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Lindsay Lohan: I'm Just an Easy Target

2/6/2011 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan believes the felony grand theft charge she will face is yet another example of how she has simply become an easy target for people looking to hurt her.

As we first reported, Lindsay will be charged with felony grand theft as early as Monday for allegedly stealing a $2,500 necklace from a Venice, CA jewelry store.

Sources connected with Lindsay tell TMZ ... LiLo thinks, "People just don't believe me and know I'm in a vulnerable position."  She thinks the jewelry store owner is seizing the moment by concocting a story that Lindsay stole the jewelry.  Lindsay insists it was loaned to her.

And we're told ... Lindsay is "extremely nervous" about the prospect of going back to jail.   Although she refers to the possible penalty as jail, it's actually a lot worse ... State prison.

Lindsay is telling people, "Nothing is worth going back."


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@LA me...Hide yo Jewels. ROFLOL

1335 days ago


A spoiled brat who can't take responsibility for herself. I wonder what great excuses she and Dina will come up with this time. Could be really amusing ...?

1335 days ago


Some of you people are worse than Lindsay. There is absolutely no direct proof she took this necklace but in the court of popular opinion, she has been convicted. I am glad I have the values I do. I would hate to sit around, live, breath, raise children with the attitudes a lot of you people have. You're sick, scary and under that false level of humanity you have, you know better that to judge this woman.

1335 days ago


First that necklace looked like it was worth about $500 - Second no jewellry store lets you walk out with merchandise unless you have a gun pointed on the clerk
Third if staff were so stupid - both the stores and hers - they deserve to get shafted - its not like she's unknown -
I say - she "borrowed" it - which is a stupid move on the stores part in the first place and it's not likely she would wear it for pictures and then return it if she really stole it -
BooHoo on the store - with all the free publicity they should give her the necklace - Jerks!
BTW I owned 3 jewellry stores so I have no pity for the stupid charge.

1335 days ago


I think she is a waste of space but seriously prison? For a plain, cheap azz looking necklace? Radaronline points out the necklace, it's the plain gold chain. It didn't look very one of a kindish.

Anyways Brandy killed someone and didn't serve a day. Seems a bit ridiculous.

1335 days ago


The court of Public Opinion will always be here and we're entitled to it.

The Court of Law will decide.

No direct proof. ha ha ha ha

Seems like a cut and dry case to me, plus they have video proof and eye witnesses.

1335 days ago


Kudos to the store that can finally stand up to a celebrity with entitlement issues! The Lohan family spews lies!! She will once again make a mockery of the LA Court system!! I just pray she doesn't take any innocent lives on her downward spiral. Oh, wait . . . she already hit bottom!! I would love to hear the BS she tells her parents! WHY, does drama follow this girl? Nicole Richie did her time, did her classes and she did it all with CLASS!!! That is something Lindsay will never have!! LOHAN's you disgust me! Lindsay - didn't jail scare you enough to never want to go back? F*cking grow up and take some responsibility for your actions!! You have skated by in life, but one of these days it will catch up to you (i.e., OJ Simpson)

1335 days ago


Okay, I just went to the jewelry store's website and there is a picture of the store. It looks very nice and the jewelry they offer online does look very pretty. However, everything appears to be in a dang case. If what the owner of this store is saying is true - How in the world did the store NOT know immediately that Lindsay walked out with the necklace? I mean - you take the necklace out of the case, you stand there while the customer tries the piece on, and then you put it back in the case - right? How did Lindsay just walk out with it and no one knew at the time? I'm not trying to take up for Lindsay, because indeed she has had a sketchy past, but my God....somethings just weird about this. I'm trying to wrap my brain around a couple of things. Trying to wrap my brain around "would Lindsay really risk it this time after all the trouble she's been in" and also trying to wrap my brain around "how did the jewelry store let her leave without knowing she still had the necklace on?" From the website - it looks like a pretty wide open store with one way in, one way out. Hmmmm.....the saga continues....

1334 days ago

LA me    

For her next rehab they should send her to The Hyperion Sewage Treatment Plant in El Segundo. They could send her through the filtration system 15 times before sending her back out amongst us. They say it works on the sewage (poo poo water)...might be worth a try!!

1334 days ago


Why can't I believe that someone here owned 3 Jewelry stores. LMAO

And they have are making light of a $2500 necklace as if it's nothing.

It's not uncommon that fine jewelry gets stolen and it's not noticed till inventory is done at the end of the day.

Anyone experienced with selling fine jewelry would known that.

Anyone experienced with costume jewelry would know it's the #1 shoplifted item in retail stores.

1334 days ago


Lindsay is psychotic. She doesn't exist in reality.

She's definitely going to prison. This time they got the evidence and it's solid.

1334 days ago


Oh wow....I just noticed a few celebs have been photographed wearing pieces from this store. Amanda Seyfried in People mag...and a few others I don't really recognize. You can go to the jewelry stores site and click on the "Press" tab. I betcha they get a lot more web and foot traffic now that this story has broken. I think in a backwards sort of way that Lindsay did them a favor! LOL

1334 days ago

The Truth Fairy    

"She thinks the jewelry store owner is seizing the moment by concocting a story that Lindsay stole the jewelry."


It's not for publicity, that's for sure, because loaning the necklace would have gotten publicity as well. There is NO REASON why a random jewelry store owner would CONSPIRE against Lindsay Lohan, who we presume did not know the store owner until the day she came into the store. It just makes no sense at all, except in Lindsay's delusional head.

1334 days ago


Lindsay Lohan knows exactly what she is doing.

1334 days ago


Well Miz - fine jewellry - gold - is kept in display cases - not out for shop lifters - costume jewellery is left out so yes it does get shop lifted -
Fine gold jewellery is taken out of a case when a customer is interested - and shown to the customer by a salesperson who is making a commission on the sale usually on a piece of velvet display material in better stores - So......the salesperson does NOT leave the article or the potential sale until the article is put back -
Just because you haven't any experience with running retail jewellry stores doesn't mean I have owned any. Stupid you - you're fired!

1334 days ago
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