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Halle Berry's Ex: Don't Call My Baby Black!

2/4/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry's ex, Gabriel Aubry, "went nuts" whenever anyone would refer to their daughter as "black" ... sources tell TMZ.


Sources connected with the former couple tell TMZ ... whenever Gabriel would read a story about Nahla that referred to her as "black," he would go off, insisting his baby was white.  We're told Gabriel would tell Halle and others they should demand a "retraction" when such references were made regarding his daughter.

As TMZ previously reported, sources tell us Gabriel has called Halle the "N" word  -- and one woman previously involved with him referred to him as a "borderline racist."

We have been unable to get in touch with Gabriel's reps for comment.


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Celeb Gossip Addict    

And the saga continues. No matter how ridiculous it makes her look or how negative the reaction her antics causes SHE WILL NOT STOP. Printing these stories in no way shows that TMZ is on her side. They can clearly see no one believes her and I'm sure they think Halle is as crazy as we think she is. They are just happy she is giving them stories and generating hits.

As for this story, no one is calling Nahla black. Under what cir***stances would one have to refer to the race of the child? BTW, I wouldn't call her black anymore than I would call Tiger's kids black. They don't look black. Does Halle think of the baby as black? I'm sure Tiger doesn't think that way about his since he won't even accept that classification for himself.

1303 days ago

tracy davis    

Come on TMZ, is Halle that powerful (or with her pal Oprah's help)?!!! STOP HELPING HALLE WITH HER AGENDA! Is TMZ being paid by Halle's people to keep printing this crap?!! I'm ashamed as a black woman (ok black/white woman) to see this garbage continue and I'm especially ashamed of Halle. First of all these stories are nonsense and the public isn't buying it. If she is expecting to gain sympathy, this is the wrong batch of lies to keep slinging. I guess if she has no real ammunition, she figures she can play the race card. Unbelievable -let's hope the judge in this case thinks so too! Come on TMZ, stop reporting what Halle's flacks are pushing on you. grow some balls!

1303 days ago

Lady G    

Why is TMZ so one sided in this one? There must be something else going on here. Unless they just love Halle Berry THAT much, but come on, it is just one slamming article after another.... let the man speak

1303 days ago


TMZ you are going to help Hallie loose this case. This story makes HER look like like a NUTJOB. When they were together Halle praised him and made sure she had wonderful things to say about him. Now out of the blue her team expects the public to believe he's this rabid racist and that the daughter is terrified of him. Also I have never read a story where Nalha was referred to as BLACK. I've never seen ANY STORY where the tabloids refer to ANY CHILD'S ETHNICITY. COME ON, REALLY. TMZ YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED, YOU WILL HELP HER LOOSE THIS CASE. If you look at her past failed relationships, they all have one thing in common.. halle.

1303 days ago


In Canada the kid IS White
Everyone here is applying the American construct of race to the poor child

People change races when they cross the border
In most other countries in the world the kid is White.

The one drop rule is not universal. So I can understand him being pissed.

If the kid looks white, theyre white not all countries are color obsessed and do percentage breakdowns like here

Can someone back me up?

1303 days ago


My take.

Majority of comments are pro-Baby daddy.

No evidence that he is a Racist.

Evidence of Halle being racist including her saying she would never marry a black man again.

No evidence of him being an unfit father or unstable.

Halle going on record saying he was an AMAZING FATHER even months after they split.

Prior to her relationship with Gabriel there is evidence of her wanting a child but not wanting to marry or even to have a man in her life.

Two failed marriages were she trashed the guy later.

Past feelings of Suicide.

She's been involved in two Hit and Runs.

Obvious evidence of her playing the Victim.

Evidence of her being a controlling, unbalanced, insecure woman.

There will probably be evidence of ranting messages and emails from Halle to Gabriel that will show her true nature.

Final family court decision.

Father will get Full custody and mother will get liberal visitation.

1303 days ago


This guy just wants child support. He isn't wealthy and Halle is. She should have gone to a sperm bank... When all of the dust settles... She will have to pay him child support. That is what he was after anyway. Just another poor male. Halle, why don't you just date some nice Asian guy? At least they have money...

1303 days ago


Halle Berry needs to stop talking **** about her X. It makes her look bad.And her daughter dont need this drama either. The **** their talking is just stupid. Who cares if this guy is racist. Most people are if their honest about it.

1303 days ago


I don't understand why these two dysfunctional, spoiled people are thinking trashing the other one is going to help them in a custody case? Can't either of them put the child first? They both look like fools.

1303 days ago


Canada has been a haven for former African slaves going back 200 years. Qc has the highest concentration of Haitian adoptees, former Governor General Michaelle Jean, one case in point. Gabriel is NOT from a racist culture. It's not in him.

PS: Ewwwwwwwwww, only a r... uses that language.

1303 days ago


You know why I don't believe this? What story in a magazine will refer to the skin color of the child? Why is the skin color important in a story on Halle Berry? Unless it's a trashy magazine like National Enquirer which I doubt they read? Think about, why is a newspaper or a major magazine like PEOPLE mentioning the color of her child's skin?

1303 days ago


He's from Québec thus wanting solely "pure blood"

1303 days ago


Well, the kid is only a quarter black. If her race HAS to be mentioned--why a child's race needs to be mentioned at all is odd--but if her race is referred to she should be referred to a bi-racial.

I have a friend that is Canadian and he is one of the nicest most loving people I know and he always it was weird that Obama was referred to as black. He thought Obama should be referred to as bi-racial. He thought it was racist of white Americans to not acknowledge that African Americans are multi-racial, like it was exclusionary. He has a point.

1303 days ago


I don't believe this story, but even if it was true, so what if he doesn't want his daughter being called black.
The daughter is half white / half black, how does that make her black?
As a mixed race person I am sick of people ignoring the fact that mixed race people are WHITE too, I am proud to be half white, it doesn't matter if you are half black, half mexican, whatever, you are always categorized as the minority. I have the choice of embracing my white roots more than the minority roots, I was born here and have no ties whatsoever to my minority roots, but yet I should claim that?
I hate to break it to you people but mixed race people are not truly accepted by anybody other than mixed race people.
The reason people claim to be black when they are only half black is because they feel the need to fit into the group. But when the **** hits the fan you will be reminded that sorry you are only a half breed.

1303 days ago


He's French Canadian, widely seen as the "retards of North America".

It's a fact.

1303 days ago
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