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Howard Stern

CRUSHES Jay Leno ...

on Letterman

2/4/2011 9:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Howard Stern has decided he's finally "ready" to weigh in on the late night wars -- and last night, The King of All Media went on "Letterman" to SHRED Jay Leno ... saying he's "horrible" and has "no talent."


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Hey Dave...Name something original Howard has done....NO ONE has ripped off more bits than Stern.

1301 days ago


@ Paul, Trash Listens to Trash.... I do NOT now or ever plan on listening to Howard Stern, the man is a foul mouthed, lil man. As for Letterman, he has NEVER had any talent. And Paul, this is JUST my opinion, just like you have YOURS I have mine. Instead of ATTACKING people for their opinions, why not just say what you have to say? It always amazes me how some people have to ATTACK others over a comment on a blog... REALLY?

1301 days ago

GET A LIFE!!!!    

Can't stand any of these *******s, I have 350 channels. If cocoturd is so loved, then why aren't people watching turd boy ratting are 1.2. Jay beats in all the age demos. Check out the numbers for yourself at TV by the He is back down when NBC fired is ass. All talk show ratings are down thanks to turd boy, who brought the others down with him. GOOD residence to bad rubbish.

1301 days ago


Howard is right. Who are these people watching Leno? My vote is for Letterman. In every way he has a better show than the Chin. As for the people attacking Mr. Stern, your ignorance is showing if you think he is only hot ladies and potty humor. Give him a listen, he has some of the most relevant news, entertainment, and social commentary out there. Nobody does an interview like Howard. Baba Booey to all of you.

1301 days ago


I didn't attack anyone.. I simply stated that ignorant people are talking all this crap about Howard Stern, and the reason they give is that he talks crap and calls people names! It doesn't make sense and it's hypocritical. And people continue to try and put him down for what he does for a living, meanwhile they're giving specific examples that they pull from the show, they obviously listen to it!

I haven't called anyone names KRISTA, there are ignorant people out there, yes, but according to you, I am TRASH, because I listen to the Howard Stern Show. I have facts to back up everything i said, people who don't have facts resort to name calling. Thank you for proving my point :-)

And I don't think Leno is talentless. He has his audience, and i've been known to watch also. But he has lifted bits from Howards Show. Him and Howard used to be friends, and Leno was on the show very frequently.

I love the way some of you just throw out there that all Howard's done is rip off people's material, but don't back it up with any facts. It's easy to make any accusation you want to, but try and be smart enough to give an example. Where do you think Jay got the bit JayWalking? Howard did that in the 80's, it was called the Homeless game, where they take to the street and ask normal questions that most people should know to homeless people. This was the same time when Leno was frequenting The Stern show, when all he did was stand up and before he was on the tonight show. There's more examples, such as having interns go out and do bits, then Jay suddenly had Ross the Intern.... how about Stuttering John who Jay took directly from Howards show and made him the announcer? And didn't have the balls to ask Howard first? Defend Jay all you want, but he, or his Staff, has stolen plenty of Howards bits that were proven WAY before he even had the tonight show. I wish i could just think of that ONE thing Howard has done that's been original. LOL

1301 days ago


Long time Jay Leno Fan and I think Howard Stern has more than said his peace on the matter and needs to stop acting like a whiny baby!

1301 days ago

Jim in Cali    

wow, hey howard stop whining like a bitch. Okay u don't like Leno, but nobody really cares.

1301 days ago


Are you people looking at the ratting? 0.7 for Lopez, guess they'll blame him next.

1301 days ago


Wow George Lopez numbers are super low. 0.7. Guess they'll blame Lopez when carrot top gets canned again.

1301 days ago



You keep mentioning Jaywalking. You mean to tell me Howard invent the man on the street interview? You can't be serious...that concept has been around for was pioneered by Steve Allen. Look it up. Name something else Leno has "stolen". If you say John Melendez, John left the show of his own accord. If you were offered a job that probably payed six to ten times more, I'm sure you would have left also. As for bits Stern ripped off, where do I start?

Win Ben Stein's Money
Hollywood Squares
Newlywed Game
Don't even get me started on Steve Dahl
I could go on on on and on...

And what about the horse s-h-i-t about all the things he's claimed he's invented that he really didn't.

Stop drinking the Kool-Aid. He's a fraud and he knows that he can keep his name in the news if he bashes Leno.

1301 days ago


By the way, Paul, Leno beat Letterman last night in the ratings. No one cares about Stern anymore.

1301 days ago


Who is Howard Stern?

1301 days ago


Leno, Letterman, Coco...they all suck, they are old and tired hasbeens. The only funny man on late night tv is Craig Ferguson, they should fire all the aforementioned losers and just let Craig have the whole night!

1301 days ago


I believe Howard is the one with NO talent, Howard is the one who sits behind a mic and has to be cencored on television and radio (before) thats not talent thats pure disgusting! Leno on the other hand, is a funny respectable guy who has been put threw the ringer because NBC screwed up, not Conan not Leno NBC. I think the people have chosen who they want to watch night after night and its Leno, not Howard!

1301 days ago


I agree with Dawg! Craig Ferguson is funny and certainly the best of this sad late night lot. Teh others are tired, old and boring.

1301 days ago
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