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Lindsay Slams 'Glee'

Leave My Mother Alone!

2/7/2011 8:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan and "Glee" kissed and made up after the cast apologized for the LiLo joke they made last year -- but after the show badmouthed her mother last night, they're back to being enemies.

In the big Super Bowl episode last night, Dina Lohan was included on a fictional list of "losers of the year" -- this after the show called Lindsay "crazy" in an episode last November. 

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ she feels the show should "mind its own business" and "stop picking on their family."

No sense kicking someone when they're down.


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Glee is right!!

But American Opinion already knew Dina,and the rest of the Lohan Balloon Bunch were the biggest bunch of losers.More like within the top 1

1317 days ago


Who cares what they say on Glee? That show sucks.

1317 days ago


37- Ive made my fair share of bad/Fd up jokes in my life, but I leave peoples family out of it, and I never comment on anything involving stories on Michael or Dina here. Its just bad taste in my opinion, even if you dont like the woman.
Im not defending Dina, I just dont believe in ragging on peoples parents to no end.

1317 days ago


I looked up "borrow" in the LieHoictionary:

borrow-to take an item or items, whether the owner of said
item(s) knows you have taken them or not, for an indefinite time period (including forever), without paying owner of said
item(s) because you once recited some lines in front of a camera

1317 days ago




1317 days ago

Just Me    

I don't see the original TMZ story listed (below this one)about the Glee cast apology. But, if memory serves, I don't believe the cast apologized for making the episode or by making fun of her. What they said was that they were sorry if the episode hurt her feelings. It's a little different, basically, they're not sorry they made the joke about her, just sorry that she got upset about it!

Oh well Lindsey, you put yourself in the public eye as an actress, personality, out of control partier, drunk, drug user and criminal, etc ~ people are going to comment on it, talk about it and make fun of you. When you do crazy things, people will call you crazy! Same as your parents, they don't shy away from the public eye, instead they invite it ~ you get what you ask for.

1317 days ago


One of the reasons people refrain from questionable/criminal/tasteless actions is that they don't want to embarass thier parents and family.

It's called consequences of your actions.

1317 days ago

Sad sad    

Michael I guess already chimed in and said it's not true she is far worse then what they said lol. Who the hell watches this show anyways? You know they do this for attention/ratings. Why they brought her up she's been pretty quiet lately. Guess they missed her.

1317 days ago


The truth always hurts!

1317 days ago


How come the only person on the Glee list of losers (there were others)that has complained is Dina. Do you hear Mel Gibson complaining? Mel was also on the list and he has plenty of legal/PR problems as well. However, my guess is that Mel is letting his attorneys and publicists do their respective jobs and he's working on his next projects. (for the record, I'm NOT on Team Mel but he was the only other person that I remember from that list.)

1317 days ago


A note to Michael & Dina.

I'll talk to Michael here.Dina you can just read what I have to say.I think Mike is the guy to talk to here..Is it Ok if I call you Mike for short?

Ali..It's Ok if you read this too.I know you love big sis,and more than half the time you find out here on TMZ what's happening in your big sisters life.You end up trying to call her to find the answers,but I know..Lindsay is a hard one at times.

Anyways,this meassage is for Michael,and I'm sure he'll explain to your mother the importance of this.

Lindsay can't plea innocent to this.If brought to a long drawn out trial for media coverage.The whole world would be watching.

If she lost,wouldn't you not agree this would either be the destruction of her career,or at least a change so much she won't be on the big screen anymore.

Lindsay has taken on the role of reality tv..The world loves watching people screw up.It's true,even though wrong it is.Neither you,nor I..or a 1000 people protesting in front of a media location will ever change that.It's 2011,and it's what people want.Reality news of those who draw attention to themselves.In Lindsay's case screwing up.

My point is.."If you bring this to trial and lose" You'd not only have put the last nail into Lindsay's career,but cremated it.

If you bring it to trial and win,you'll still lose.A trial one way,or another is very risky even taking a chance on looking at the fall-out aspect of her career.

If she's proved innocent.Do you really think the media will fully play along,or will they keep bringing up the past,and news article after news article that she gets away with things.The troubles starlet senario.

What will Hollywoods thoughts be?

Worse?..Or do you honestly think forgiving.

We've all seen trials where we know the guilty have gone free.

If Lindsay got off on a technicality,or is this a once again situation where she dodged the bullet?

Yes Michael..Fight the charges,and don't slander others as your thugs did today here at Tmz.Including yourself of course.

As I mentioned earlier.It's not only Ali who finds news out about her sister first at TMZ,but Michael as well.She posts here as well,and has handles for defending,and being a delusional fan.Anyways,not worth mentioning.."Nicole" is one of her handles here at TMZ.

But back to the point once again.

Michael..your best bet is to get Lindsay to confess..aka plea bargin a deal.

Finish this court crap..Lindsay needs a vacation.

You're whole family has to quit this crap blaming others,and slandering,and stop the defending you do for your daughter.

Can't you see you're both making things worse for her.

Lindsay needs a long ass vacation..and that's after she gets out of this jam.

Fight this in court?...Really?

Is beating the charge winning Lindsay's career back?

I think every dam one of you who post here at TMZ defending Lindsay only care about her career,and not a dam thing more.

That goes for you to Nicole.

Sure is sad when people enable others they care about to their doom.

1317 days ago

Ingadee Peepchick    

"Do straight men watch Glee?"

Do any straight men find Lindsay Lohan unappealing? I find that very, very hard to believe.

1317 days ago


Dina and Michael have put themselves out there for public ridicule. They seek publicity by participating in reality shows and contacting the press to make statements, have their pictures taken, going to clubs, getting into fights, etc. In the meantime, they are attention-whoring while their daughter's life is spiraling off the deep end, and it has been that way for years.
Dina is an enabler. Who takes their addict-kid out to a nightclub? So stupid! She keeps making excuses for Lindsay so she won't have to face the consequences of her actions.
At least Michael sometimes tries to help Lindsay. Or maybe he's just doing it for the attention.

1317 days ago


Ficking Whores Dina and Linsay you need to move to Mexico.and start working in Donkey Porn. I think thay have over 200 stud farms that you can take on as a tag team and make a Buck or two.

1317 days ago


With respect to the comment about not "ragging" on someone's parents, I'd agree in most cases. However, Dina Lohan has thrust herself into the public domain. She has given numerous interviews about Lindsay as well as arranged pap shots for which she was handsomely paid. The downside of being a public figure is that you open yourself up for criticism by that same public.

Don't forget that this is the woman who went on the Today show and flat out lied about how often Lindsay had been to rehab. And that interview was preceded by numerous others wherein she emphatically stated that her 'child' didn't have a drug problem. That's why she's a target.

1317 days ago
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