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TMZ Live 'Lawyer Friday' -- Jersey's Ronnie Joins!

2/4/2011 5:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Today on TMZ Live: Ronnie from "Jersey Shore" joins the show from snow-covered Dallas! Plus ... Harvey, Jason and crew answer all your questions, TMZ viewers Brooke and Sheila join via Skype, and another Twitter lightning round!

Also: Harvey is called out over his inaccurate drawing of the Kennedy assassination, Brian makes a run for it, Shevonne is NOT really a "cat lady," and video of Harvey getting grilled by a paparazzo!


AND ... if you want to ask a question live during the show via Skype, email us your info (name, phone number, Skype ID) by clicking the pic below!!!



(0:30) 'Teen Mom' dads ... why not charged with statutory rape?
(3:31) Ronnie from "Jersey Shore" joins from Super Bowl country!
(5:40) Is Ronnie worried about getting deported from Italy?
(9:00) Shiela Skypes in from Canada and wants to know about "dognapping" law.
(12:00) An eagle-eyed viewer points out that Harvey screwed up a diagram of the Kennedy assassination on yesterday's TV show.
(15:00) Back to Jake in Dallas -- and he's ballin' ... and not in a good way.
(18:00) Charles has an update about the Super Bowl.
(20:00) Twitter lightning round!
(24:28) Shevonne is NOT a real cat lady!!.
(30:00) Brooke Skypes in ... and she wants to know about Lindsay Lohan investigation.
(38:30) Harvey gets papped!!!


No Avatar


Another drearily dull live show.

1301 days ago


Thanks for answering my question Harvey and Jason!!

1301 days ago


say there harv(ey) you gottda be part pirate with a look like that there and also give the dark haired chic with the dimples - its weird that i'm unable to find anything that is not liked about it yet but i'm augh tryin' though - a wink and smirk for this moniker (see moniker)

1301 days ago

Natalie Cameron    

Hey Harvey,

Are you married or single? If you are single, are you divorced or never been married? I'm just wondering. I'm not hitting on you, I just see you every day on TMZ and you talk about lots of stuff in your personal life but never that. All the others, Kelly, Max Dax, Sioban, Charles, Nina, Evan, etc have all mentioned their significant others or lack there of...but you never have. So spill Harvey!!! America wants to know!!!

1301 days ago


Nice to see you cousin Jason!

1301 days ago

who dat    

Harvey is this big honcho "crack" investigator that can dig up any story. Yet he can't figure out where to order a simple snack food. FAIL

1300 days ago


I look gross.

1300 days ago


Harvey can Brooke skype in everyday.... sweeeeeet

1300 days ago



How tacky (and illegal, especially on Lawyer Friday). The guy "papped" you at the beauty store and you get in your car and leave WITHOUT PUTTING YOUR SEAT BELT ON! (Check the video, if you doubt me.) You dogged Maria Shriver about being on her cell phone in her car then you invoke "celebrity justice" by deliberately dismissing your seat belt. I hope the red light cameras catch sight of this and cite you.

1300 days ago


No offense, but I like the old format in your offices much better. The new format is too distracting with the traffic in the background. The roaming camera isn't such a great idea as the sound and video lighting aren't that great. Isn't it better to have higher quality in a controlled space like you used to have?

1300 days ago



Harvey can Brooke skype in everyday.... sweeeeeet

Posted at 6:00 PM on Feb 4, 2011 by John

Yeah, Harvey! Can I Skype every day? :D

1300 days ago


Harvey, It was the driver who shot Kennedy, there are videos on youtube that show it. He was a lefty and shot him over his shoulder, while he continued to drive. You can go to the museum of Death on Hollywood Blvd. to see a model of his skull. Its obvious he was shot at close range.

1300 days ago


Brooke...that much cleavage just makes you look's not attractive. You have a pretty face, you don't need to do that.

1300 days ago

Eric Banner    

I was wondering what is the time that tmz live films so i can skype?

1300 days ago


The Podcast is awesome BUT PLEASE add a button to get it without iTune there are other ways to get a Podcast ask our tech guy

1300 days ago
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