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Halle Berry's Ex: Don't Call My Baby Black!

2/4/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry's ex, Gabriel Aubry, "went nuts" whenever anyone would refer to their daughter as "black" ... sources tell TMZ.


Sources connected with the former couple tell TMZ ... whenever Gabriel would read a story about Nahla that referred to her as "black," he would go off, insisting his baby was white.  We're told Gabriel would tell Halle and others they should demand a "retraction" when such references were made regarding his daughter.

As TMZ previously reported, sources tell us Gabriel has called Halle the "N" word  -- and one woman previously involved with him referred to him as a "borderline racist."

We have been unable to get in touch with Gabriel's reps for comment.


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I have a hard time believing this guy is a racist, if he were, he never would've hooked up with Halle Berry in the first place. But he should love his daughter unconditionally, whether she's black, white, yellow, blue, purple, or green.

1262 days ago


I don't think that Halley Berry should even refer to her daughter as black because that was a term used by Europeans hundreds of years ago and it has a negative connotation when it is used with other words like blackmagic, black friday, black market etc. We should not let people of another race(Europeans) who will grow old and die just like every other race to define who we are.

1262 days ago


It's settled, the girl is Chinese!!!!!

1262 days ago


Having blonde hair and blue eyes does not make you beautiful. I have seen lots of ugly men and women with blonde hair and blue eyes. To all the non white people, don't believe the nonsense.

1262 days ago


If anyone needs to be removed from this child's life on a regular basis it's Halle with her absurd comments.

1) Since when is color an issue?
2) Since when did anyone with exception to Halle NOW, actually care about race as she's mixed race
3) Since nothing is ever removed from the net, one day this child will read the comment regarding the father as being nothing more than an alternative sperm donor... How is that supposed to make the child feel about her mother's lack of self-respect & respect for the daughter as well as the child's father? If she wanted a specific type of sperm, she could have easily gone to an anonymous donor bank. It isn't as if she can't afford one!
4) What has Halle been mixing in her drinks lately? I agree with others, the class she formerly had is completely gone now along with her self-respect & respect for her child. She is nothing more than a mud-slinging joke using the race card, which is rather ironic considering her own racial background, as if that makes a difference anyhow, which it doesn't but look at what she is teaching her child? This woman is single-handedly setting back respect for all races, especially white & black. It's not the cover that makes the book it's the character on the inside that counts & right now, Halle's lost her cover leaving her character severely lacking in every department!
5) All I can say is I hope whatever judge handles this case will do what is best for this child because clearly, she should not have to live in the midst of a racist & racially confused mother who cannot speak to her child's father with respect and acknowledgment of his role and his ethnicity that he shares with his child.

As a mother of two beautiful daughters, their father and I both believed it was important they they know their heritage for numerous reasons but primarily due to a) to learn more about where their ancestors were from and how they lived to give a sense of roots and belonging, b) to understand and look for any ethnic health issues they could ultimately be something that needs to be checked - prime example, I am approximately 98+% Native American Indian and there is a high number of family members including close family such as parents, aunts/uncles who are prone to autoimmune diseases of various kinds. I was personally diagnosed with both SLE Lupus and Sjogren's Disease approximately 11 years ago. It is in the moderate to severe stages now. Their father is of primarily European descent with a bit of Native American Indian but no autoimmune diseases; hwr, there is high blood pressure, heart disease, and juvenile diabetes that runs in the family. These are important for our children to know both as children and as adults.

Ethnicity does not run our household; however, the children both have taken field trips and learning trips to places from both sides of our family including the reservations where my family originates to give them an opportunity to learn more about their family ancestry and equal areas that we have been able to find to teach them about their European family ancestry as well.

Again, we gave our children roots then wings along with all the love, discipline, and encouragement so they can literally fly as high as they want as long as they are willing to do work to go as far in life as they want to go. The doors are wide open and they have our blessings to follow their dreams into career choices that make them happy. Our oldest is in medicine (graduates from 1st degree this spring) while the youngest is studying art (sketching, writing/journalism, pottery, and mathematics as well as architecture and science) and sciences, astrology - lots of NASA Channel and TLC channel watching but both have excellent grades with balance of extracurricular activities in the areas of fund-raisers for awareness, education, and cures for medical problems such as cancer, breast cancer, autoimmune diseases, juvenile diabetes, heart health, and overall health-care. It is also notable that both children and I are vegetarians though we are still working on their dad. He is not quite ready to give up his grilled, broiled, boiled, or steamed fat-free, low-to-no sodium small portion meats.

1262 days ago


A drop of black blood u are considered to be black. That's the century law. Change the law. What's wrong with black anyway?

1262 days ago


I don't care if think you're a racist or matter how much you love a black person if they make you mad you will call them the n word. All white people are racist!

1262 days ago


I don't care if think you're a racist or matter how much you love a black person if the make you mad you will call them the n word. All white people are racist!

1262 days ago


This is some dumb bull sh*& - what race is Halle Berry - is she Black or White...was she just Passing for White when she met the Man...just REALLY who did he think he was laying down with??

1262 days ago


So what is Halle????is she black or White - If she black her child is black...there no shame...Lord have mercy where did she find this Loser...Halle has big time Problem with the Men she puts in her life...why is that???

1262 days ago


This has got to be garbage!! If he was racist, he would have NEVER, NEVER even messed around with Halle Berry. And I'm so sick of this black, white thing. When you have a mixed child, the child is neither white nor black...she is both. You don't call a cookie, flour, eggs, baking soda, chips, sugar, and brown sugar bisquits do's a cookie. Just like a cookie is made up of several different ingredients, so is this child. She is mixed race and a HUMAN freaking being. Halle Berry has been in how many relationships? Every single one of them ends in a sour note, and who is the common denominator in all of them -- her!

1262 days ago

Erica E    

Really? The article did not say Halle said anything. It is all hearsay. What other people say about the relationship is not for Halle or Gabriel. It is just rumors swirling. Talking poorly about Halle or Gabriel is silliness because all of it is unverified by either party. The best way to answer the rumors from both sides is with silence. Other people who are putting Halle down as a mother for the rumors circulated by others are the sick ones. That doesn't speak at all to her parenting skills or his.

1262 days ago


What difference does the color their baby make? If the husband "goes off" every time their child is referred to as black says there is something wrong with him and Halle Berry needs to keep her mouth shut about their personal dirty laundry. These Hollywood types......just a bunch of narccsistic, shallow losers with lots of money and not much sense.

1262 days ago


The world is SICK, SICK! Why do we have to involve color!!! We are all human beings, PERIOD! No one is better than the other, just because they have more money than others?, what the hell is it, I am tired of people using the color card! Two people who are attracted to each other should never see color, rather character, just like little children, when they see each other they just play.....unless their parents tell them otherwise, they would never know the difference! We are all humans, lets live and respect each other. Halle and Gabriel, please, please work it out, fighting will not solve anything, try to work out your differces and enjoy your beautiful daughter! God gave her to you both, and I pray that God will find a way to put you back together! You had love before, find the spark again!

1261 days ago

dunkin ace    

really, I mean REALLY... GOD HELP US. Only in America.

1261 days ago
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