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Lindsay Lohan: I'm Just an Easy Target

2/6/2011 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan believes the felony grand theft charge she will face is yet another example of how she has simply become an easy target for people looking to hurt her.

As we first reported, Lindsay will be charged with felony grand theft as early as Monday for allegedly stealing a $2,500 necklace from a Venice, CA jewelry store.

Sources connected with Lindsay tell TMZ ... LiLo thinks, "People just don't believe me and know I'm in a vulnerable position."  She thinks the jewelry store owner is seizing the moment by concocting a story that Lindsay stole the jewelry.  Lindsay insists it was loaned to her.

And we're told ... Lindsay is "extremely nervous" about the prospect of going back to jail.   Although she refers to the possible penalty as jail, it's actually a lot worse ... State prison.

Lindsay is telling people, "Nothing is worth going back."


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I guess her parents never taught her right from wrong... She lives such a long and dragged out life... Too bad...

1357 days ago


i could honestly see her saying charge it as she walked out with it and they either did not hear her or they want free press saying she stole it.

i think this is a set up for free press

1357 days ago


She is so sick. And if she is merely a "target" then why doesn't she sue the store? She sued over a stupid television ad. She won't be suing here---because she stole the necklace. Her career is in the toilet--after her prison time, I hope she and her whole family just go live quietly somewhere. I am so sick of hearing about these losers.

1357 days ago


"Easy target" my rear. She has the swagger of someone who is just addicted to the thrill of "getting away with stuff" knowing full well that her life is under a *microscope*, doing a dance to avoid responsibility every time she gets caught. Agree with the socio path comments above. She probably got a way with a lot more, before she was in the (criminal justice) system.

1357 days ago


I agree with you about Maryhaven. Six months in their program and she *might* just have a shot at recovery. But clearly she hasn't hit her bottom yet, she's still reveling in her own self-proclaimed victimhood, and no rehab program can help someone like that. As for her lament that she's an easy target, well, duh! Quit doing illegal things or things that violate your probation, and maybe you wouldn't feel like such a target of your own stupidity. Sheesh.

1357 days ago


She's not an easy target, she puts herself into those situations. She's been to jail countless times and still hasn't learned her lesson. She's played the system and won every time and hopefully she loses this time.

1357 days ago


I know she has been accused of stealing before (many times), but has she ever been convicted and served time for it in the past? All I remember is that she served time for DUI's and drug possession. I realize that she's had a checkered past, but for some reason my gut tells me that she didn't steal that necklace. It's hard to comprehend that she would risk going back to jail over a that cheap-azz necklace! I'm still not sure about this. I guess we will have to wait and see if she gets charged Monday. I was hoping she finally was getting her life together after being in rehab for the 3rd time. I hate to see someone young like her throw it all away.

1357 days ago

Just Me    

#16 Trish ~ Exactly! Our parents are our first rolemodels, and look at both of hers ~ My Dad told me early on, "if you ever get arrested, don't call here" He never had to say it again, and I never had to worry about it, because I've never put myself in that position. You can't blame your parents though, everyone is responsible for their own actions. Lots of people have crappy parents, or no parents at all, and they turn out just fine ~ and vice-versa. She is now an adult and needs to stop acting like a wounded child blaming everyone else. She needs to grow up, accept responsibility for her actions, understand why she acts the way she does, fix the problem, and move on.

1357 days ago


It's scary that there are a few out there who believe her and think the store wanted Free Press. You got to be kidding???

She a Known Liar who has a sense of Entitlement.

She has been known to do this type of thing before.

She lied and Lied about using and her family and others around her lied for her to.

Mark my words she will do Hard time for this.

1357 days ago


miz...I think it's just hard for some folks to comprehend that she would risk going back to jail (and her career) and that's the reason why they want to believe she didn't steal that necklace. It truly blows me away that this girl would throw it all away for some dumb necklace when she could have bought the dang thing if she really wanted it. Part of me still thinks she didn't do it (only because - still I can't wrap it around my brain), but if you judge her by past behavior, she very well may have stolen that necklace.

