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Michael Moore to Harvey Weinstein: You Screwed Me!

2/7/2011 3:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Moore claims movie mogul Harvey Weinstein and brother Robert cheated him out of millions of dollars in profits for the movie, "Fahrenheit 9/11," by secretly diverting profits ... even using Michael's money to fly one of the Weinstein bros. to Europe by private jet.

Michael Moore Harvey Weinstein

In a lawsuit filed today in L.A. County Superior Court and obtained by TMZ, Moore's company, Westside Productions, claims Moore had a deal with the Weinsteins' company -- The Fellowship Adventure Group -- to split profits 50/50 for the flick.

In legal docs filed by Moore's celebrity lawyer, Larry Stein, he alleges the Weinsteins used "bogus accounting methods to hide the true amounts due Westside."  Moore also claims the Weinsteins secretly diverted a fortune in profits to themselves.

"Fahrenheit 9/11" is the top-grossing documentary of all time, pulling in $222 million worldwide.

The lawsuit seeks in excess of $2.7 million.

UPDATE:  Weinstein's lawyer, Bert Fields, tells TMZ, "Michael Moore has been paid over $20 million on this film.  Under the contract he's not entitled to another dime.  His claims are baloney and the timing is very suspicious."


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The pursuit of profit is EEEEEVIL, right Mikey? That's what I gathered from Roger&Me, BFC, Farenheit, Sicko, etc.

Oh wait - it's OK for YOU to pursue profits because you have good intentions, am I right? Your good works make your profit motive noble. You get a pass, right?

Wrong. You're a fat greedy money grubbing huckster who sells a more defective, poorly designed product than the so-called villains you claim to expose.

F you Moore. Your inevitable coronary can't come soon enough. And yes, that's a deliberately uncivil tone. Suck on it.

1290 days ago

Loula Koteas    

How are his weight and looks relevant to the issue at hand. Oh, I get it-you don't really have a sound argument against him. You poor pathetic slobs.

1290 days ago


Weinstein has ****roaches in his house…I ran into him in a hardware store buying the supplies for that problem. This was up in CT where he resides part of the time. Maybe the extra money can go toward finally solving that matter?

1290 days ago

Anne Johnson    

Why is it that few of you have anything to say about any of the actual points of Moore's arguments but instead call him names and make fun of what he looks like? What gives? Have you ever even watched the movie? I'd like to know.

1290 days ago

Steve Fox    

Michael Moore presents factual do***entation for every word of his do***entary films. The people who have criticized him here have not given one single fact to refute him. Instead you call him "fat pig" (what an intellectual argument), falsely claim that he is anti-capitalist, fill your comments with evil bigotry. Moore does not live a rich, profligate lifestyle, he lives just like he did growing up in working class Michigan. Sorry that all you bigoted farts hate the middle class and take the side of the super-rich criminals on Wall Street and in the banks. Moore uses his money to pay the people who work for him (and give them health benefits) and otherwise plows any profits back into his films. He does not steal your money to buy mansions and yachts, like the Koch Brothers, **** Armey, Darrell Issa, the Republicans and the ******gers.

Michael Moore uses facts and nothing but facts to expose the corruption that you so-called patriots favor. You do nothing but call names because you got nothin' to argue with.

1290 days ago


I have all Michael Moore's movies. He's the only one telling the truth. I hope this doesn't stop his movie making career. If you dont like him go comment somewhere else.

1290 days ago

david weaver    

What a bunch of loser commenting here. I have not doubt many of you are fat a$$ bastard yourselves. You certainly are ugly and nasty and stupid.

1290 days ago

Dinah Kanser    

Pointing out that karma does indeed exist is not hate.
After all the lies and propaganda (yes, Stephanie ..lies & propaganda)Michael Moore foisted upon America, it's only fitting that he experiences a taste of his own medicine.

1290 days ago


Hey Moore, bad things happen to bad people. Bad people like you...


1290 days ago


You are a hypocrite Michael Moore. You are a greedy capitalist after all. Get over yourself and crawl back into your hole.

1290 days ago


The moore haters having nothing of substance to say. No nuanced arguments to refute his claims with FACTS. Just people buying into the slurs about him heard on Foxnews and by conservative talking heads.

1290 days ago


i wish there were words to describe the hypocrisy that is Michael Moore.

1290 days ago

Dinah Kanser    

Isn't that what you liberals do all the time? smear and name call without any nuanced arguments based on facts?

Well, here's some facts for you..
Michael Moore is a liar, a hypocrite as well as maker of propaganda films, in the truest sense of the word.
You can google any one of his propaganda films by title and find the lists of lies that were spewed forth.
Oh, and regarding the man being a hypocrite....
He extols the virtues of socialism and the Cuban healthcare system, yet in real life he's a greedy millionaire capitalist that frequents Cedars Sinai, one of the best hospitals in America. I know, I've seen him there.

Karma is a bitch Michael Moore, and so are you.

1290 days ago


go away Michael Moore!!!

1290 days ago


Michael did more to address current issues of our day in an entertaining way (for Democrats)and deserves every dime he has coming to him under that contract.

1290 days ago
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