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'Basketball' Wife -- Bouncing Herself Off the Show

2/7/2011 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Suzie Ketcham – one of the stars of VH1’s “Basketball Wives” – won’t be returning for a third season … because TMZ has learned, she just couldn’t handle life in the spotlight.

According to a source close to the production, shooting the show was draining and Suzie “couldn’t take the heat" as a reality star anymore -- so Season 2 will be her last.

And the random people constantly trash-talking her on Twitter didn't help either -- we're told by the end of the last season, all the cyber-hate was beginning to take its toll.

Welcome to Hollywood.

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Never heard of her or the show

1291 days ago

Denise in Atlanta    

I think Suzie is pretty and smart enough to remove herself fromt his drama. Is she perfect.....no, but no one wants to be **** upon all the time. I'm sure it's a ratings bonanza for Shaunie, though. Royce, who was all up in her grill professing to be her friend, and then turned around and took Evelyn took the lunch she was having, not bothering anybody, is a trip. She got a chance to see Evelyn and Jennifer for the conniving heffas they really are when they backed out of her fashion show. All in all, I will watch season 3...it's good escapist fun that makes you appreciate your real life, and your real friends.

1291 days ago


or mayb she is not married to anyone who plays bball

1291 days ago


I am happy for Suzie. I watched her humbly say sorry over and over and she even got to Evelyn one time she she told her how much she missed their friendship. She's done enough but continues to be a punching bag--didn't help that Royce helped set her up for a bashing. Run for the hills Suzie!

1291 days ago


yo, beby, keep Royce with you and just bounce...

How to Make a Guy Fall in Love With You

1291 days ago


@Montana time to take ur meds. #19

1291 days ago


Why is this show called "Basketball Wives?" I don't understand this. None of them are married, let alone to basketball players. There is only one that is married, and even she is getting divorced. The other goes back and forth from being engaged to not. So why does this show exist?

And this one...so annoying and has a big, lisp-speaking mouth. You really need to get that worked on, honey (after all...you supposedly have the money). It is quite annoying to watch you talk.

1291 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

I was expecting Suzie to be fired after this season. She brought no excitement to the show and that is the name of the game in reality television. Gloria needs to go too since she is unable to interact with the other ladies. Or they could bring in her sister who slept with Shaq now that her baller has finally dumped her.

As for Royce, she is a baller baby mama just like the rest. Its just that her baby daddy Dwight Howard sued her so that she can't mention his name in any way.

1291 days ago

My two cents ;)    

can i take her place so that I can beat Evelyn's a$$? I live close to her ex fiance..since she wasn't a real basketball wife I bet I could get on the show for being a nba neighbor..smh i hate evelyn..god bless suzie

1291 days ago

Ozzie X    

Good, her lisp is annoying.

1291 days ago


I have never seen the show but she did the best thing she could have ever done. These shows are getting out of hand and people are acting like they never would in real life just to get extra air time. They really ruin lives and I'm happy for her she recognized that and got out now

1291 days ago


Montana #19 needs some help, shame on you TMZ for letting that comment stay up there.

Suzie probably can't take being beat up by so called friends who used to do the same things together. They are all guilty of being "mean girls".

FYI, Royce the dancer is the baby mama of Orlando player Dwight Howard. He took legal action to have them never use his name, mention him or their child.

1291 days ago


I happen to watch this show a couple of times and to me these no talent ladies had very little class and gave women a bad name..they are all ugly and the diction is so poor..they all need to go to a speech therapist and what is with the attitude they act like movie stars and they are not spring chickens....

1291 days ago

Jennifer T    

I liked the first season but can't watch the third season without throwing up. I think Suzzie's departure is premature as there is no way VH1 would ever decide to keep this show on for a third season. Jennifer is boogie and ghetto at the same time. Shaunie is a ruthless pimp with Jenn and Evelyn as her
whor#$. Royce looks like she is trapped in a little girl's body and her 13-year old nonsense temper tantrums don't help. Evelyn is clearly the most uneducated of them all and is having a hard time going through menopause-- hormone shifts and all and looks like a tranny. These women are a disgrace to Black and Hispanic women everywhere and don't deserve our attention.

1291 days ago


umm....Suzie WHO?

1291 days ago
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