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Shia LaBeouf

Cuffed After Bar Fight

2/5/2011 7:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Shia LaBeouf was placed in handcuffs after a fight at a bar last night, but was eventually released ... TMZ has learned.

It all went down at Mad Bull's Tavern in Sherman Oaks, CA.  Sources at the bar tell TMZ, Shia is a frequent patron of the establishment. According to witnesses, he got a little rowdy and ended up getting punched in the face.

Sources close to Shia paint a different story -- they say Shia was jumped on his way out of the bar. They say police arrived on scene shortly thereafter, cuffed everyone involved, and eventually let Shia go. Police have no record of any arrests being made.

Sources close to the actor say the security guard at the bar backed up Shia's version of events.


No Avatar

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Oh please! Bar fight? Guess he wanted to up his street cred from that laughable Walgreen's incident. Go get a spa treatment with Timberlake, LaPOUF! Tell them don't forget the nails!

1356 days ago


Isn't that Tony Romo?

1356 days ago


You guys tear me up.. If this is the treatment Decent actors get, Get me in it. See, I have a unique way of handling glory seekers ate bars and events (I am speaking to the ones that want to pump it up by saying the punked out a star) You start stupid crap, I start messing with your heads. I get you so worked up you start punching walls, the bar, whatever is in reach, then when you start trying to get me to swing, I just smile and ignore you, which works you up more.. eventually you get a week in lockup, and my starry eyed face gets to laugh it off.
I imagine Shia will eventually learn this, other stars have. Wanna be glory seekers are the easiest to deal with on the planet.
The bad part... You may get your 1 name mention in a newssheet for punking a star.. BUT No one will care 10 seconds after they read it. You are forgotten... already a nothing again. Sucks, huh?

1356 days ago


This guys acting skills consists of nothing but running around and yelling No no no. He Suck balls.

1356 days ago


This guy is overrated. Seems like he's full of himself and seems to find trouble ... a lot. Remember the CVS incident in Chicago? And the "car accident" when he was in the driving with one of his "Transformers" costars in the car? He's just lucky he hasn't been badly hurt by anyone else or himself. Also, NOT cute. So don't get why paps even follow him around. "Transformers" made a lot of money not because of him but because of the genre: dopey summer flick where things blow up. Can't think of one thing he's been in worth the $12 admission. Maybe if he wasn't in the limelight, wouldn't feel compelled to make an ass out of himself and he wouldn't get into these jams. Just a thought.

1356 days ago


He is one trucker hat and two missing teeth away from looking like a complete redneck.

1356 days ago


Money doesn't buy class. You're beating up the little people. Two months ago you were kicking someone, before that you threw your coffee at someone and it seems you are generally mean spirited.

Shia needs rehab.

1356 days ago


Hey Shia when we read next month that your girlfried says you threw a napkin at her and told her to "**** off", what are we to think then? You're creating an undesirable image. It makes you an easy target.

Your competing studio wants you to fail. They want your director to fail. They want your films to fail and you're making it easy for them.

Goto rehab, at least pretend to care about your image before it's too late.

1356 days ago

keeping it real    


1356 days ago

Blue Lake    

He smokes. He drinks. He fights. He's a loser.

1356 days ago

Michelle A.    

he deserved it. He has no respect for anyones life... I saw him and his friend trying to run down the photogs in a car. I am not of fan of his work.

1356 days ago

jet no no blue    

i was standing right there when it happened. A guy was talking **** to shia and he snapped and charged the guy. the two started pushing eachother and a third guy ran up and punched shia a few times. then security grabbed shia and the two guys left. His entourage was no where to be seen, and shia was the only one put in cuffs.

1355 days ago


Just the very THOUGHT of this cute piece of azz in handcuffs is SO HOT!

1355 days ago

Peta Vale    

there's something about this guy that I just dont like. I think he's a wanker. Sorry fans

1355 days ago

The 3rd guy    

comment #43 by jet no no blue is EXACTLY right.

1355 days ago
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