1357 days ago


May 2008 … Lindsay Lohan accused of stealing fur coat from Masha Markova, a twenty-two year old Columbia University coed while at a NYC private party.

May 2008 … Lauren Hastings claims that Lindsay Lohan stole clothes from her closet during a party.

June 2009 … Lindsay Lohan accused of stealing jewelry and clothing that was loaned to her while at a shoot for Elle magazine in London. Rumored to have urinated on the dress before surrendering it when she was told she’d have to return the frock.

August 2009 … Lindsay Lohan had jewels loaned to her by Beverly Hills jewelry XIV Karats for over two months. When asked to return the jewelry she said she didn’t have them. Claims they were stolen from her safe.

October 2009 … Lindsay Lohan allegedly stole jewelry yet again. Reportedly that Lindsay made off with jewelry and accessories from Arielle de Pinto’s showroom in Paris while she was there for Fashion Week.

April 2010 … Lindsay Lohan named as suspect in stolen Rolex watch case. Had apartment tossed by LA County Sheriff’s Dept.

June 2010 …Beverly Hills boutique suing for $16K+ for unpaid clothing.

February 2011 … Venice Beach has video implicating Lindsay Lohan to stolen jewelry.

*** thanks Score Card from The Superficial

Posted at 1:33 PM on Feb 5, 2011 by Me

1357 days ago


Winona Ryder had NO previous criminal record and was NOT on probation, and this is what happened to her:

2001 arrest

On December 12, 2001, Ryder was arrested on shoplifting charges in Beverly Hills, California. She was accused of stealing $5,500 worth of designer clothes and accessories at a Saks Fifth Avenue department store.[4][78][79] Los Angeles District Attorney Stephen Cooley produced a team of eight prosecutors. Cooley filed four felony charges against her in what was described by British newspaper The Guardian as a "show-trial."[80] Ryder hired noted celebrity defense attorney Mark Geragos. Negotiations for a plea bargain failed at the end of summer 2002.[81] As noted by Joel Mowbray from the National Review, the prosecution was not ready to offer the actress what was given to 5,000 other defendants in similar cases, an open door to a no-contest plea on misdemeanor charges.[82] Ryder agreed under signature to pay two Civil Demands, as permitted under California's Statute for Civil Recovery for Shoplifting, from Saks Fifth Avenue that completely reimbursed Saks Fifth Avenue for the stolen and surrendered merchandise while detained in the Security Offices of the Saks Fifth Avenue store, and before she was read her Miranda rights and arrested by the Los Angeles Police Department.[83]

During the trial, she was accused of using drugs without valid prescriptions. Ryder was convicted of grand theft,[84] shoplifting and vandalism, but was acquitted on the third felony charge, burglary.[85] In December 2002, she was sentenced to three years' probation, 480 hours of community service, $3,700 in fines, $6,355 in restitution to the Saks Fifth Avenue store, and ordered to attend psychological and drug counseling.[86] After reviewing Ryder's probation report, Superior Court Judge Elden Fox noted that Ryder served 480 hours of community service and on June 18, 2004, the felonies were reduced to misdemeanors. Ryder remained on probation until December 2005.[87][88]

Lindsay, on the other hand, has a remarkable past criminal record, multiple rehabs, and is on probation already!


1357 days ago


Fully agree with her

1357 days ago


Thanks Just Me. We all have to wise up at one time or another in our lives. My mother was an idiot, but, I learned not to be like her and learn from her mistakes. Life is great! :)

1357 days ago


Oppsy, I forgot about that fur coat incident. I just google imaged it and appears that Lindsay did take that coat from that Masha girl. The paps took pictures of her in it and Masha saw the pics in OK magazine and demanded it back. It arrived 2 days later smelling of cigs and had a rip in it.

I was trying to give Lindsay the benefit of the doubt, but the girl doesn't have a good tract record sad to say.

1357 days ago
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