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Charlie Sheen -- Super Bowl In The Porn Theater

2/7/2011 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen watched the big game where he usually watches other big things -- inside the infamous porn room at his L.A. mansion -- except this time, he was stone cold sober.

Charlie Sheen

Sheen took some time out of his super-small, super-private Super Bowl party to pose on one of the red crushed velvet couches in his personal home theater ... sans porn stars.

As for the Gatorade in his right hand -- we're told it WAS NOT a photo prop ... Charlie's been taking his rehab very seriously.

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Ozzie X    

He looks like a man who has lost sense of reality. Hope he gets his bearings.

1352 days ago


Haha, I love yo Charlie!! He doesn't owe anyone any excuses and probably just wanted to show a pic of himself for the fans he has, just to let them know he's ok and doing what he has to do.

Leave the guy alone, at least he takes responsibility for his actions and god knows he can afford any vice he wants. He's not stealing or driving around drunk and/or drugged up. He pays for his fun and it seems like very few women have been harmed by his partying. And don't even bring up that hooker that tried to steal his watch.

His ex wife Brooke has her own addiction demons at play, so it's likely that when things got physical between them, she played a large part in that too. When people are all tweeked out on drugs they do things they wouldn't normally do. And Charlie may love to frolick with the hoochies, but he doesn't have a history of beating up women.

As much as I'm glad he's getting his life together, I can't help but think how much fun he would be to party with - and I don't do hard drugs, just a little smoke to sleep is all I can handle these days, haha.

Good Luck Charlie!!

1352 days ago


The toothless, homeless, drug-addicted double looks just like Charlie! His publicist did a nice job picking him. I hope they at least gave the 'Charlie double' a meal and new box to live in.

1352 days ago


Good thing you don't have to chew gatorade.

1352 days ago


I've never heard of 'rehabbing' in a facility that has piles of pornography strewn about.


Where did his 'counselor' go to school? He/She is so open-minded that his brain fell out.

1352 days ago


I have a really good idea for Charlie to pass his time, while rehabbing...redecorate! It looks like it's time to freshen things up.

1352 days ago


Is that a vibrator and lube on the couch behind him?

1352 days ago


clearly he's coked up.

1352 days ago


-I wish Charlie sobriety. I hope he knows that many young people that never watched his show during high school later bought the dvd first seasons and are loyal fans now in college and beyond, that sorta surprised me. (Even seen a local librarian give a shout out for 2 and 1/2 Men on FB)....so Charlie, people do care and do watch, Get Sober for YOU, your 5 kids, your parents, family and fans. One day at a time, you have a lot to live for and your kids deserve the Dad you know you can be.

1352 days ago


Okay, if one is not wearing a rubber suit, one should not sit down on ANY piece of furniture he has. Talk about Lysol.....

Jizzzzzzz alert, jizzz alert. There has to be every class of sperm and va-jj juice on every small fiber in those chairs and couches. I cringe just thinking about it.

Charlie could care less what he sticks his thing into, can you imagine what nasty women he has on that furniture!? He should throw out all of his stuff after they leave.

Grosssssssssssssssssssss, and more gross. I hope his Tribe O' Children {I ought to have that trademarked} have a place to sit upstairs away from Daddies Jizz Room.

This man is sick, in so many ways.

1352 days ago


Shouldn't he be SOMETHING in private? Isn't REHAB supposed to be introspective? This just looks like another "Lindsey" photo op...how does it feel to be just another FREAK in Hollywood Sheen?

What's next "Charlie on the TOILET" while holding a Gator Ade bottle?

My God

1352 days ago


His "home theater" (and his behavior) is starting to remind me of Howard Hughes. Complete with bottles of pee lining the room...Charlie you're just gross. You've become the new Michael Jackson. But when you die, we'll all love you again.

1352 days ago


good for you charlie. keep it up

1351 days ago


Charlie... While it's a good start, you need to have your "spin doctors" tell this same story in about 2 YEARS, then, MAYBE, and it's a BIG MAYBE, the public will start to believe you are sober. Just the fact that you think re-hab at home is ok, leads me to beleive it's a publicity stunt for you to keep your job. You've hurt a lot of people with your various addictions and the amount of money sucked up your nose and poured down your throat is a sad testament to your character. Nothing but TIME and YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY for YOUR ACTIONS will prove to your family, the public and the court system that you indeed plan to change before you end up killing yourself.

1351 days ago


That old serpent the devil still lurks around to see who he can destroy. Drugs kill, steal, and destroy lifes. Choose life. Eat healthy, where your seat belt, and stay home where it is safe. We live in a dangerous world. Charlie needs to stay healthy so he is around to raise his kids.

1351 days ago
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