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Howard Stern

CRUSHES Jay Leno ...

on Letterman

2/4/2011 9:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Howard Stern has decided he's finally "ready" to weigh in on the late night wars -- and last night, The King of All Media went on "Letterman" to SHRED Jay Leno ... saying he's "horrible" and has "no talent."


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The Koolaid? Lol.. you sound like stuttering johns talking puppet, he said the Exact same thing about drinking Howard's koolaid.
And i never once said howard hasn't done variations on gameshows or games, but don't say Jay hasn't ripped off anything from Howard
John was free to go to any job he wanted, but Jay was a supposed "friend" to the Stern show, out of respect you let your "friend" know you're going after one of their guys Before you take them, not After. It's a free country, work where you want to, stuttering John was no prize anyways, that's why he lost his camera time and got shuffled in with the other 20 writers of the Leno show.

And i "Keep Mentioning" jaywalking?? I mentioned it one time. Lay off the sugar

There are variations of every game show out there, that's like saying American Idol stole their idea from Star Search. All i'm saying is Jay has taken ideas and people directly from the Stern show, it's a fact. You can try and deflect by pointing out what shows Howard has gotten ideas from, but that doesn't change the facts. I don't need your Koolaid, way too much sugar for me!

Stern's name is in the news constantly for all the interviews he does and information he pulls from these celebrities that people thing are high and mighty and have no skeletons. He talked about Jay last night because Letterman is in the "late night war" with Jay, not because he's trying to make the "news"

you seem to listen to Stern show an awful lot though for hating him so much and claiming he's so talentless..which proves my point again. People love putting him down, but can't keep their ears away from the show.

1355 days ago


AND.... I can care less if Leno beat Letterman's ratings. lol
I'm not a big fan of Letterman, and actual watch Leno more. Thanks for the update though, did you actually count the viewers by hand or calculator?

1355 days ago


I wonder if TBS is rethinking of binging on cocobean head. With ratings as low as 1.2. Zucker must be laughing his ass off.

1355 days ago


Karma baby, got to love it. This will all come back and bite them in the ass. Enough already.

1355 days ago



John didn't invent the term "Drinking the Kool-Aid" either. That's been around for years. and a lot of people do equate being a Stern follower as a Kool-Aid drinker, in the terms that what ever he gives them, good or bad, they'll drink.

I do know a lot about the show. I used to listen, I don't anymore. Not because I find him offensive or whatever. Just because I finally realized what a hack he is. I didn't even watch him on Letterman, because I just don't listen anymore. I listen to a rival show and love it when Stern gets bashed or called out. It's just something I enjoy. Call me a pest.

And to be a cliche @ss, I'll say it...It's not show friends, it's show business. And at the end of the day, no one really knows the cir***stances about John's departure. The only one that has said anything about it is Stern There are three sides to every story...John's, Stern's, and the truth.

And why wouldn't you call a variation of a game show a rip-off? Theft is theft. OK, other people kept bringing up Jaywalking. I kind of lumped you in there, but how in the world is Jaywalking a rip off from Stern? They both interview people in the street. That's considered a rip off? You also didn't name anything else that Leno supposedly lifted from Stern. Seriously dude, look up comparisons between Stern and Steve Dahl and see how many times Stern BLATANTLY stole from him.

And as far as Stern being in the news, besides his new contract, can you name one instance in let's say, the last year that his name has been predominantly in the news other than bashing Leno? I sure can't, because it hasn't been.

I understand that people are going to like what they like, but people need to stop being disingenuous regarding Stern.

1355 days ago


"AND.... I can care less if Leno beat Letterman's ratings. lol
I'm not a big fan of Letterman, and actual watch Leno more. Thanks for the update though, did you actually count the viewers by hand or calculator?"

I calculated it the same way calculated that he has 20 million listeners. ;)

1355 days ago


I have tried numerous times to listen to Howard. I just cannot do it.I am bored to tears. 20M ppl do not listen to Howard. Not that many ppl have SIRIUS, its around 12-15 M. Curiously, you cannot find his actual radio ratings anywhere but his BIG contracts are plastered all over.(His contract includes the salaries of all who work on his show). Stuck in a rut are the ageing Howard and Dave. Nothing new.

