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Halle Berry's Ex: Don't Call My Baby Black!

2/4/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry's ex, Gabriel Aubry, "went nuts" whenever anyone would refer to their daughter as "black" ... sources tell TMZ.


Sources connected with the former couple tell TMZ ... whenever Gabriel would read a story about Nahla that referred to her as "black," he would go off, insisting his baby was white.  We're told Gabriel would tell Halle and others they should demand a "retraction" when such references were made regarding his daughter.

As TMZ previously reported, sources tell us Gabriel has called Halle the "N" word  -- and one woman previously involved with him referred to him as a "borderline racist."

We have been unable to get in touch with Gabriel's reps for comment.


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Halle Berry, to me, never considered herself black as far as I am concerned. I don't feel she ever really identified with we
Black women. I am not surprised she waited all these years to have a baby by a white, trashy male (not man). Both of them are realy sick, stupid, and immature. My heart goes out to the poor little girl. Halle only "made it" because her features are non-threatening to whites, which makes her acceptable. She is not really talented, just light-skinned!

1350 days ago


We now know who people tend to believe a beautiful black woman or a beautiful white man. The beautiful white man wins hands down.

Never mind people around them are selling stories left right and center! But noooo the beautiful black woman shouldn't have any concerns she should just hand over her baby to the beautiful white man because he is too beautiful to do any wrong!!!!!!!!!

1350 days ago

shawn s.    

this is really and truly sad.there is no such thing as a 100% black,white,italian,jew, this day and time if you follow your family tree you will be shocked with what you find.

1350 days ago


Remember when Halle was on Oprah promoting the movie, "Things We Lost In The Fire" with Benicio Del Toro? The thing she said about Gabriel Aubry that stood out the most in that interview was that he had "integrity". Really? Really? Really.

1350 days ago


Halle can say what she wants, but she's racist, too. omg Monster's Ball, anyone? damn And she is the one who gave that interview about growing up and insisting she is biracial, and said her mother had to tell her she is black. It was something along the lines of "you are black. The world sees you as a black girl, that is what you are."

1350 days ago


Is everybody on these boards an idiot? There sure does seem to be a lot of haterade poured out towards Halle. In THIS country white people set the rule that one drop of black blood makes a man black. Read your history - while having a really big does of reality.

So, are they now saying that rule doesn't apply since this white man has decided to share his seed with a black woman - and admit to it? Unlike the many many white men who raped black women in the not so distant past and walked away from the children.

You people want it allll your way. America is still a racist country. If it were not, the discussion would have no anchor and nobody would be talking about it.


1350 days ago


I see two wrongs in this case..Halle for using the media when she should only be getting ready for court. this will hurt her this day and age we still resort to bigotry whenever we can to hurt one another. and Gabriel for even trying dispute race at all!

1350 days ago

Mayra Peterson    

The poor Halle has a new man and her judgment goes out the door. Clearly she wants to disgrace her daughter's father and she is getting the boomerang back at her...way to go, Halle, you really are showing us your true COLORS, nobody cares what race your kid is, you are the one making a non existent issue

1350 days ago


Wow none of you get it. It doesn't matter if the baby is 99.9% black, 25% black or 2% black the girl is black! If you tell her she is not black than she is denying her mother and her ancestors. What about all those white people that say I'm Irish and dutch and jewish and this and that and they go on for hours about there heritage but since she is only 25% black ( according to people because nobody really knows the percentage) we are just going to ignore that part of her culture. The baby should stay with Halle at least she will learn some of her culture.

1350 days ago

Maria Ithier    

What a stupid fuss. Black Mom, White Dad=Mulata!

1349 days ago


what world do you people live in. All of you must be up north or out west. Any person in the south sees and hears this kind of stuff all the time. It is not a big deal but quit jumping down Halle's back. When a person gets upset, then true colors come out. So, who says this didn't happen from friends and family and that this was not an argument. In the United States, if you are ever 1/8 black then you are considered black. Go to the south and found out what that means. And as far as why they were together so long...ask some of your own friends why they stay in relationships that may be borderline abusive.

1349 days ago


Halle Berry has a history with somewhat erratic behavior, but I back her on this one. Point is Gab, you had a child with a woman who is 50% black racially, but 100% black culturally. If you had a problem with your daughter being identified as black, you should not have fathered a child with her. Halle, your fault for crossing over. Race is never an issue when you mate with your own. Period.

1349 days ago

floyd stevens    

halley has the stupid notion that my two black husbands did me wrong and i will get me a white one and all problems solved masa will see to that . surprise you got one that call you a n word and just use you like the tramp you are. There are good men and bad in every race. Dont turn your back on what you say you are hoe.

1349 days ago


The world is SICK, SICK! Why do we have to involve color!!! We are all human beings, PERIOD! No one is better than the other, just because they have more money than others?, what the hell is it, I am tired of people using the color card! Two people who are attracted to each other should never see color, rather character, just like little children, when they see each other they just play.....unless their parents tell them otherwise, they would never know the difference! We are all humans, lets live and respect each other. Halle and Gabriel, please, please work it out, fighting will not solve anything, try to work out your differces and enjoy your beautiful daughter! God gave her to you both, and I pray that God will find a way to put you back together! You had love before, find the spark again!

Posted at 4:32 AM on Feb 9, 2011 by Hope

Wow, I say once again comments like these are truly noble, however this is America and not Utopia...

1349 days ago


PROOF! Just because you have a baby with a minority does not give you the free pass to be an open racist & use OBVIOUS racial insults. He's no better than K-Fed...find women, knock them up, and try to get money and fame from them. What a loser.

*Note: Just to get this straight, this is definately a race thing... and how can you accuse others of using the race card but you feel the need to break down Nahla's "race" in fractional measure. You are also attempting to determine genetic dominance based on a color (race), not ethnicity. If her color really doesn't matter, then she could be called Black, White or Green and no one would care. But, it obviously matters if Aubry has to insist that she is White, biracial, or whatever in the hell they need to call this poor little victim. smh The reputation for whites in the U.S. & globally isn't all that clean either to be pointing fingers so Aubry should cool it with his word choice before he digs a grave for himself & his future with his Black kid. oopse

-Signed, the Asian kid that know's everything

1349 days ago
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