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Lindsay Lohan -- Felony Grand Theft Charges Filed

2/9/2011 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has been officially charged with felony grand theft ... TMZ has learned.  The case has just been filed.

Lindsay Lohan Felony Charges
Lindsay is accused of stealing a $2,500 necklace from a Venice, CA jewelry store on January 22. Surveillance video from the store shows Lindsay walking out with the necklace, which is partially hidden by other jewelry around Lindsay's neck.

Prosecutors recommended Lindsay's bail be set at $20,000. If convicted of felony grand theft, according to the charging documents Lindsay could face up to three years in state prison.


Lindsay will be arraigned today at 1:30 PM PT -- we'll livestream the hearing so stay tuned.



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To give her any prison time would be ridiculous when you consider dangerously violent cons are paroled each day due to overcrowding. I would give her a fine and let her walk.

1322 days ago



1322 days ago


$2500 for a flimsy gold chain? Who is robbing who?

I've seen nicer chains go for a LOT cheaper.

Not to say she isn't guilty, because she IS!

She put on the chain and walked out of the store, that in itself is considered shoplifting once the item leaves the establishment.

Once again, celebrity justice will prevail and at the very least, she will be required to pay some small fine and another probation stint slapped on her.

1322 days ago


Can we get the Vivid guy to 'help' her with her legal bills? There's a market for that hot mess.

1322 days ago


Let's hope and pray that this young lady finally learns her lesson. She needs to learn that she is absolutely not above the law.

First thing she needs to do is remove herself from her family, who enables her in every single thing she does.

1322 days ago


She doesn't take anything seriously. The judge really needs to punish her appropriately and stop giving her a slap on the wrist.

1322 days ago


I guess she'll just get "top secret triple elongated do the f*** whatever I want 'cause I'm a celeb" probation.

1322 days ago


The sad reality is she will likely walk away from this one too

1322 days ago


I don't think she will "get away" with this at all. I'm predicting several months in county jail and probation. Which is what would happen to a lot of people. It may even get pleaded down to a misdemeanor (common). A lot of people on this board really have an unrealistic and naive outlook on this. You have to commit a pretty serious crime (usually) to go to state prison or have a long history of many screw ups before that happens (usually). Even though her crime is a felony, it is not a violent one and the cir***stances aren't extremely serious. I would not be surprised at all if she gets some time in county jail and then probation.

1322 days ago


TO: No. 8. [Nicole] who wrote:
“Lindsay will be exonerated and the D.A will look stupid for even trying to file this as a felony when it was just a misunderstanding…”


That’s what Robert Downey, Jr. thought before they sent him to Cochran Prison.

You don’t get exonerated when you pick up merchandise and walk out the store without paying for it, I think that’s the point you’re not able to accept but it’s typical amongst us earthlings if you do that, it is considered stealing.

Plus, they have everything on video, so she might want to try to cop a plea.

Here’s the understanding Lindsay needs to have: Stop stealing things.

If she does that, she won’t have to worry about the “D.A” or felony charges for stealing.

Or Lindsay can remain in denial, she keep thinking that she can fool people with her lies, and she’ll keep right on going back to jail.

1322 days ago


Lindsay Lohan will of course plead "Not Guilty" Lohan will expect bail and post bail and go on her merry way. Maybe not this time.

How many people do you know that have a bail bondsman sitting in back of the court?

1322 days ago


@Is she entitled to bail on the felony charge? on the probation violation?


There is something called a bail hold, that is when someone is on probation and they get charged with a felony crime, they can put a bail hold on the defendant for up to several weeks while investigating whether or not they violated probation.

I am not too up to date on Cali laws so I think bail holds may be reserved for those on felony probation.

Posted at 10:41 AM on Feb 9, 2011 by Jay

Thanks Jay. I guess we'll have to watch as it unfolds...

1322 days ago


While in Federal Prison maybe she can plan a bank heist when she gets out...a career criminal is about the ONLY thing she'll have to look forward to.

Posted at 10:43 AM on Feb 9, 2011 by Manimal


Federal Prison? You really don't understand what it means to be charged with a felony, at all, do you?

1322 days ago


IF her bail is only 20k(standard amound for felony grand theft) according to the do***ents she may as well just post it.

1322 days ago


Lilo can only get 1 year max because she is, legally, a first jewel thief, or any kind of thief for that matter.

1322 days ago
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