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Palin Event Canceled Over 'Safety Concerns'

2/6/2011 4:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

An event scheduled for May featuring Sarah Palin was canceled the day after it was announced, citing "personal attacks" against Palin and "safety concerns."

The Sharon K Pacheco Foundation announced the cancellation of their 2011 Patriots & Warriors Charity Gala and included a statement on their Facebook page. It reads, "Due to an onslaught of personal attacks against Governor Palin and others associated with her appearance, it is with deep sadness and disappointment that, in the best interest of all, we cancel the event for safety concerns."

The foundation went on to say no direct threats were made against Palin or anyone else involved with the event.


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@ # 22 eorge clooney

There ya go again confusing me with your mama. The email was FROM me about her ; ). Increase your reading comprehension level and try again sweetie!

1324 days ago

Tom Cruise    

If you want to dumb down your cause just hire Sarah Palin or anyone of her family members.

1324 days ago


Palin makes more money in the lower 48. Palin, like Obama is good at reading a teleprompter. That's it.

1324 days ago

Dawning Red    

I keep hearing Richard Nixon referred to as "President Nixon" even though he resigned, and even from liberal talking heads on the TV, as well as DC Mayor Marion Barry being referred to as mayor even while in prison and by conservatives. I don't think it matters how you left so much as that you were elected to the office in the first place.

1324 days ago


I am no Sarah Palin lover but people do need to grow up and stop the name calling. That being said all of you that are saying the left "threatened" her and are the safety concerned the article clearly stated that there was no direct threat against anyone.
So I think that they couldn't sell tickets.
And to the person that said this was an entertainment site and all the negative comments weren't entertaining...I don't think SP is an entertainer either.

1324 days ago


As a 63 year old educated woman, I have never seen a greater example of female stupidity than Sarah Palin. Understand as a retired RN in a large medical center working in Labor and Delivery I certainly met a cross section of women from all levels of social and economic status, but Sarah Palin still is the most miserable example of stupidity I have ever seen. She wants to be president but she had so little family control her teenage daughter became pregnant and she was too stupid to practice birth control at an age where her odds of having a Down's Syndrome child were astronomical. Would you trust this woman to be in control of this country when she can't even practice control and good judgement in her own family. What a media whore!

1324 days ago


That sounds like a BS excuse to cancel the event. Palin thrives on "personal attacks".She is a professional victim and loves the attention. I believe the event was cancelled because the organization did not have the upfront $100,000 speaking fee to lock in the date. A few months ago, the same thing happened in my state. An organization advertised that Palin would give a speech. A few days later they cancelled the event. It turned out the organization did not pay her speaking fee and had to retract the advertisements.

1324 days ago


threatened by a powerful and smart woman as Sarah Palin ??? She doesn't know South from North Korea for god's sake...she is dumb as a box of rocks.She lies through her teeth. Ask her to show you her so called baby's birth certificate...will never happen.Or tell you about her affair with her husbands business partner....never happen. She preaches hate at her party's, she is a fame whore out to start trouble. Never knows what she is talking about. She can't manage her own home how could she ever manage the white house. Her children are a joke. Her husband lol Mr. mom is pathedic. They are out to bleed people of $$$ thats all they are about. White trash.

1324 days ago


This organization needed an excuse to cancel the event. Tickets started out at $185, then were cut, then cut to half price. They couldn't sell the tickets and needed an excuse to cancel, so they probably got one note saying Palin was an idiot and used it to cancel for "safety" reasons. They were too embarrassed to admit Palin wasn't a draw.

Posted at 11:34 AM on Feb 6, 2011 by joesmom

- - - - - -

EXACTLY. so damn funny....

1324 days ago


Sarah Palin crossed the border into Canada while she was growing up to receive health care in the Canadian City of Whitehorse. Palin now views Canada's Health care system as "revolting: with it's government run administration and death-panel like rationing". But it was good enough for her, and her family, when she needed a National Health Care System. This twist of logic and loyalty is similar to Bristol's lecture circuit on ABSTINENCE . Meet your own needs, and then lecture others to STAY AWAY. Glad WASH U kicked Bristol's A S S to the curb, and that she was denied her ridiculous $20K fee!

1324 days ago


don't they mean quitting ex-govenor. or yousta be govenor.

1324 days ago



1324 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Actually I change my mind, I hope she does run for President so everyone can see what awful past she has hidden. Everything will come out once they start investigating the things she has done. I can't wait till they find out the Palin's havent paid US taxes because Sarah thought Alaska is another country and find out what secretive moneymaking schemes her idiot husband does. LOL.

That is the only reason.

1324 days ago



1324 days ago


I think political figures get to keep their title even if they do resign, right? I seem to remember people saying "President Nixon" loooong after he resigned....

1324 days ago
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