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Kim Kardashian -- Come Here Often?

2/6/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian took her boyfriend Kris Humphries out to dinner at STK in New York City last night to celebrate his birthday ... the exact same restaurant she took ex Miles Austin to celebrate his back in June 2010.

In her defense, it's a lot to keep straight.

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I will be so glad when the long hairy armpit looking hair is out of style. It looks awful.

1320 days ago


What has she done to herself? She used to be so pretty....WHY did she alter her face like that?

1320 days ago

george fudge!    

She probably dumped this guy right after the Superbowl ended and is now trying to hookup with Aaron Rodgers.

1320 days ago


if anyone is to blame for the very low morals of this family look at the mother. she knew for start those pictures were going to be nude shoots, the agent sees the pictures for approval before pubishing, and the mother is her agent. mother chooses all gigs for the girls. mother would like to be the person in the shots, but to old, if this was not supposed to happen her mother would have put stop to the nude shots. they got alot of money for the rayjay video. if you ever watched the show mother has to insinuate sex in almost every conversation(as do the girls). her mother is selling her daughters like a pimp, she just loves money more than her daugthers. just wait she will do the same to the youngest girls. for some reason they dont try to pimp out the boy? wonder why?

1320 days ago


Kim is such a wh*re!

Don't know why she was all upset over being semi naked on the cover of a magazine, because she didn't seem so pissed when the video of her taking it in the back door made it's rounds on the Internet.

She took it like a champ.

1320 days ago


Why are these People famous again??? OH! that's right. We the dumb ass viewers made them famous. Could someone suggest to Kim Kardashian and her no talent family to film there next season in Iraq. The Taliban take on the Kardashian's sounds like something I would rather watch.

1320 days ago


Kim K nothing but a NASTY NASTY HOG - ALL SHE IS GOOD FOR IS A *** DUMPSTER for all the men that like DEAD ROTTEN FISH. I think a more suited NFL commercial for her would be "VISTORS OF THE GRAND CANYON! DISGUSTING SKANK!!!

1320 days ago


The PERFECT THEME SONG for Kim Kardashian, her maternal grandmother, mother, sisters and half-sisters (the two bratty alien looking Jenners and imo Khloe "SIMPSON" Odum is "NASTY GIRL" by Rick James!

Notice their fondness for the names all starting with "K" and the number of letters contained in Khourtney and Khloe's names that are also contained in ORETHAL J. SIMPSON'S name (AKA. "Uncle O.J." HAHAHAHAH!!!!)

I have thought for a long time now after observing their behavior, that Kris (the pimp mother) had an affair with OJ SIMPSON, got pregnant by him and that he is the true father of Khloe. There is a strong resemblance.

They make an issue over the fact that Khourtney and Khloe were always "so close" and that since Khloe is now married, Kim says she moved in on the act when she moved to New York with Khourtney so that they could have their "bonding time" while opening their third Dash store!


K H L O E = three out of eight letters in "Orenthanl"

K O U R T N E Y = four out of eight letters in "Orenthal"

Coincidence??? Khloe (whose temper matches OJ'S) questioned that Madam Kris was her real mother since she looks nothing like the rest of the filthy bunch and had a DNA test. She and Khourtney need to do a DNA test comparing their results with each other and test for the father. Actually, all those kids should be DNA tested for the father and I'll bet at least one of them will show that Robert Kardashian could not be their father.

1319 days ago


Gee, that would be a whopping TWO TIMES IN EIGHT MONTHS! I go to the same steak house every other week.

1319 days ago


Kim is just handling her business. http://jeffandsharonreed.com/kardashians-mlsp/

1319 days ago


Why is Robert Kardashian's family other than this s***my bunch never seen or heard from?

Many readers here are far too young to remember the double murder case of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

Research Wikipedia as I just did out of curiousity re. OJ Simpson possibly being the father of Khloe and ??? other than the two children he fathered with Nicole.

I am one of the few people who think OJ is innocent and am not black.

