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Zsa Zsa Gabor Released from Hospital Tomorrow

2/5/2011 7:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Zsa Zsa Gabor will be released from the hospital tomorrow, her husband tells TMZ, and her condition was a lot worse than anyone had previously known.

Prince Frederic von Anhalt tells TMZ ... Zsa Zsa had "full blown pneumonia" and that her chances of making it were very slim. He says they gave him the option of pumping her with a lot of antibiotics or putting her on a respirator. They chose the antibiotics.

He says that did the trick and as of today ... the infection is gone, her temperature is back to normal and her blood pressure has returned to normal as well. Zsa Zsa can also breathe well again and she's "back to her normal self."

Zsa Zsa is scheduled to leave the hospital Sunday at 11:00 AM ... which just happens to be her 94th birthday. The Prince says he is buying her a cake and the nursing staff is planning to sing her "Happy Birthday."


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZSA ZSA!!!!! You are the Queen of Hollywood.

1354 days ago


I wish Green Acres had been on TV longer! Zsa Zsa was great in it... Get better, Zsa Zsa!

1354 days ago


Oh and as far as insurance goes, she has medicare as well as Motion Picture insurance. Motion picture picks up just about all that medicare does NOT and free this and that, like therapy at home, bathing, many things as I have recently used some of them. They also will fix up your home to enable you to be able to stay there, if need be, for FREE. Glad I was in Motion Picture Biz and able to get those things, if needed. GREAT UNION to be in, pension can go very high, depending on hours worked, unfortunately, for me, I did work in film biz for over 40 years, but NOT all companies paid into the 'fund' Spelling, Quinn Martin, but have enough to get the insurance and a small pension, plus social security.

If you look at her credits, she is getting thousands from Motion Picture, plus Social Security.

1354 days ago


Thank goodness she has turned a good corner! 94, 84, 44, doesn't matter. Sucks to get old, and sucks to be sick and infirm. Von A-Hole or not, she is lucky to still have someone by her side at the age of 94. Not everyone has that.
She has been through a lot this winter, I pray that she has many days of comfort (and privacy) ahead of her.

1354 days ago


Is Zsa Zsa the last living cast member of Green Acres? What a great show.

1354 days ago


i agree she was great in green acres
we will miss u, zsa zsa!

1354 days ago


Happy Birthday, Zsa Zsa! Isten éltessen!

(And NO, she was NOT in green acres, just her sister.)
She was in all of these:

1354 days ago


Why don't you learn the english language before you post idiotic headlines. "To be" released tomorrow is what it should say.

Me smort. Go to collage.

1354 days ago


Happy Birthday Zsa Zsa dahling! Get well soon. Eva, your mother, Magda, and Merv Griffin are looking down from above on you.

1354 days ago

just me    

Peace, Ms. Gabor. 94 sucks!

1354 days ago


Oh I almost forgot. Today's also Ronald Reagan's birthday. He would have been a hundred today. He's probably watching down from Heaven on her. And this Friday (February 11) would have been Eva's 90th birthday.

As far as Green Acres goes; Zsa Zsa was not on Green Acres. It was her sister Eva. Secondly, there's only four surviving cast members: the actors who played the Monroe Brothers, Sam Drucker, and Eb Dawson.

But anyway, you're in my prayers, Zsa Zsa dahling! Get well soon!

1354 days ago


"Secondly, there's only four surviving cast members: the actors who played the Monroe Brothers, Sam Drucker, and Eb Dawson."

Five. Zsa Zsa hasn't died yet.

1354 days ago


Does ANYONE that works for TMZ have a degree (or even a basic education) in English? Or journalism? You are using past tenxe and future tense in the same headline. The word "frigging", I'm sure, is spelled with two "g"s not one. It is so unfair that anyone gets a paycheck from you, while people who deserve employment are wallowing in debt.

1354 days ago


so, so great in green acres... she will be missed!!

1353 days ago


....It was Eva, Merve Griffinfs live in..who was co-star on green acres.

1353 days ago
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