeah, nothing. I've read most of these negative comments and they know nothing about Jay Leno. I hate to tell you folks but Jay Leno is a s***bag. Just ask Rosie. Its too bad that most of the watching public is too stupid to know that Howard is telling you the truth and Leno is a coward! The only thing Leno is good at is fixing your steam-powered car.

1355 days ago
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