Many people including Khloe "Kardashian" Odum have remarked on the obvious fact she looks NOTHING like any of the rest of that s***bag family. Her own "mother" said they asked "where she came from?" after she was born and added she showed serious signs of being mentally ill as a child when she would act like a dog and bark at people.

Those of us who are educated know that is a sign of psychosis. Why was this kid not given the obvious psychiatric care she needed?

In checking birthdates, I see where Khloe was born 6-27-84 and Nicole was murdered on 6-12-84, shortly after the two families had vacationed together.

Is it possible, if "Uncle OJ" is indeed Khloe's father that it was becoming physically so obvious that perhaps Robert (the BUSINESS MAN) hired someone to frame OJ out of his anger toward him and his "wife" Kris? Afterall, he was "Johnny on-the-spot and seen carrying a piece of OJ'S luggage when he returned from Chicago that mysteriously disappeared. It was thought to have contained evidence of the murder and may have been taken to his home. After the murder, the former lawyer renews his law license in order "to assist" OJ at the trial that of course, Madam Kris attends. Not only does she pretend to be Nicole's best friend, but sits with her family on the other side of the courtroom. IMO this control freak had to know what was going on with Nicole's family so she could plan her next move while ex-hubby was on the other side with Team Simpson.

The reason that she attended out of friendship is as phony as she is imo...afterall, she had all those kids and who was taking care of them. She could easily have suppored the Brown family in many other ways. The last person they needed or wanted there was probably Madam Kris!

Now the public sees the true Kris Jenner and her family disgracing themselves continually, thinking them funny while cashing in on their outrageous behavior all over the place.

Ask yourself if the supposed friend of Nicole Brown Simpson would have attended the trial had it not been televised? She obviously wants to be a celebrity and will stop at nothing. This menopausal 50+ woman is nothing but disgusting.

I'm wondering what role Bruce Jenner could have had in the murder case....other than his "coming to the rescue" and having a talk with Robert Kardashian, Sr., smoothing things over and marrying this horrible woman who treats him like a child, puts viagra in his coffee supposedly without his knowlege and does not even let him have his own credit card.

If I were Bruce Jenner, I'd be afraid to eat or drink anything this witch who pimps out her family EVER served. Would she put poison in it the next time if she had one of her temper tantrums?

Could the murderer of Nicole and Ron have been A WOMAN? A woman who hired perhaps a "hit-man" to do the deed. Motive: Nicole knew she was betrayed by so-called "friend" and "friend aka. amoral control freak feared being exposed, ie. truth coming out about her ten year old daughter's real father and who knows what else?

1319 days ago


Correction: Nicole/Ron were murded in 1994. Khloe was about to turn ten years old and was probably going through a growth spurt at that age, making her resemblance to Simpson all the more obvious.

What kinds of "business deals" was it that Kardashian was involved in? I've never heard of anything other than the claim he was a "businessman." There are many types of businesses...most are legal but there are many illegal, ie. kiddie porn for starters. Kourtney and that entire Jenner/Kardashian bunch thought it hysterical that she sexually molested her little brother, Robert Jr. when she would baby sit him by stimulating his penis to "see if it would get hard."

Kylie and the twin female Jenner brats ran around baring their chests while performing on a stripper pole for their adult step-brothers who were "babysitting" while Jenner had to hot foot it to Mexico to catch up with his wife and daughters who went there for a photo shoot supposedly without his knowledge. Anyone else caught doing this would be arrested and made to register as a sex-offender! Why not Jenner's sons? Why not the parents who put this out for public consumption on the E Channel?

Remember, Bruce Jenner is a former ex-Olympian who RUNS FAST. OJ was preparing to leave for Chicago when the double murders were committed. OJ and his former wife lived not far apart. Where was Bruce Jenner living at the time?

