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Lindsay Lohan: I'm Just an Easy Target

2/6/2011 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan believes the felony grand theft charge she will face is yet another example of how she has simply become an easy target for people looking to hurt her.

As we first reported, Lindsay will be charged with felony grand theft as early as Monday for allegedly stealing a $2,500 necklace from a Venice, CA jewelry store.

Sources connected with Lindsay tell TMZ ... LiLo thinks, "People just don't believe me and know I'm in a vulnerable position."  She thinks the jewelry store owner is seizing the moment by concocting a story that Lindsay stole the jewelry.  Lindsay insists it was loaned to her.

And we're told ... Lindsay is "extremely nervous" about the prospect of going back to jail.   Although she refers to the possible penalty as jail, it's actually a lot worse ... State prison.

Lindsay is telling people, "Nothing is worth going back."


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LA me    

Venice Beach is a small town beach community. Most shops there are run by small business owners. Lots of mom & pop stores just trying to get by. They are not some huge jewelry/clothing store in Beverly Hills that will accept the occasional "celebrity" to just walk off with their product.

Most business owners in the community know each other. They don't take kindly to people trying "smear" the shop owner for their own transgressions! I'll be surprised if Lindsay can get a table at the local cafe by weeks end. I'm sure she'll be hearing the phrase "We reserve the right to deny service..." quite a few times in the near future in Venice. Maybe that's why Hollywood TV had video of her packing up her car today!

Please leave our beaches and go back to where you came from!! We don't want you here!!

1265 days ago


Janet...she knows she's going to jail then (if she did this and it can be proved).

My question is WHY? Why would she do this? I know she's been sick in the past with her drug and alcohol dependency, but seriously...this can get her prison time. Why would she risk it? I have lost all hope for this young girl if what has been alleged turns out to be true.

1265 days ago


Is Lindsay eligible for the three strikes law yet? She is a chronic criminal with escalating levels of bad behavior. Even if she has not been charged and convicted yet, the stench of mal- appropriate endeavors is building. It is a slippery slope from lesbianism to cannibalism and Lindsay is the sort of girl who could bridge the gash errr, gap. Maybe they should take a closer look at all her past troubles from a legal perspective and see if she has earned the needle yet?

1265 days ago


I have very little experience but know some people who have experience in selling fine jewelry that YES is locked up in cases and they are trained to only take one item out at a time to show the customer.
Does not mean they always follow that especially if they are distracted or mesmerized by some celebrity.

Common way to steal fine jewelry that's locked up in glass cases. All fine jewelry people would know this.
Try it on and while you're trying it out you (or your shopping partner) ask to see another piece in the case.
Also distracted by other means, etc.

1265 days ago


Lisa - I have no regard for Lindsay and any of her past escapades - she obviously is a very troubled girl but this charge seems bogus to me - I cannot for the life of me imagine letting a celeb walk out of my store without getting a signed charge slip or loan slip(if that is my policy) and then letting the issue fester for ages - Could the owner of the store not phone and say - "We would like our inventory back now."
She did have it returned so what's the big beef now?

1265 days ago


Doesn't make it right at all, but if there was a theft, I still think the clerk waiting on Lindsay is an idiot and should lose his or her job. Memorized over Lindsay or not, he or she let that piece get out of the store under her watch. It's not like Lindsay is the first celeb to walk in there. After reading, apparently Eva Longoria is a customer of that same jeweler, as well as Jennifer Love Hewitt and others. Plus, celebs are walking around in Southern Cal all the time. It's just odd how that necklace "escaped"

1265 days ago


Don't ever give up on people. Have faith and hope...

1265 days ago


@angeleyes, You're the one that should be fired.
Wonder why you don't have the Jewelry stores anymore.
You don't know how to run them. You have NO CLUE.

1265 days ago


Angel, I'm holding off on judging Lindsay myself on this matter. It sounds a little strange to me as well. I'm just not sure. Maybe I'm being naive? I don't know. She has been accused in the past of stealing, but innocent until proven guilty right? I guess I just want the best for this troubled girl. I want her to take control of her life and get it together. She could have so much more if she only got back on the straight path. It would be great if she could repair the damage she has done in the past and go on and live a happy and successful life that has meaning.

