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Kim Kardashian -- Come Here Often?

2/6/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian took her boyfriend Kris Humphries out to dinner at STK in New York City last night to celebrate his birthday ... the exact same restaurant she took ex Miles Austin to celebrate his back in June 2010.

In her defense, it's a lot to keep straight.

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Damn she's gonna wear out that va-jay-jay

1362 days ago


Kim....I am sure you will be on next years Millionaire Matchmaker....

Don't you ever get embarrassed of how you live your life and where YOU actually stemmed from into this reality world?

Let's hope Bruce's daughters do not follow in line.

(Kourt - you are amazing because you stick it out despite and try to make it work, you must have your Dad's genes)

1362 days ago

Trooper Tom    

He knows a sure thing when he see's it he knows she's been through a bunch of footballers, hey the whole world knows it. So he goes for a few rides up and down the lincoln tunnel he won't be the last

1362 days ago


Why do her dates dress like they just changed motor oil when they go to nice places?

1362 days ago

Yep I said that    

This skank tries to come across as the virginal victim, but there she is lost her cherry at 15, married at 19 sex tape a few years later, bouncing from one athlete to the other and advertising it, will go any were and do any thing for a photo op including the opening of a toilet in NY. Bimbo's like her come and go but she has given new meaning to the words over exposed in every way

1362 days ago


The only thing that's sad about her numerous boyfriends is that she is sleeping with them all. What is your count up to now? I mean come on, can't anybody wait a little before giving it up. Worse than that she uses a condom first and then when she knows it's just her their sleeping with she goes bare. Hollywood is not the place to be doing it bare, that's for sure..

1362 days ago


The scary thing is these whores are catering to young girls...your children! Kim herself said that recently...that their fan base was young girls and they're prepared to give them whatever it is they want, be it a lip gloss or whatever. All they have to do is ask for it and Mama whore picks up the phone and calls her "people" who get it out for sale asap at a grossly inflated price and ugly as the Kartrashian sisters are.

Kourtney does look like a monkey and with that short haircut, looks just like Eddie Munster. Is she playing with her bastard son, Mason's penis yet to see if it'll get hard...like she said she did to her brother. That gem was revealed to the public on one of their "favorite moments" on the E Channel as the whole nasty bunch sat and reminisced at all the disgusting things they did in the past that only they find amusing. And of course there was no-balls Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner (why is she capitalizing on her dead husband's name btw since they were divorced OBVIOUSLY due to her sleeping with and becoming impregnated by OJ SIMPSON who imo is the father of KHLOE) sitting right there giggling away at the disgusting things they have allowed and encouraged this filthy bunch to do.

1362 days ago


Kim is a f***n whoore! All she does is take off her clothes to attract mails...just like feaces attract flies.
The good thing is that all the men know what they're doing...
get in her panties and get out. See ya!!!

1362 days ago


I'm baffled as to why Kim or her skanky sisters are such media sensations. They're so incredibly boring and untalented - they're white trash with money. Back in the day, people complained that Paris Hilton was overexposed, but that was nothing compared to the exposure these bimbettes get! I did however enjoy The Church Lady (on SNL) referring to them as 'The Holy Trinity Of Whores!'

1362 days ago


Boy,this guy must be a real winner to go out with her. What a moron.

1362 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

the perfect lady to take home to your momi Kris Humphries...."NOT" I'm sure your momi and daddy will be so proud of you once thee see your new girlfriends porn video with Ray J, and her play boy pics...

1362 days ago


Maybe Kim will show her "ass crack" (as she called in on tv) when she pretended to be upset about the naked photo shoot she posed for to his mom. That should really impress her and make her want Kim as a daughter-in-law and potential mate for her son and mother of any children.

Interesting SHE is the one asking the men out...desperate old used up lying stinking gypsy.

When is the court hearing re. the debit card these thieves are being sued over?

1362 days ago

the truth    

when they take their clothes off like that and paint the body that is art.BUT when they were done I'm sure Kim looked in the mirror so she knew what she was getting herself into. i don't think she had a boob job but she has done something to her face.her butt reminds me of a mans butt.it just don't look good.and where are her hips?her thighs? love them. but she wears different bras to make her look bigger.so that whole acting scene SUCKED....sorry Kim.....BLONDES ARE NOT THE DUMB BLONDES ANYMORE!!!! ITS THE DARK HAIR GIRLS WHO ARE THE NEW DIRT DARK HAIR! whats black and blue and brown and laying in a ditch? a nasty brunette who's told to many dumb blond jokes!!!!:)

1362 days ago


When abnormally big butts get old, do that hang down to the knees?

You wouldn't be able to follow-thru on your walking stride.

little step.......butt jiggle..........little step........butt jiggle.......little step..........butt jiggle..........

The person would have to leave early for her dinner reservation, or she'd be late.

1362 days ago

the truth    

does anyone think that fight on the show was played out to be like that? is it to make Scott look good? Khloe is suppose to be a big tough girl but she doesn't do anything.and also its so convenient that kourtney had to use the bathroom. i seen Scott push the girl out of the way and in real life someone would be suing.

1362 days ago
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