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Halle Berry's Ex: Don't Call My Baby Black!

2/4/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry's ex, Gabriel Aubry, "went nuts" whenever anyone would refer to their daughter as "black" ... sources tell TMZ.


Sources connected with the former couple tell TMZ ... whenever Gabriel would read a story about Nahla that referred to her as "black," he would go off, insisting his baby was white.  We're told Gabriel would tell Halle and others they should demand a "retraction" when such references were made regarding his daughter.

As TMZ previously reported, sources tell us Gabriel has called Halle the "N" word  -- and one woman previously involved with him referred to him as a "borderline racist."

We have been unable to get in touch with Gabriel's reps for comment.


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Susie q    

If it matters whenever a person is not 100% white they are referred to as "black." President Obama is referred to as a black although he is 50% white/50% black. It all doesn't matter black white or purple, she is a beloved little girl and they should start acting like adults instead making racial slurs at each other. I do feel Halle Berry is unstable.

1303 days ago


To Eric--
You are hysterical. All you have to do is LOOK at the child, lol, she is indeed BLACK (and beautiful). That trash of a father should be thanking his lucky stars because its the only reason the little girl is cute. The heavens did Halle a favor by making sure her child didn't look 1/4 Black but all Black. Lol. The little girl is adorable.

1303 days ago


Wow, most of you act like you know Halle Berry. You dont, and you dont even know if she is actually even putting out any of these stories. If most of you dumb asses would look up real info on halle or even followed her history from the start you would know she has never put out any info about any of her ex husbands and boyfriends until years later.

1303 days ago


I guess what we've learned from the posters here so far is that

if you've had a car accident where you did something stupid, if you've ever been depressed, and suicidal, and you keep picking the wrong men,

then you must be evil, psychotic, controlling and crazy. Nice to know...

There's this little thing in psychoogy called projecting, and maligning the victim. You should look it up.

And I agree with Whamo...Because he is white, tall, and blonde, he must be telling the truth, and the black woman must be crazy.

Nice to know that racism is alive and kicking.

1303 days ago

Stephan Bennett    

The baby is Black. Being that Halle Berry's ex-husband Gabriel is "white" doesn't make the baby "white". Genetically "white" is recessive to "black". The black gene pool is the most dominant gene pool because of it's capabilities... the ability to produce all other colors. The white gene pool is recessive because it can produce ONLY itself and whenever it intermixes w/a black gene pool, a dark or black phenotype is reproduced.

1303 days ago


Normally, as a feminist, I'd support the woman. I just think this one needs to "win" at all costs. With each relationship she's had, she's trashed the guy after. Makes herself look like the angel. I'm sorry he wasn't jumping when she snapped her fingers, that's all this is about (him not being available to go to New York). She will never be able to take back the things she's said about him, it will always be available for her daughter to learn. If she had a problem with him, why didn't she say so before now. The comment about how he was good for one thing, pretty much says it all. She wants her baby, her baby sitter, and her boyfriend, all on her own terms. She's acting like a spoiled brat. If he were racist, he probably wouldn't have dated her in the first place, never mind stay with her for a few years. His old girlfriend coming out of the woodwork, saying he's a racist, how much was she paid? I guess publicity is payment itself. Halle is no role model for women, or African-Americans, both are just tools she uses for her own benefit.

1303 days ago


Ok..firstly i'm french Canadian and had the joy of seeing them when they were in Montreal...he looks adoringly at both with such a sense of pride...she looked so happy being away from the 'terribly unbalanced world that is hers'. Now..he is a crazed maniac...shame on you Halle he is the father of your child..a man you chose...therein lies the issue...if he was so bad your judgement is in question...the way you handle yourself now only supports that...wake up if your daughter is in jeoprody now it's because her mother doesn't realize that when all this is said and's forever when you share a child...she needs her daddy and her mommy...focus on the fact that she is a gift...he gave you a gift Halle for that you should be forever grateful.

1303 days ago


I'm on team Halle. Where there is smoke, there is fire. Everybody can't be lying on Gabe. He has Mel Gibson level racial issues. And yes, you can still be a racist and have a child with a black woman. I know a white guy who is married to a black woman who absolutely hate black men. He loves black women, but hate black men which still makes him a racist in my eyes.

1303 days ago


The guy always look drunk or high in his pictures..Hallie need to get a woman next time..

1303 days ago


If he is a racist guy why would he even date someone not of his race or even consider having a child with her? A racist who wants her money wow that's such an original storyline....

1303 days ago


When cougars child bearing time is running out they find a young very very handsome dude for the sperm donor..I notice very very beautiful women have men problems , hallie, Liz Taylor ETC.Hope Hallie dont end up like the Dorothy Dandridge role she played..messed over by men, beautiful,picked wrong men,died broke.

1303 days ago


I hate to say this, but I'm very suspicious of all this bad press that Gabriel is getting. Halle actually trusted him to go with her to another country to keep caring for their daughter. There was a huge fuss made about how they're still friends, how good of a father he was, and how he has such an active role in his daughter's life. And now that Gabriel is seeking full custody of his daughter, all of this negative press is somehow leaking to the media. I'm having a hard time believing that he was such an abusive jerk. The only thing that is evident to me is that Halle can really afford some expensive publicity people. If they can't make her look like a responsible parent, they can at least look Gabriel look like crap. I'm not saying that it's completely impossible for this stuff to be true. I just think we need to at least be aware that Halle can pay people to spin things any way she wants.

1303 days ago


i have never seen an article where they mentioned the race of halle's baby (nor of any celebrity baby) ...what magazine is this supposedly from - KKK Today! this is another made up story by Halle and her (awful) handlers - you're doing her a disservice

1303 days ago


. That trash of a father should be thanking his lucky stars because its the only reason the little girl is cute. The heavens did Halle a favor by making sure her child didn't look 1/4 Black but all Black. Lol. The little girl is adorable.

Mees, you are a racist. The child does not look 100% black, my friend. At least Gabriel is a father who CARES about his child, unlike Halle's father, Obama's father, and many other black fathers. If it were not for Halle's and Obama's white mothers, they did not stand a chance because their black fathers abandoned them. And, unfortunately, this is common in the African-American world.

1303 days ago


Halle BS Berry is the racist who several years back said that she was done with dating 'brothers' as her experieces with the were not good. I am appalled at just how low Halle Berry is stooping, putting this junk out there and labeling her own daughter. In this day and age magazines do not label babies as any ethnicity!

1303 days ago
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