1355 days ago


129, Since ratings are non-existent in satellite radio, there's now way to calculate how many listeners there are. Only subscribers. And Sirius has been extremely shady as far as reporting their amount of subscribers. They count all the original XM subscribers as theirs, plus empty cars in car lots. Before the merge, XM was beating Sirius.

1355 days ago


He # 130 with respect to ratings on Satellite radio, all you need to know is Sirius had 600,000 subscribers before Howard and once he signed up 5 years ago the subscribers ballooned to over 6 million. You can use those numbers alone and say Howard has more listeners(that pay) on a daily basis then either Leno or Letterman combined. Also has more daily listeners than Oprah has viewers. Notice how Piers Morgan is taking Howard's advice about trying to interview people like the Kardashian's for a hour. You can't do it, they dont have anything say. HS is a genius. end of story

1355 days ago


He # 30 Jeff, If you ask Howard whre they got the idea for Win Fred's money, he will tell you they took it from Win Ben Stein's Money. The big difference is, Leno's signature bit "Jay Walking" is a direct rip off from but they won't admit it. And TMZ for some reason won't admit that the little Jew or Not a Jew game they play is also direct rip off of a bit Howard has been doing for 30 years called Guess Whose the Jew.

1355 days ago


Gag....two peas in a pod here. I can't stand Howard or Letterman and have refused to watch or listen to them for years. They are both pathetic.

1355 days ago


I listened to Howard since I was a kid. I was told over the years how much things would change if he didn't have to worry about the FCC. I bought Sirius when he made the jump. I was so disappointed in a show that was no different. He has worked less and less since he arrived on Sirius.

The biggest value of Howard, in my opinion, is when they play the old Best of Tapes. Luckily, we get to hear them constantly, due to his vacation schedule (all summer long, plus holiday weeks, and any other time he wants to take off).

1355 days ago


stern is the biggest closeted pos flaming gay in the whole of hollywood!!!he is disgusting...and sooooooooooooooo over rated...

1355 days ago


Howard Stern is the one who is "horrible" and has "no talent."

Posted at 7:25 AM on Feb 4, 2011 by abby


1355 days ago


Well if you say that variations of game shows ARE rip offs, then everyone should be suing everyone, have you watched tv lately? Or take it one further, and compare the variations of the same tv show. Get real here. The biggest difference is Howard will admit anytime you ask him where he got an idea for something, gives credit where credit is due. I never once said Howard has 20 million listeners, but if you see all the subscribers that followed him as soon as he joined Sirius it's in the MILLIONS, which is more than anyone has listening to them at any given time. What has he done in the past year to get in the news?? Well let's talk about the Tiger Woods Mistress beauty pagent for one, how many reporters were in the sirius building following that show, or how about the buzz around him possibly joining American Idol? Or did the Jay bashing get him in the news for that one too? It was the biggest thing being talked about for a few month. And believe me, i hate hearing about American Idol! But I admit, i do like watching the audtions... lol

We can agree to disagree Frunnnnnnkis... I was bored earlier and happened onto this site by accident and kind of got addicted. haha

But for anyone to say Howard's a hack, no talent and a has-been, is so far off basse it's ridiculous. If he didn't command such a major audience, Sirius/xm would not be paying him what they are or keeping him around. Period. That's just business talking... SHOW "business". the man has been in radio and the media for over 30 years, he must have done something right along the way to still be relevant don't you think. Like him or not, he is still entertaining and will be able to work for as long as he wishes to.

Oh yea, tiger woods mistress beauty pageant = ORIGINAL (there's ur one thing)

And for the guy who said his salary pays everyone elses on the show..... check ur facts buddy. It doesn't. Many of the crew have their own contracts with sirius, along with Howard TV.

And I never said John invented drinking the Koolaid! lol.. why do you keep putting words in my mouth? I said that's the Exact same thing he said last year when he was questioned about Howard. I'm not into saying who invented what. Many things have been invented, and improved on throughout the years. If we stopped improving people's ideas, as a society we wouldn't have grown, and would be stuck in the dark ages.

I'm out for now.. have a great Friday!

1355 days ago
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