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Lindsay's Lawyer Has Chitchat With Prosecutors

2/7/2011 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Shawn Chapman Holley just made her pitch to the L.A. County District Attorney's Office as to why Lindsay Lohan should not be prosecuted for allegedly stealing a necklace from an L.A. jewelry store ... sources tell TMZ.

We're told Holley met with prosecutors Danette Meyers and John Lynch.  As TMZ first reported, Lindsay will be charged with felony grand theft.

On her way into the meeting, Holley was coy.


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@susan, I hope you really didn't just say that. Shame on you! You showed your true colors...

Now, I've never been in trouble with the law, so I have no idea, but why would someone's lawyer go in to meet with the DA prior to charges being filed? Hopefully she produced the paperwork showing she borrowed the necklace, but we all know there is no such paperwork, so what is the purpose? Plea bargaining is all I can think of...but that is ADMITTING GUILT!

1354 days ago



How is the media not all over this story? It's been all over the news since Wednesday. There were SIX LL stories alone on TMZ within 8 hours. Not to mention I have seen people quoting the LA times, CNN, Fox News...I could go on and on. We are right now commenting on a non-story about Lindsay's attorney just going into a building essentially saying nothing.

1354 days ago


I agree suza71. It's not like a 2500.00 theft is on the top of anyone's list but the tabloids. This will not go away though. The wheels may turn slowly, but they will grind what's in their path when they start to turn.

Everyone needs to come out of this looking good. I suspect the DA will use all this to lever a SUBSTANTIAL rehab/treatment option first? That is probably in the best interests of everyone.

1354 days ago


suza71 - you're probably right on the money.

Also, as much as Lohan wants to think the world is out to get her, what is going through her head when she does the stuff she does?

And, honestly, there's no way any one person has this amount of chaos and struggle in their lives without causing it. How does someone like Lohan have the nerve to even show her face after all the things she's done and been accused of. It's amazing that this woman, at 24 years ol, can have been arrested 4 times and had such trouble in completing her court ordered requirements and rehab, but still ends up screwing it up again and again.

This just doesn't happen when people give a damn about their situation, and Lindsay, it's very clear that you just don't care....unless it will inconvenience you that is...

1354 days ago


What a pity Lindsay's sentence cant be served in that Arizona prison where they get pink jumpsuits and bologna sandwiches.

1354 days ago


I hope Shawn Holly gets her fee up front. Lohans are known for not paying their bills.

1354 days ago


No Lindsay will vigorously fight the charge as its not like she would get rehab for her VOP.
Plus she just done 98 days in Betty Ford and hasn't failed any tests.
She is innocent and if charges are filed Shawn will prove it.

1354 days ago



You might have missed my prior posting, but like I said, I have unfortunately been through the system (and am also a recovering addict), and most likely Holley is going in to discuss LL's surrender. She is also probably trying to coordinate the surrender and the POV at the same time as to try to get in front of a judge asap. Lindsay is in possible danger of a Probation hold, which could land her in jail until a violation hearing.

1354 days ago


Well after the atty's begging didn't work they had to work out an arrangement on how The Lying Addicted Thief will be arrested.

Surrender at such and such place at this day and time, etc or have a Media Circus.

Lindsay's going down any way you look at it and she so very Deserving of it.

1354 days ago


Shut up, Nicole, you delusional twit

1354 days ago


I certainly hope they don't send her back to another rehab where all she will do is cause more drama and chaos and find ways to go out and get drunk again - what a waste! This hopeless girl needs jail this time to save her.

1354 days ago


Supposedly, she will be charged later in the week. No matter how it goes, one thing is certain. Lindsay's career is OVER. Dina is a laughing stock on TV (so is her dog) and sources say no one in Hollywood is returning her calls. Maybe Linds can get a job at a dry cleaners. She most certainly cannot get a job in retail. What a spectacular nose dive her career has taken.

Posted at 12:15 PM on Feb 7, 2011 by themare

You forgot to mention Lindsay's million dollar deals for her interview after she was released from jail that never materialized.

Of course we won't hear anything like that from Delusional Dina. In Dina's world people are clamouring to have Lindsay work for them or be in their movie!

I am sorry to inform you but apparently Quentin has a hard on every time he sees her. See, she is going to have a huge role in Machete kills and Machete kills again. Quentin has a huge plan for her character. So no matter what she does, she is still going to be in next Machete movies.

1354 days ago


@Nicole and Dreamon--

The REAL reason another rehab stint won't happen is because the judge is over that. He's already offered her that and if she is arrested, a violation hearing will be brutal. Fox will have very little patience at that point. Often times, violation hearings can be even worse than regular criminal hearings because the judge has given up on helping you because you won't help yourself. It wouldn't surprise me if she IS put on a probation hold and her probation is revoked entirely.

1354 days ago


So, Lindsay's team of enablers seem to think the delay is because they don't have enough evidence. When, really, we are just witnessing our slow system!


I don't really see it as slow. Statements have to be taken and then typed up. The appropriate people have to be notified about charges being filed, and the proper authorities have to approve them. Also, all of the information has to be checked over and presented in a way that provides the most clarity and legality. The law is not TMZ, the system will not put out hastily sketched information and hope it's correct, and hope to correct it later if it isn't.

1354 days ago


GO Shawn
She must have had some kind of success as no charges were filed today

Posted at 11:52 AM on Feb 7, 2011 by Nicole


Not that you will answer this, but IF she were to walk away a free woman from this charge and the BF allegations, what do you see happening to Lindsay here on out? Do you seriously see her as living a drug-free, booze-free, theft-free life? And starring in movies again? I'm a bit mystified by your POV.

1354 days ago
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