1265 days ago


Yes Miz an inexperienced clerk could be mesmerized I suppose - usually though when dealing in fine jewellery you have buzzer locks on the doors to get you in and out - and you hire and train salespeople who only show one article at a time regardsless of what the customer asks to see - If they are considering more than one article you lay the considered article behind you on the cabinet for later viewing - you never take out more than one at a time and you don't show several people articles at a time -
Yes - I have been stolen from - when i.d. and credit cards were verified - and had the police after the thieves within an hour -but they were scammers doing the whole city and got away with the goods - from a whole street of stores but they weren't celebs - they were experienced thieves moving from town to town -

1265 days ago


A target? That's rich.
The dumbass is a skeezy criminal. Totally worthless garbage.
It's about time they called shenani.gans on her pathetic ass.
Hope they lock her up for some hard time.

1265 days ago


Wow, some people are so clueless.

Just because she returned it does not mean she didn't steal it.

My son had his Bike stolen from a Bully in High School. We called the cops and told them who it was, etc.
He went to the kids house talked to the parents, Kid said he was just borrowing it and gave it to the police.
They returned it to us and No we refused to prosecute because we are simple people who don't want to deal with that crap.
But the kid still STOLE my son's bike he just wasn't prosecuted for it. Still he was a Thief.
This happened 10 yrs ago. Should ask my son what his name was he probably now has a criminal record.

1265 days ago

jpierce26 have someone in your store trying on a necklace...especially one that is $2,500.00...why would one of the store clearks not be watching that necklace like white on rice? Once Lindsey walked out and it was noticed that the necklace was missing, why was the cops not called then? FISHY!! I think there was an agreement to let her borrow it and be filmed with it on so they could gain publicity and more buisness. Why would someone wear a stolen necklace?? Does none of these jewlery store people pay attention to their merchandise? I don't believe this story about how they waited for her to be seen wearing it. Nobody wears a stolen necklace so that doesn't make sence. If they were waiting for her to do that then they would have been waiting forever. The jewlery store did nothing....when she left the store, no one called the employee jumped over the counter and chased her one called her at her home....this is just publicity for the store and guess what....this is not the case of bad publicity still being publicity....I hope no one shops there in the future. They obviously do not handle buisness correctly. If I let someone take a peice of jewlery out of the case, I would watch it and make sure they didn't leave with it. She is being framed!!!!

1265 days ago


One more thing before I take over this whole thread. I think part of the problem is her upbringing. Granted she is an adult now, but she is still suffering from the issues of her childhood. No one ever instilled good virtues in her and her role models (parents) were very messed up - arguing all the time and there was alleged abuse by the father. I realize many kids grow up in troubled families and grow up fine, but you also have to add in that she was a child star. I'm sure that messed with her mind and made her feel as though she was entitled. Still though, she is an adult now and it's time for her to take control of her life. She is in charge of her destiny. She needs to realize that. Too bad this girl doesn't have a mentor or a good role model.

1265 days ago

Just Me    

#63 My question is WHY? Why would she do this? I know she's been sick in the past with her drug and alcohol dependency, but seriously...this can get her prison time. Why would she risk it? I have lost all hope for this young girl if what has been alleged turns out to be true.

Posted at 2:53 AM on Feb 6, 2011 by Lisa

Lisa, sometimes when people are dealing with drug/alcohol problems and have stopped using (or been forced to stop with testing/monitoring, etc) without addressing the reason they use in the first place ~ they just go find their "high" in another way. Very often addicts just switch to another vice; could be gambling, stealing, sex, shopping or any high risk/illegal behavior that gives a "high" of adrenaline. They're trying to feel better by outside sources, instead of addressing the actual problem and fixing it. Not to say this is true in her case, but it is true in alot of other dependency instances. It's not an excuse or in any way a justification of her behavior, but it could be a reason she's acting so reckless when she "knows" what can happen. When she had the ankle monitor on, she still drank at a party and it went off - why would she do that either? She doesn't have any self-control and it's mixed with a sense of entitlement. The same with her drug classes, she didn't do what she was told to do and was "shocked" and gave a laundry list of excuses.

Is seems so stupid that she would risk so much (her freedom), over a necklace - but to her, she's behaved like this in the past many times, and it's just been brushed off when she's made an excuse, returned the items and suffered no repercussions. When someone isn't held accountable for their actions, their actions get more and more out of control. Anyway, just my opinion on a possible reason "why". :)

1265 days ago
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