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Lindsay Lohan -- Ready to Fight Charges

2/5/2011 8:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's lawyer swears LiLo is innocent -- and is ready to do battle in court if it comes to that.

TMZ obtained a statement from Shawn Chapman Holley that reads, "We vehemently deny these allegations and, if charges are filed, we will fight them in court, not in the press."

As we first reported, Lindsay will be charged with felony grand theft as early as Monday for allegedly stealing a $2,500 necklace from a Venice, CA jewelry store.

She faces a maximum of three years in prison if convicted.


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Boy, that store owner MUST HATE this woman's guts! I mean: Really! She does draw a crowd, that seems to matter in towns wherever she lives and shops, but they're going to go after her like she killed their mother! We all know she has money to cover for a stupid 2,500-dollar necklace! This is so unbelievably ridiculous! And with her getting in and out of jail, in and out of rehab, getting in fights with rehab people, having to report to an officer all the time, her father won't leave her alone, her mother is booking deals for when she gets out of jail or rehab, now she is worried sick about Charlie Sheen...I mean: It is likely the clueless B***H did forget what the heck she had wraped around her head! This is kind of ridiculous, if you ask me. One thing is real: This woman is disliked LOTS! Whoa!

1359 days ago


What else was her attorney going to say??? Ms. Chapman is probably trying to determine if she can have the charges tossed out on a "technicality". Considering that she's on probation and not completely "out of the woods" behind her BFC debacle in Riverside County, the DA has to pursue this case in order to avoid seeming to be overly preferential towards celebrities. Lindsay Lohan doesn't seem to have the inclination to stay out of trouble, even if her life depended on it. If she's actually convicted, this could be the "end of the road" for her career.

1359 days ago


@Sitting Bull the LAPD and DA's office are stil smarting over the leak of the search warrant.

A do***ent for which by the way there would need to be some probable cause to issue basedon an investigation.

1359 days ago


Be nice to see Lindsay have the balls to return her stolen passport.

Didn't she have some jewelry she was supposed to have returned,and she claimed it was stolen from her safe?

Did you know out of all the actors & actresses through out the late 90's,till today..Lindsay has the most accusations of stealing,and things comming up missing?

Did you know that ever since her first arrests she has blamed others?..even for being caught?

Every case of every arrest Lindsay blames others.Those in the car during her arrests,to guys in the street walking by.

Lindsay has never been honest with the authorities,the courts,or the public for that matter.

This shopplifting ordeal is going to have a huge impact from the public.

Here we have a theft,and the heart felt love for feeling sorry for her drug addictions,to now feeling sorry to her criminal actions.That aint gonna happen.It makes the whole world wonder who is this screwed up individual who gets so much attention.

Nobody is going to buy the Lindsay going through tough times with sobriety senario,and this was a temporary lapse of reason.

But yet..Lindsay decides to lie her way out of it,and once again the public gets to watch this bimbo in the circus once again make a fool out of herself.

Her mom & dad are good side shows.

Oh..and sorry.Michael Lohan makes a living chasing around his daughter,and Dina lives off of her.

Look at this family.Don't buy the bull**** either one of them say.

The best thing for Lindsay is a good dose of reality,and this whole crazy family at the same time.

The day has come when we have to stop giving this family attention.

Time is comming to just boycott this stupidity.

1359 days ago

get real    

We Know Celebs Get Jewels ALL the Time On Loaner. Watch the Tony and SAG awards etc... So it is very Known, Celebs Wear Stuff on Loaner ... Did Linds Steal this??? Who Knows. Only the Store and Linds. Was it Loaned to her as it could have been? Who Knows? Didnt she have a very expensive Coat of someone elses a few Years ago that wasnt hers. Maybe Linds is a Theif? Who Knows? Linds and the Store!

1359 days ago


i hope that we get to see the video from the store. I doubt that Lindsay tried on just that one piece and walked out without the salesperson noticing. That would be incredibly negligent on the part of the salesperson. My guess is that Lindsay put the necklace on and also tried other items on, returned everything to the salesperson except for the necklace,then left wearing the necklace. Could be an accident, but IF it was an accident she should have returned it immediately when she realized it.

The problem is,Lindsay has the well-deserved reputation of being very dishonest, so she no longer gets the benefit of the doubt. Pretty much everyone who heard about this necklace theft automatically thought "yes she did it, yes she will deny it, and yes she will get away with this, too".

Oh, and i am not "that" Susan.

1359 days ago

get real    

You Would Think If this Necklace was a Loaner from the store... A Loan Or Paper Trail agreement would have been made????
Is Linds a KLEPTO.. Re: Coat she had a few yrs ago that wasnt hers? Klepto or Publicity for the store?

1359 days ago


Probation is almost never revoked for an allegation, unless there is absolute proof of guilt, like a dirty drug test as well as possession.

Posted at 4:02 PM on Feb 5, 2011 by Spot

Or a video of her stealing it and photos of her wearing it several days later, and her having it turned into the police by a friend who made it clear that it had been in Lindsay's possession.

1359 days ago


Liar Liar crotch on fire....

1359 days ago



1359 days ago


Linds, stop f___ing up. Seriously.

1359 days ago

who cares    

When someone is supposed to be on probation and they commit a felony they go back to jail on probation violation and no bail. But yet she is treated differently under the law. hmmm

1359 days ago


Of course your lawyer is going to say you are innocent. That is her job... .hello "defense" attorney.

In this country you are innocent until proven guilty. Therefore, my suggestion is to hire a top gun lawyer and ditch Holley.

If you are going to spend the money ... might as well spend it on an attorney who handles felony cases and wins.

This is a lot more serious than anything Lilo has been up against before.

Time to open up that pocketbook again, Lohans. Let's see ... how much have you spent so far?? Bail bondmen's 10% fees, attorneys for how many court appearances, etc? Rehabs? Time lost working? Court costs? DUI schools? Probation?

And all of this could have been avoided had Lohan taken up the prison minister's offer back in 2007 and went off to a 12 month faith based residential treatment program.... FOR FREE. Hello?

Talk about being dumb, dumber, and dumbest... Dina, Michael and Lindsay.

Open up that checkbook, Michael.

1359 days ago

Ingadee Peepchick    

Why did the store owner try calling Lindsay? Who would call a suspected thief? Is it possible an employee told Lindsay she could borrow the necklace and the owner asked the employee for paperwork and there was no paperwork? Did the store owner expect Lindsay to say yes, I stole that necklace from your store, I'll be right over in a few minutes and return it? Put yourself in the storeowner's position. Would you call a thief and ask her to return the mechandise she stole from your store? I would immediately contact the police. I've posted variations of this question a few times and nobody has responded. If you are absolutely convinced Lindsay is guilty, this should be an easy one.

1359 days ago


She just thinks that she is entitled. Her family thinks the same way. Wondering when the Kardassssssssian clan are going to be delivering meals so that way they can get in on the action

1358 days ago
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