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Ben Roethlisberger -- Doomed by Billy Joel?

2/7/2011 2:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After Ben Roethlisberger's crappy performance last night ... everyone's been asking the same question -- should he have stayed in Tuesday night and watched game film instead of boozing past midnight??

Ben Roethlisberger Video

As TMZ first reported -- Big Ben dropped $1,000 at a Dallas area piano bar ... drinking rum and Diet Cokes with some teammates past midnight ... while karaoking along with the Billy Joel classic "Piano Man."

So we gotta ask ...

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MR. DNA    

Everytime TMZ touches on anything sports related, they embarrass themselves. Leave the sports polls to the folks who actually follow sports and know at least a little about it.
Hines Ward went to a strip joint last week and he had a fine game in the Super Bowl. Why not a poll to see if that helped him? Idiots.

1352 days ago


I am a Die Hard STEELERS fan but I have to say, last night, Ben just plain sucked. I was so disappointed. He can blame it on boozing, bar hopping, whatever he wants, he should have been more prepared. The Packers played the better game, they deserved the win. My Steelers lost because they were not prepared. Their own fault.

1352 days ago

MR. DNA    

I know there isn't a person who works at TMZ who knows who Max Mcgee is. Look him up and learn something.

1352 days ago


rum and diet coke?! that's why he lost, he's a ****ing 18 year old girl!

1352 days ago


I hope he keeps it up - until the NFL or the Steelers apply a big foot to his A.Z.Z. and get rid of him!!!

1352 days ago


Ben's ``karma````` I do believe caught up with him yesterday. Has nothing to do with him being out ``` on Tues for a few drinks! Ben's karma ``` as well as Christina A's karma came collecting at yesterday's Superbowl!! His for trying to control the ladies `` and her's for cheating on her hubby, then leaving him!! ☺ I call it ``` as I see it!! ☺

1352 days ago



Doubt it made a wit of a difference. Reminds me of a straight A student I went to college with you never took a test without getting stoned first. Kind of like taking Tiger's chicks away...kryptonite. Everyone becomes "strong" in their own way.

People are who they are for better or worse. You want them to change and then you complain about the outcome.


1352 days ago


The great white DOPE !!

1352 days ago


It was Fort Worth not Dallas, come on at least get the slamming correct.

1352 days ago

Matt Horath    

Grow up TMZ

1352 days ago

Mike Jones    

TMZ, you need to get more serious.. what kind of idiotic question is that?

Of course it leads to more idiotic comments.. :/

1352 days ago


It's a Fort Worth bar. We're our own city too.

1352 days ago


The impact him going out on Tuesday night had on the game was absolutely zero. He did the same thing the last 2 Super Bowls and they won, so it obviously had no impact those times. They didn't lose because of a lack of preparation or focus, they lost because they played a slightly better team and got outplayed.

And as far as karma goes, you do realize he still makes millions of dollars and got to a Super Bowl, if that's your idea of karma striking please sign me up.

1352 days ago


Clearly the majority of you who commented on this poll have never been athletes before. It is not uncommon for an athlete to want to relieve stress before a big game/performance/meet. As TMZ reported, he was in the bar from 11:00 pm to 1:15 am, hardly out all night partying. He was with his offensive line AND he purchased drinks for the other bar goers, was nice to the wait staff, and tipped well.

As for the rape accusations, he was never found guilty in a court of law. And if you have a problem with it, then don't date him! Or take it up with your justice system. And perhaps before you throw stones you should do your research. Why don't you take a second to research Mark Chmura, a former Packers player who was accused of third degree sexual assault for having sex with his UNDERAGE teenage babysitter on her prom night. While he was acquitted, he later went on to say on record that his post-prom party actions "wasn't something a married man should do." Not only are the Packers inducting him into the Hall of Fame, he is also the Packers pregame host on ESPN.

1352 days ago


#1, you sound stupid. and so do the rest of you fools for A. Even caring about whether he has a drink or not because guess what ITS NOT UP TO YOU and B. Because your the reason our judicial system means nothing. keep calling people who are proven innocent guilty...i,e, MJ, OJ, Big Ben....Proofs in the pudding people, your the reason our country sucks.

1352 days ago
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