OJ moved to FLORIDA to look for the REAL KILLER after he was found NOT GUILTY at the murder trial. Robert Kardashian turns around with a SHOCKED EXPRESSION right at OJ as the verdict was announced? WHY would any lawyer do that? What did Kardashian know that might implicate him or his wife or former wife? If they were guilty of anything, Robert certainly had plenty of time to REHEARSE this SHOCKED EXPRESSION at the not guilty verdict. He was on the DEFENSE TEAM and knew the trial was being televised. He was still married to manipulative Kris who was sitting on the OPPOSITE SIDE of the courtroom. We see now how this awful "woman" and her now husband Jenner behave along with their offspring, all adults with the exception of the two brats Jenner and Kris have.

IMO there is every reason to believe that Kris Kardashian and her husband rehearsed the shocked expression Robert displayed in anticipation of the not-guilty verdict. But ask yourself WHY those two would do that if indeed they did?

OJ Simpson subsequently moves to Florida to look for the real killer.

Eventually, who shows up in Floria to open a DASH store? The Kardashian sluts!

Why would anyone want to be anywhere near OJ Simpson if they truly believed him guilty of murdering anyone, especially TWO people, one of which you claimed to be your best friend?

OJ Simpson seems to have done a far better job of raising his children than Jenner/Kardashian. Sydney and her brother both are decent, good citizens, have gone to college and are not media hounds. They seem to be leading decent quiet lives. The Kardashian/Jenner bunch could learn a lot about parenting from OJ Simpson and his family imo! It is a sheer miracle that they did not awake and see the horror taking place that night nor became victims themselves. OJ loves his children, knew they were present in the home and was preparing to leave on a trip where his second love "golf" was involved so it made no sense to me he would pick that time and date to murder anyone.

I always felt that any evidence involving him could have been found at the scene because he'd visited there before and if he was there, it could have been that he had a little extra time on his hands before the limo was coming and was just driving by as he'd been known to do. If he saw anything amiss, such as his beloved dog running loose, who wouldn't have thought something could be wrong and stop to investigate. Imagine anyone's horror to come upon such a scene but if you were the ex-spouse with a history of domestic violence, you might think that you'd be the very first suspect and just leave asap. especially if there was no doubt the people were dead and you knew that nothing you could do would save them and that the bodies would surely be discovered by someone once it was daylight.

1319 days ago


There are plenty of good restaurants in New York! This is VERY TACKY and an obvious attempt by Kim to get back at Miles for dumping her. This guy should do the same and probably will in short order. After all, lying Kim WANTS TO BE "SINGLE" as if she hasn't been "single" for years. That is exactly her status, boyfriend, live-in or other. Her sister Kourtney is also single despite having a bastard child and chasing after the much younger Scott Disick. These women are nothing but desperate and no decent person should have anything to do with them imo. Who would ever purchase anything these skanks sell, model or endorse?

How would any of you, be ye man or woman, like to be taken somewhere for a special occasion knowing the person had taken a former lover there?

These sluts certainly find it necessary to chase after the men. Scott Disick really should escape their clutches while he can and find a decent woman his age or a few years younger. He is simply being used as the scapegoat and trouble maker by Mama Kris and her slutty daughters.

1319 days ago


BTW, Isn't lying Kim's true marital status "DIVORCED?" I believe the term single is reserved for those unmarried people who are not divorced or widowed.

I can't wait until the lawsuit where these liars are going to pretend they knew nothing about their usurious debit card. They'll cry their fake tears and lie just like Kim tried lying about her umpteenth naked photo shoot.

And why must they wear those ridiculous puff-sleeved dresses. Kourtney is the worst and they all need a stylist...omg how the nerve to go around trying to sell their used clothes as AOL and radar is reporting...that new DASH store in New York is a gyp joint full of dirty, overpriced clothing that they've probably all worn and are trying to pass off as new.

1318 days ago


Pam, you are a brainless idiot. There are many fabulous restaurants in New York and supposedly Kim just moved there so one would think she'd want to try new places.

You might go to the same steak house every other week as The Sizzler is probably the only one you can afford or is available to you in your hometown.

You also miss the point of the article. This couple is not just going out for a routine dinner out. How would you like your boyfriend (if you ever had one that is) or husband (if you have one) to take you out for your birthday if you knew he had taken a former girlfriend or wife there on special occasions?

1318 days ago
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