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Lindsay Lohan: I Don't Do Paperwork

2/4/2011 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan does not fill out paperwork when she takes expensive necklaces out of jewelry stores ... she leaves that to her people -- so says Lindsay to her pals.

Lindsay's freedom is riding on her claim that the Venice, CA jewelery store owner loaned her the necklace in question.  Lindsay is telling friends ... "I don't deal with things like that."

Lindsay is passing the whole incident off as a "misunderstanding."  Problem is -- when she figured it out, why didn't she just return the item to the store instead of sending an underling to the LAPD?

Worst case scenario -- Lindsay could face felony grand theft charges which carries a penalty of three years in prison.


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As usual, Blohan blames someone else rather than taking responsibility for her own actions.

1327 days ago


For one brilliant, flickering moment, she was poised to become a star. By the age of 17, Lindsay Lohan had played lead roles in four major films, two of them significant hits. In 2004, her first album had gone platinum. Mean Girls had opened at $24 million and had transported her from cute kid to budding sex symbol and style icon. Hollywood wanted to mold her into the next Julia Roberts. By last week, at the age of 21, she had blown it all away. ''She had the world at her feet,'' says the head of a major studio. ''And right now, she'd have to pay a studio to get herself into a movie.'' Lohan has not had a hit since Mean Girls, and her grosses have been declining. She hasn't opened a movie above $10 million since 2005's Herbie: Fully Loaded. Of the producers and high-ranking execs who spoke to Entertainment Weekly — some of whom have worked with Lohan, and most of whom insisted on anonymity so they could speak frankly — almost none would hire her now. ''Her career was over long before she had these troubles,'' says the studio head. ''The media treat her like she's Will Smith or Tom Cruise, like she's some big star, but she simply isn't.''Without all the tabloid covers and red carpets and cell-phone photos and mug shots, Lohan would not be a household name; she would simply be a talented ingenue with a substance-abuse problem, a messed-up family, and a mediocre box office record. Harsh? Maybe so, but that's the cold calculus of Hollywood. ''Her troubles are what made her famous,'' says one studio exec. ''Her films don't open. She's a pain to work with. I think she's done.'' Others go so far as to worry that career death may be the least of Lohan's concerns. Says another exec: ''I think she has to stay alive.''

1327 days ago


I can't believe how many of you don't realize LA runs on favors. (I live and work here.) Is the LAPD stupid enough to BELIEVE it? Of course not. It has nothing to do with belief. It has to do with favors at a level WAY above LiLo.

And yes, it is realistic to think she could have been loaned the piece where others would never get away with that excuse. That's why she's using it. A random person off the street is more likely a thief. A celebrity is more likely getting a gift/loan. However, I think LiLo gets off on publicly parading around how much she gets away with. (Wearing stolen goods on the street, the $2000 Louboutins at her hearing - it's all a head trip to her.)

But get off your idealistic fantasy that because she IS a criminal she will be TREATED as a criminal. LA is not fair - never has been, never will be. God only knows who LiLo's connected to that keeps her out of serious consequences.

1327 days ago


A 6 month county jail sentence i.e Lynwood is now only 24 days as non violent offenders are now only serving 20%.
180 days with good time/work time which everyone is entitled to is automatically cut to 120 and 20% of that is 24.

A felony charge won't be filed. She only has 3 misdemeanors from 07 on her criminal record and the DWI charges were dismissed as part of her plea deal.
Even in county jail if you violate felony probation you can serve up to 85%.

1327 days ago


If Lindsay really did steal the necklace as the store says, why didn't they immediately call 911/LAPD and report a crime?

Anybody else would have been arrested in 5 minutes.

This is the piece of the story that just doesn't add up.

1327 days ago


This is a gimmick to generate publicity for the store. Business must be bad so any free publicity will help. Shame on the store owner to stoop this low.

1327 days ago


When she did the movie Georgia Rule. Fonda said she was completly unprofessional in every way.

1327 days ago


Wait a minute! The flaw in our thinking regarding Lindsay finally getting punished is that Lindsay has a "teflon" coating as far as law enforcement in California is concerned. Laws are for the "common folk" not a "star"(???)like Lindsay, she is just a misguided youth. Oh, that's right she isn't a star and is not a youth-she is a full fledged adult and evidently not subjected to silly things like We are all anxious to hear the lame excuses again, her mother on TV, again, to defend her and daddy will milk this for all it's worth, again. Lindsay will go to rehab(again) to flaunt their regulations. yadayada Man, this is a "yawner". Time to kick her into obscurity.

1327 days ago


Oh but I bet she snorts her own cocaine!

1327 days ago


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1327 days ago


Absolutely no accountability on this young ladies part. I don't do paperwork. You know this will probably work for this white trash washed up kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1327 days ago


@cheri says: The common thread through all of Lindsay Lohan's troubles has always been thatshe refuses to take personal responsibility for anything. Nothing's ever her fault, it's always blamed on someone else, and her mother jumps in to save her. Lindsay is a classic addict. I'm surprised she didn't pull the old, "I was holding it for a friend" excuse!

It's also a common thread that people immediately call her behavior that of an "Addict" and see no other possibilities and put her mother in for some weird reason. Dina has said absolutely nothing so she should be completely left out of this discussion.

1327 days ago


You are correct about Charlie but he doesn't garner hate like Lindsay does. People what him to get better, perhaps serve time but stand up as a healthy person. BUT he still knows right from wrong. He may now pay attention to it but he does know right from wrong. Lindsay doesn't seem to have that in her psychological makeup. It is learned at home at an early age...hence her lack of parenting produced a child without morals and that is distasteful to most of us. I believe if she would step up and be honest; do what was right rather than her egocentric entitlement thing, she could become somewhat likable.
It's the being likable that will get her back on course for her career. Until then....well she is so much fun to hate!

1327 days ago


The most likely scenario is no charges are filed or IF charges are filed it will be a misdemeanor.

A misdemeanor is a maximum of 6 months in jail or probation.
6 months in jail for a non violent offender is 24 days of actual time served.

Posted at 9:23 AM on Feb 4, 2011 by Nicole

Anything above 900 bucks is a felony Nicole so why would it be a misdomeaner?

Why do you keep defending this criminal? If it was you Nicole dear you would be in an orange jumpsuit cuffed and shackled in court going before a judge right now.

Silly people like you who relish in celebs getting away with crime make me sick. Hun you go steal a 2 grand necklace and see what happens and see if Linday Lohan runs to your defense lol

1327 days ago


Lindsay Lohan is a celebrity and she can do what ever the F she wants!

1327 days ago
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