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Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez - Up Close & Personal

2/7/2011 7:55 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Teen love birds Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez shared a tender embrace in Santa Monica yesterday.


The Biebs is all wrapped up in Selena.


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Nothing against Biebs but geesh Selina - find a MAN or at least a guy who is fully through puberty! It's kind of creepy.

1356 days ago


Money talks I guess. When I was 18 noway would I even LOOK at a 16 year old dude. It's usually all about older guys at that age. Maybe she's a little on the immature side for her age.

1356 days ago


This is all staged. I've said that from day one and eventually word will get out proving me correct. In the old days of Hollywood the studios would pair up two celebs to get press for both of them. That is what is happening here.

It may just be to get press and nothing more or it could be to cover up the fact that Justin really prefers the boys.

1356 days ago


#20 - #13-Gees, she's 18 & he's 16, big frickin deal! Why doesn't everyone quit hating on these 2 young people. They are doing what anyone else this age is doing, or wait, maybe not...they aren't getting high, drinking, getting pregnant, going in clubs under age, like the majority of their peers...When you grow up in the spotlight like these 2 have, they've experienced more than your average 16 & 18 year olds have anyway. They seem to be decent kids, leave them alone.
I totally agree with you because I can remember the same words being said for Lindsay, Paris, Miley... shall I go on? Get the message now?

1356 days ago



1356 days ago


cool girl

1356 days ago


woah woah woah... justin beiber's a guy??? wow... u learn somethin new every day.

1356 days ago

Kris Carr    

Awwwww, how cute! Two girls kissing...

1356 days ago


sorry! her body language says a lot. Bieber just wants to be caught in camera just to clear the air of what everybody knows and he desperate try to cover. humm probably he doesn't know all about himself yet.

1356 days ago


i believe justin and selena ain't a perfect couple.And i have the right to say that because it's my opinion and it's freedom of speech!The only person i care about and love is JUSTIN BIEBER!

1356 days ago


they will be a good couple and im happy for selena that she find someone she likes and i am happy for justin bieber i think he is a nice fellow and he is a bit of a player but hopfully he will stop to be with jst selena

1356 days ago


wowwww... i heard that "selena is just a friend" really?! justin, thats not even a good exuse. you think your secret romance thing is a secret? well it's not and your not doing a great job by keeping it a secret u dummy

1356 days ago


Such a cute couple. There's finally another couple that can meet up to Taylor Swift and Taylor Launter :) lthough I hope their relationship doesn't end the same way......

1356 days ago

Jaylee :)    

@Ben Quack Quack!
Thank you I know right he is to good for herr ! Like she is ehwww, ugly, rude, and he is sexy, sweet, and hot (:.
@Julie I know right ! That is so true . Watch her break his heart3

1356 days ago

Danyka Tagg    

Selena is a great person. She has been my idol from before we even knew who JB was. I was just recently diagnosed with the Biebs fever, and now that I know so much about him I really like him. They both worked so hard to get where they are and that just blows me away. They are both so inspirational and if they are happy that is the only thing that should matter. He's always saying how he would like a girl who is nice, down to earth and can just make him laugh. Even though I don't know her personaly I know enough to say they might just be a perfect couple. When I see all these photos a little part of me ****ters not because I hate her or think hes to good for her that's just crap guys. Cause it's hard to find a guy like Justin I don't know him personaly either but I can tell that he would be able to treat us girls right. That's rare and once I get past the fact that I wont be able to have him I'm lucky to see that Selena's the one that's filling in. :) I'm 13 there's a 3/4 year difference... never gonna happen. I thought age wasn't supposed to matter so why does it apply so much here? It shouldn't also they shouldn't have to keep this secret. I can kinda tell why they would want to though, the paparazzi would be all over them. I just hope and pray that this wont ruin either one of their careers. I love listening to you Justin and Selena you have helped me mature as an actor. Keep doing what you love. Sometimes you have to remember that you shouldn't care what other people think as long as you yourself are happy. Justin and Selena foreveerrr <3.

1356 days ago
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